Top 10 Best iPhone Running Armbands of 2024

Running is one of the ways to ensure you train your body. But, you need to enjoy your phone without subjecting it to impacts or falling. The good thing nowadays is you can enjoy listening to music from your iPhone while running. All you need to have is to invest in a reliable armband. Apart from the running, these armbands are great options for use in all workouts. For iPhone owners, it’s a great idea to get a customized armband to have a snug fitting.

Well, you can virtually get a band for any smartphone on the market. But, getting a customized armband always delivers excellent attachment and safety. Also, the fitting band ensures you don’t have problems looking for a compatible band. Well, although there are armbands made for iPhones, they aren’t designed for universal devices. Thus, if you own iPhone6, 7, 8 and latest iPhone X, you need an armband corresponding to your phone dimensions.

As you look for the best armband to suit your phone, a fitting one is recommendable. With a fitting band, it means you get great comfort in your hands. Also, the materials of construction also matter most since they determine the durability and general hand comfort. A stylish band always lets you enjoy great look. They complement your phone as well as delivering a confident look. For comfortable workouts, these top 10 best iPhone running armbands in 2021 guarantees secure phone attachment.

List of Best iPhone Running Armbands

10. Bondi Band Armband

Bondi Band Armband

This armband gives you the most convenient way to carry all your important items like phone and credit card for hands-free running. It is designed with moisture-wicking fabric and has no zippers or snaps. It fits phones measuring 6.22 inches high and has a small opening for your earphones. The armband comes in different colors and styles so you have the freedom to settle with a choice that matches your style. Their unisex design equally makes them, perfect for men and women even young boys and girls. BondiBand running phone holder armband is perfect for any occasion. Whether you are traveling, running or hiking, this armband truly delivers.

9. Trianium ArmTrek Pro iPhone Running Armband

Trianium ArmTrek Pro iPhone Running Armband

This armband is specially designed to fit most large phones from iPhone 6 to Samsung Galaxy S9 and their cases. It has two arm-strap slots making it perfect for both small and large size arms. The ArmTrek Pro is made of stretch resistant neoprene material that is very durable. The protective screen cover is touch-compatible so you can easily answer calls or manage your playlist without removing your phone. It is water resistant and has secret compartments where you can keep your house keys while working out. The armband also has headphone and charger cutouts for convenience. You don’t have to worry about it coming out because this band stays firmly in place during workouts while still ensuring you are comfortable.

8. MUV365 iPhone Running Armband

MUV365 iPhone Running Armband

You might want to check this armband out if you are shopping for the best iPhone running armband. It is available in different colors and styles so it is easy to find one that matches your particular preference. The armband’s unisex design and warm tones make it great for men and women. It is lightweight unlike other designs on the market and super comfortable. It fits phones with slim-line case up to 7 inches. The material is also flexible so it stays firmly in place as you workout. Aside from your phone, you can also keep your keys, money and credit cards in this lightweight iPhone running armband. Buyers love it because of this lightweight design; you won’t even know it is there.

7. VUP iPhone Running Armband

VUP iPhone Running Armband

Another mobile phone armband for running that you might want to check out is the VUP armband. It comes in three different tones and can hold Smartphones with 4-5.8 inches screen sizes. The armband is perfect for your iPhone 6, 7, 8 or Samsung device. It boasts other bonus features that make it ranks as the best iPhone running band on the market this year. These features include a hidden key holder, earphone cord management, and a 180-degree rotatable phone holder. Its open-face design allows full access to all buttons without removing the phone. There are two slots and an extension strap that makes it perfect for different arm sizes. The material used is friendly to your skin because it is breathable, soft and odor free. It is also lightweight and stretchable.

6. BearDaDa Sport Wristband for iPhone

BearDaDa Sport Wristband for iPhone

The BearDaDa is a rotatable running phone holder for your wrist. It is universally compatible and fits all Smartphones with 4-6.2-inch screens. This includes your iPhone, Samsung and Huawei device. It rotates to 180 degrees allowing you to use your phone hands-free. The material used is breathable, odor-free and soft making this wristband 100 percent friendly to your skin. It is lightweight so you won’t feel the extra bulk during workouts and it is also sweat resistant. It fits most wrists thanks to its adjustable nature and elastic Velcro.

5. LOVPHONE iPhone X Armband

LOVPHONE iPhone X Armband

Lovphone’s armband is specially designed for your iPhone X device. It comes in three different tones and is large enough to accommodate your device even if you put it in a protective case. The armband has a simple easy-to-use design that allows full access to all your phone’s ports and buttons. It features a water-resistant screen protector that keeps your device safe from dirt, sweat, and scratches. The armband equally fits different size arms and has an adjustable Velcro strap that ensures a perfect fit. There is further a reflective strip that helps to keep you noticeable on the road when you are running in low light places.

4. Sportlink iPhone X Armband

Sportlink iPhone X Armband

This is the best iPhone running armband for runners and joggers with iPhone X and iPhone 10 devices. It fits either on our arm or wrist and allows easy access to your device without removing it. The material is lightweight and stretchable. It is comfortable and friendly to your skin. This armband fits securely on your arm or wrist and supports either vertical or horizontal angle. Its adjustable nature makes it perfect for any size arm while the reflective design keeps you noticeable in low lit areas. The armband is compatible with all sportlink cases and adapters.

3. Revere Sport Exercise Armband

Revere Sport Exercise Armband

If you are looking for a low-cost iPhone running armband, this product delivers. it comes in different sizes and fits 4-inch to 6.5-devices. The armband is made of lycra cloth that has quick-drying abilities. It is slim, lightweight and very soft on your skin. You will not feel the extra bulk or feel uncomfortable when you wear this armband during a workout. The stretchy band is designed to hold your phone, credit card, keys, and money so you don’t have to leave any important item at home when exercising. It also boasts a simple yet stylish design that makes it the best iPhone running armband for anyone.

2. SUPCASE iPhone X Armband

SUPCASE iPhone X Armband

If you want something for your iPhone X and 10 devices, then this is the product to go for. It sells at a pretty reasonable price and provides convenient space to keep your Smartphone device when working out. The iPhone running armband is flexible and sweat- absorbent. It will fit comfortably in your arm and provide full protection to your device while you enjoy your favorite activity. It fits arm sizes from 9 to 21 inches thanks to its adjustable nature. You can easily access and use your phone without removing it from the band.

1. Revere Sport Premium iPhone Running Armband

Revere Sport Premium iPhone Running Armband

Revere Sport is perhaps the most secure and the best iPhone Running Armband on the market. It is very lightweight, that you won’t even notice it is there. The material equally ensures a snug secure fit without worrying about misplacing your Smartphone. This armband allows you to fully access your device without removing it. It has a separate key pocket and a secure earphone cord loop. The armband also features bright reflector strips to help you stay visible at night when running. It is compatible with iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus and will fit most arm sizes comfortably. This armband is water resistant and will protect your phone from water damage.