Top 10 Best iPhone Tripods in 2023 Reviews

Any IPhone is an amazing phone and many people like their cameras. It is due to its capacity to take great photos that have made it that famous. But without the use of a tripod stand, you may have to struggle a lot in taking stunning photos. A compact tripod stand ensures that it is practically easy to take long exposure photos than it would be when using your hand alone.

Concerning the bets tripod for iPhone, we can conclude that there is a variety, wide enough to confuse the buyer. We don’t want to get you confused but rather enables you to make an informed decision. We have a few choices of the bestselling and top-rated tripod stands, but pricking them from the wide array is quite an enormous task. Don’t worry; we have done everything possible to present the top 10 best iPhone tripods. Featuring tons of benefits, an iPhone x tripod stand is an inevitable device to own. It allows you to capture crystal clear photos of moving images via the time lapse feature and also gives you the ability to take a stunning group selfie.

Due to the tremendous improvements, some tripods feature Bluetooth feature. This feature allows the taking of photos from a distance. Other important features include the grip, feet, and adjustability. Also, a good tripod stand should feature lightweight design to allow easy portability from one scene to another. To make your photography more satisfactory suing your iPhone smartphone, you need the following tripod stands.

List of Best iPhone Tripods

10. Acuvar 50INTRIPOD Cell Phone Tripod

Acuvar 50INTRIPOD Cell Phone Tripod

This 50-inch phone tripod from Acuvar is compatible with many smartphones including your Samsung and Apple iPhone. It stands at a minimum height of 15.5 inches, has three aluminum alloy legs and an adjustable center pole. This smartphone tripod allows for easy attachment, and its padded grip will help prevent your cell phone from damaging.

Moreover, you’ll love its lightweight and compact design making it easy to move around. Its non-slip feet and bubble level indicator equally increase its performance while the water-resistant carrying case guarantees you that your tripod will be safe and free from damages.
You can use the microfiber cleaning cloth that is included to easily remove fingerprints and oil from your tripod mount with a simple swipe.

9. CamKix Universal Adjustable Tripod Kit

CamKix Universal Adjustable Tripod Kit

This adjustable tripod will fit most smartphones keeping your phone steady whenever you want to take photos. It is the perfect model to use with your phone’s camera timer to take amazing pictures and include yourself if you want to. This tripod kit additionally has other useful accessories included like the microfiber cleaning cloth and the velvet phone bag.

The universal phone holder expands up to 3.4″ securely holding your device so that you can easily attach it to the tripod for an extraordinary photo session. Its extendable legs are conversely a unique feature of CamKix’s universal tripod allowing you to change the height whenever you want.

8. FrenzyDeals 50” Tripod for Smartphone

FrenzyDeals 50” Tripod for Smartphone

The tripod has a maximum horizontal stretch of 3.4 inches and will fit all smartphones and a few small tablets. It is designed with non-slip feet, adjustable center pole, 3-way pan head and a bubble level indicator; all useful features that help give it excellent performance. This tripod has a height of 50” that can easily collapse to 15.5, ” and its lightweight and compact design makes it very mobile. Enjoy a 10-year limited warranty from FrenzyDeals when you consider buying this phone tripod.

7. eCostConnection Aluminum Tripod for Smartphone

eCostConnection Aluminum Tripod for Smartphone

eCostConnection’s 50-inch aluminum tripod is designed to make photography come alive, compatible with various devices and includes a Bluetooth wireless remote control. It can extend to 50 inches and includes 3 section alloy legs.
The padded grip helps prevent any cell phone damage while the 3-way pan head, non-slip feet, and bubble level indicator additionally adds to its great function. The wireless Bluetooth remote control will work with most Android phones and Apple iPhones though you don’t need an app to use it – all you need is a Bluetooth connection. Moreover, the remote is very light you can either keep it away in your pocket or use it as a key chain. This is perhaps the best model if you’re a passionate photographer looking to take pictures that are 30 feet away.

6. Eson Case Star Octopus Style Tripod

Eson Case Star Octopus Style Tripod

Well, aside from its sleek design and affordable price, this smartphone tripod mount includes a camera lock useful for camera safety and additionally has a universal screw that allows different cameras to be mounted. It is very portable and has adjustable 360 degrees legs for a perfect shape. It will fit most cellphones preferably those with a maximum width of 2.6 inches such as the iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S. Further, it comes with an elegant cell phone bag that is blue and black.

5. AmazonBasics Mini Tripod

AmazonBasics Mini Tripod

AmazonBasics’ mini tripod is quite small and very light; just the right model if you want a webcam on your desk. It is compatible with GoPro devices and smartphone adapters as well as small digital cameras. This tripod, with adjustable height metal legs, will extend from 4.76 inches to 7.5 inches thus you can use it at any preferred height.

Furthermore, this mini tripod has a maximum recommended load weight of 0.5kgs. The mini ball head allows for a 90-degree tilt and 360-degree rotation giving it optimal performance. While you’ll be able to enjoy a one-year limited warranty from AmazonBasics, this is just the perfect cell phone tripod ideal for those who are tired of precarious setups during a photo taking session.

4. FLFLK F16t8002 Flexible Octopus Tripod

FLFLK F16t8002 Flexible Octopus Tripod

Thanks to the TriFlex Mini Tripod, you can now take great pictures or video whenever you want without worrying about producing bad quality images. Whether you want it on your couch, a rock or the dashboard, you can easily set up this small, lightweight tripod wherever you want and adjust its legs for excellent performance. It equally includes a QuikPic Bluetooth remote that will allow you to take pictures or videos wirelessly. This 7.3 inches phone tripod is made of plastic and stainless steel material adding to its stylish and elegant look. Its maximum phone width is 3.55 inches and is compatible with any Android phone or i-OS.

3. AmazonBasics WT3540 60” Smartphone Tripod Mount

AmazonBasics WT3540 60” Smartphone Tripod Mount

This deluxe lightweight phone mount weighs 3lbs and is perfect for cameras that weigh up to 6.6 pounds. Its 3-way head allows for tilt motion either with landscape or portrait options. Moreover, this tripod mount for smartphones has two inbuilt bubble view levels and a quick-release mounting plate that allows faster transitions between shots. Its zippered carrying case helps prevent damage while additionally allowing you the freedom to move your tripod mount around during travels without trouble comfortably.

2. CamKix Universal Tripod with Bluetooth Remote

CamKix Universal Tripod with Bluetooth Remote

The CamKix Universal Tripod is the complete hands-free solution for taking group shots including the photographer or for taking selfie photos. It works with many smartphones and will take incredible high-quality photos from a 10-meter distance. The universal phone holder has been designed with two tripod connections allowing for either a vertical or horizontal phone placement.

This tripod conversely includes a Bluetooth remote control that is tiny and light in weight thus you can always put it your pocket. You won’t need any apps to use this remote; all that’s needed is a Bluetooth connection so that you can pair it with your phone and take amazing photos with just a press of the button. The telescopic legs will adjust from 9.5cm to 16cm while its swivel lets you tilt, rotate and lock your phone in a perfect position. You’ll surely want to own this tripod for your smartphone.

1. Tobeape 50-Inch Smartphone Tripod Mount

Tobeape 50-Inch Smartphone Tripod Mount

Tobeape’s 50” tripod model is among the best phone tripods available in the market. This should come as no surprise since it boasts amazing and unique features that will help you take outstanding images and high-quality videos without worrying about unsteady setups.
Its lightweight and compact design additionally gives it a plus making it quite portable and easy to move around; perfect for your travels and photo taking sessions while on an outdoor adventure. Its padded grip helps prevent cell phone damage while the easy attachment allows for a quick and uncomplicated setup.

Further, Tobeape Tripod has a Bluetooth remote control that will let you take photos and videos wirelessly with a simple button click. The built-in bubble level indicator and 3-way head are additional features that make this model unique.


When shopping for the best cell phone tripod, price, and other personal preferences conversely play a vital part. However, do not let these considerations shadow your judgment for a smartphone tripod that will deliver excellent performance. Consider a firm and flexible phone tripod that has adjustable legs and is universally designed to fit most smartphones. These features will undoubtedly give you a hands-free camera operation that allows you to have great photography.