Top 10 Best Ironing Board Covers of 2024

With sturdy and reliable ironing board, it can last for an extended duration without need to replace. However, although it should last for a longer time, its cover needs replacement or upgrading to maintain it performing excellently. Now, when deciding on which cover to get, it’s ideal to know that difference in the material of construction material brings variation when ironing. This implies that a particular material will perform differently from another. However, when buying a cover, you should bear in mind that it is supposed to be smooth as well as permeable to allow easy ironing and steaming.

Getting reliable iron board cover is a priority for everyone. But, with many brands being available it leaves buyers in a dilemma of which one they should use. We have taken a step in ensuring that you iron your clothes like a pro. As a result, we have compiled a collection of top 10 best ironing board covers in 2021 reviews.

List of Best Ironing Board Covers

10. Honey-Can-Do IBC-01288 Superior Ironing Board Cover

Honey-Can-Do IBC-01288 Superior Ironing Board Cover

Keeping your ironing board offering ideal working platform, reliable cover is necessary. The Honey-can do ironing board cover is one of the best cover you can think of. It’s a premium product which is designed to fit snugly on your ironing board. Notably, the cover is suitable for use in all standard iron boards. With 100 percent scorch resistant cotton cover, it means you can iron any material without risking burning the board cover. The varying 14 finishes renders it perfect for allowing you to chose your color.

9. Laura Ashley Damask Print Ironing Board Cover and pad

Laura Ashley Damask Print Ironing Board Cover and pad

When you get Laura Ashley ironing board cover and pad, pressing your clothes should not worry you again. Created featuring elegant patterns and finishing style, the cover offer perfect complement to your interior design. With a wide construction design, this cover measures 15 x 54 inches which is ideal and ample to place your clothes when ironing. The cover material is made from heavy-duty cotton material which allows accomplish all your ironing needs. Besides acting as a cover, it has a thick padding which ensures smooth and comfortable ironing.

8. Epica Ironing Board Cover Scorch and Stain Resistant Silicone

Epica Ironing Board Cover Scorch and Stain Resistant Silicone

Are you planning to change your ironing board cover? You can bet on this Epica cover to perfectly fit on your board. Unlike other boards, this one is extra comfortable when using. It features a silicone coating combined with heavy-duty padding which gives it extended durability. At the edges, the cover has elasticized design which ensures a perfect fit without slipping. The large sized construction ensures it fit a broad range of standard ironing boards. Further, the surface aims to enable heat reflection which provides faster ironing. This is enhanced by the incorporated silicone coat which assist in reflecting heat. This cover boast 3 years warranty.

7. Whitmor Ironing Board Cover & Pad

Whitmor Ironing Board Cover & Pad

Whitmor is known for its exceptional ironing equipment solution. This ironing board cover from the company is ultimate choice to keep all your clothes wrinkles free. Additionally, the cover boasts protective cover which prevent damage by high temperatures. On the other hand, unlike some cheap covers which get stained by scorching temperatures, this cover features high heat tolerance. Fitting the cover into your board, the cover comes with heavy-duty stretching cord for perfect binding. Also, the stretchy material is ideal in preventing wrinkles when installed. With thick foam padding and cotton fiber cover it perfectly delivers a smooth ironing. Above all is beautiful finish which keeps you inspired when ironing.

6. VieveMar EASY FIT Ironing Board Cover

VieveMar EASY FIT Ironing Board Cover

Iron faster and save energy with VieveMar easy fit ironing covers board. The covers enjoy one of the most generous padding featuring felt pad and memory foam, it gives you ability to iron smoothly. Also, designed with handy drawstrings, it allows the cover to fit on your ironing board snugly. Boasting three layers of padding, the cover is great in ensuring that no bumpy surfaces when ironing like in cheap covers. Further, there is no worry about your clothes getting stained. The cover is free from transfer due to latest photoprint technology.

5. EverSmooth Cotton Ironing Board Cover

EverSmooth Cotton Ironing Board Cover

Keep your clothes smooth by ironing them without hassles with this EverSmooth ironing board cover. It is a product designed to last due and incorporate old school style and quality. Created from 100 percent cotton, the cover brings the past experience. If ironing makes your bored, this cover has eased the whole process. It save time and energy by making ironing 40 percent faster. This is facilitated by integrated pad, straps,and drawstrings for intuitive operation. The silicone coating gives this cover ability to resist heat scorching thus ideal for heavy fabrics ironing. When ironing, the cover doesn’t experience color bleeding which prevents cloth staining.

4. VieveMar Heat Reflective Ironing Board Cover

VieveMar Heat Reflective Ironing Board Cover

Forget about replacing your ironing board cover within a month. You can get this VieveMar heat reflecting ironing board cover and experience exceptional durability. Enhanced with super thick padding, the cover provides exceptional comfort when ironing. In fact it features a combination of foam and felt pad which are soft and supportive to make sure you enjoy pressing your clothes. The Italian design is great in bringing down ironing time by 40 percent. On the other hand, the photoprint technology prevents cloth staining by dyes used on the board cover. It is designed to fit a range of boards measuring 51- 52L by 18-19 W.

3. Balffor Standard Ironing Board Cover

Balffor Standard Ironing Board Cover

The Balffor ironing board cover is among the best you can get to have smooth ironing. Designed by professionals, this cover thickly padded by thick materials which ensures that you get comfortable and smooth ironing. With upper part featuring scorch and heat resistant cover, it means no chances of damaging your cover by ironing heat demanding garments. The tailored nose is flexible to allow easy installation for a firm and non-slipping ironing. To boost efficiency, this cover enjoys a large protective mesh, and elastic fastener which ensures sure fit. The company guarantees 90 days refund policy to ensure you benefit from the cover without doubts.

2. TIVIT 15 x 54 – Inch Ironing Board Cover

TIVIT 15 x 54 - Inch Ironing Board Cover

Feel the exception when ironing by getting this board cover from TIVIT and do it like a pro. Enjoying latest technology in the construction, the cover ensures you enjoy unmatched performance. Further, the MaxResist technology is great in preventing scorching, staining or steam damage. Therefore, it is an ideal selection for all ironing styles. Fitting in an ironing board is through Velcro straps which allow easy customization hence ideal for a variety of ironing boards. With three padding layers, there are no doubts the cover delivers exceptional ironing experience. The upper surface comes boasting titanium coating which allows the cover to ease ironing due to reflective and retention of heat.

1. Utopia Home Premium Padded Ironing Board Cover, Scorch Resistant

Utopia Home Premium Padded Ironing Board Cover, Scorch Resistant

For all standard sized ironing boards, Utopia home premium ironing board cover brings a peace of mind. It is designed to fit all standard ironing boards without encountering installation problems. The elastic edges reinforced with Velcro straps give this cover a perfect fitting to ensures that it doesn’t move when ironing is in the process. Unlike majority of ironing cover boards, it boast a silicone coat which adds extra protection against stains and scorching. Above all is that this cover is reflective which ensure efficient heat utilization and faster cloth ironing. No creases and facilitate faster operation due to extra thick operation.

Ironing Board Cover Buyer’s Guides

Before getting cover for your ironing board, it’s ideal to check some of the features to make ironing a breeze.

The size of ironing board is one of the features to look

Getting a perfect cover for ironing board is great in ensuring that your ironing is simple without movements. Without properly sized cover, it can be a headache and makes ironing unappealing.


Ironing in a weakly padded cover can cause unattractive experience and poor quality results. A cover with a heavy feel is recommendable since it allows the iron to move freely without experiencing resistance.


Although ironing board covers needs to be tough, they need to be permeable. This is a useful feature since it allows ironing as well as steaming due to ability of material to retain heat

Non-sticky and reflective surface

Although permeable covers are ideal, opting for reflective cover is great in ensuring that you achieve fast and perfect ironing. Further, getting non-sticky material is excellent in ensuring that your cover can usable for ironing variety of fabrics.


Ironing board covers are the vital components for a successful pressing process. Having an iron board isn’t enough to guarantee wrinkles free clothes. You need to combine a board and cover to get mesmerizing results.
Amazingly, today, we have covers which are designed to fit a variety of ironing boards. So, getting the best one is just a simple step with our above-reviewed ironing board covers.