Top 10 Best iPhone 8 Cases of 2024

Every expensive investment like buying an iPhone 8 needs a lot of care. Otherwise, it can get damaged with just a slight accidental fall. Now, buying a cover case is one way to ensure that your treasured phone is secure and clean from scratches. Although there are cases which are universally created for smartphones, functionality is always limited. This is because some might not fit properly, and hide the ports thus forcing you to remove the case before accessing the ports.

Instead of gambling with your iPhone 8 safety, it is ideal to select the perfect case to keep you enjoying the full phone access. An iPhone 8 is slightly larger than its predecessor. This means that the covers used for iPhone 7 and other smartphones can’t be used on this phone. What does this imply? You need a specially designed protection for proper security.

Now, the hard task when it comes to selecting covers is to check the right one. But, the first and foremost aspect to check is the cover which perfectly fits into your phone. The other one is the durability. A good cover should be able to last for a quite reasonable time without compromising its ability to protect your smartphone. Shock-absorbing and impact resistance are the other features to check when buying a cover. As your iPhone is prone to falling, the case should be able to absorb any form of shock and impacts. With many manufacturers, they have enhanced the look and other extra features. The following are the top 10 best iPhone 8 cases that you can entrust on your phone.

List of Best iPhone 8 Cases

11. CMai2 iPhone 8 Case/iPhone 7 Case, Leather Wallet

CMai2 iPhone 8 Case/iPhone 7 Case, Leather Wallet

Apart from protection, wallet case allows the proper organization of your small documents and gadgets. The CMai2 leather wallet case is one of the best you can have for OnePlus 7 Pro. It features a wallet style and is compact to enhance easy portability and storage in your pockets. It is made of high-quality leather which is flexible and tough enough to resist scratches, wear and tear. Even though it features a compact design, it is quite spacious and can hold up to three cards. The PU leather makes this wallet case dirt-resistant and soft to touch.

10. Spigen iPhone 8 Case

Spigen iPhone 8 Case

The black rugged armor iPhone 8 case by Spigen has a new design that features a glossy carbon fiber finish and an opening that show’s off the original Apple logo on your device. The case is made of stretchy TPU material that is fingerprint-resistant. The case is compatible with the iPhone 8 2019 version and iPhone 7 2016.

It offers mil-grade protection and features Air Cushion Technology for shock absorption. The case with carbon fiber design will keep your device safe from accidental drops with all these unique features. Furthermore, the case allows wireless charging for the iPhone 8 2019 devices.

9. Spigen CS iPhone 8 Cover

Spigen CS iPhone 8 Cover

The CS iPhone 8 protective case by Spigen has many good customer reviews, and this is no surprise. It comes packed with great features that aside from protecting your devices, allow you the convenience of walking without the hassle of having an extra wallet. The slim armor case is equally available in four different shades, giving you a wide variety of colors to choose from. The dual-layer case features shock-absorbent TPU material and a strong PC for durability.

The sliding cover allows quick and easy access to your device without facing open security issues. It additionally has precise cutouts to allow quick access to ports. What’s equally unique about the Spigen CS iPhone 8 case is that it features built-in card storage that lets you keep at least two cards and cash. This card storage has a secure closure thus guarantees you that important cards and money are safe.

8. OtterBox Commuter Series iPhone 8 Case

OtterBox Commuter Series iPhone 8 Case

The case is also compatible with iPhone 7 Plus devices and comes in seven different tones giving you the freedom to settle with your favorite color. The 2-piece case is thin and lightweight but still offers protection against shock, drops, and bumps. Besides, the port covers block entry of debris and dust in your device giving it additional protection. Its thin nature makes it easy to slide in and out of the pocket without any hassle. The case has an opening that attractively shows the Apple logo on the back of your device. It equally has a limited lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind when buying this product.

7. Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 8 Case

Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 8 Case

You can settle for the black model or choose from four other colors to find one that matches your taste. The case is compatible with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7. Its hybrid structure has a rigid back and also features a shock-absorbent bumper to offer extra protection to your device against accidental drops and bumps.

It ranks as the best iPhone 8 case because it has a slim profile and lightweight nature making it easy to slip in and out of the pocket or carry around with your device. The case further features precise cutouts for easy access to ports and responsive buttons, so you don’t have to remove it every time you want to use your device. It allows wireless charging for iPhone 8 2019 models and features a hard PC back.

6. Sahara Case iPhone 8 Protective Case

Sahara Case iPhone 8 Protective Case

The case is available in more than five different shades so you will always find one that matches your color preference to settle with. It is the best iPhone 8 case because it has a slim design and allows a non-slip grip because of its rugged nature. The case for iPhone 8 is also compatible with iPhone 7 devices and offers full protections from drops, impacts, and scratches. Furthermore, packaging additionally includes the best iPhone 8 screen protector available in the market to keep your phone’s screen safe from scratches. The case also has a built-in camera hood that ensures the lens is safe from scratches and damage. The ergonomically designed case is made with top quality rubberized and plastic materials that make it easy to access your device’s buttons and ports.

5. Humixx iPhone 8 Case

Humixx iPhone 8 Case

The hard case cover with a matte finish is compatible with iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 Smartphone devices. It is available in four different tones; black, rose gold, transparent and dark blue, therefore, it will be easier to choose one that matches your color preference. The case is only 0.5mm thin giving it an ultra-slim design making it easy to fit in your pocket.

The matte finish gives the case an attractive look and also prevents fingerprints with its easy-to-clean nature. The sturdy case offers shock resistance and shockproof protection and also features raised lips that ensure your camera is fully protected. Customer service is excellent in case you have a question or problem to forward. For your peace of mind, the company also throws in a 180-day product guarantee.

4. Spigen Liquid Crystal iPhone 8 Cover

Spigen Liquid Crystal iPhone 8 Cover

This 2nd Generation iPhone 8 protective case is made with premium TPU material and has a perfect matte black finish that makes it fingerprint resistant and easy to clean. The case is slim and features a pocket-ready design for optimal convenience. This is the best iPhone 8 case for flaunting your iPhone 8 or 7 devices. It will equally protect it from accidental drops and scratches. The case’s flexible TPU material allows for shock-absorbency and easy application. It further has precise cutouts and tactile buttons that ensure quick and easy access to your device’s ports without removing it.

3. Caseology Skyfall Series iPhone 8 Protective Case

Caseology Skyfall Series iPhone 8 Protective Case

The Skyfall series model by Caseology is an ultra-clear and transparent case with a slim dual-layer design that protects your expensive iPhone 8 or iPhone 7 Smartphone devices against drops and scratches. The case is available in black, gold, silver or warm gray so you can consider a model with your favorite color preference. It combines an acrylic hardcover, impact-resistant PC frame with shock-absorbing corners to offer full protection for your device against accidental damages, the transparent back panel is further made with a scratch-resistant coating that equally prevents discoloration. It also includes precise cutouts and raised lip to protect your phone when placed on a flat surface.

2. Supcase iPhone 8 Protective Cover

Supcase iPhone 8 Protective Cover

The Unicorn Beetle PRO Series model by Supcase is uniquely designed for iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 mobile phone devices. The case sells at a reasonable price and comes in five different shades. It has a rugged design that makes it durable for long-term use. This full-body rugged holster cover for iPhone 8 also comes with a built-in screen protector to keep the screen safe from scratches.

The Unicorn Beetle PRO Series model further features a dual-layer design made with PC and TPU material with shock-absorption features. There is a detachable belt holster that adds versatility and allows easy access making it highly convenient and the best iPhone 8 case for your expensive device.

1. Supcase iPhone 8 Case

Supcase iPhone 8 Case

If you are shopping for an elegant yet versatile iPhone 8 protective case for your new device, then this model by Supcase is the best choice. It has a sleek design and comes in different shades making it the best iPhone 8 case for someone who is also looking for a beautiful case to add a nice touch to their device. The case is a Unicorn Beetle Style model that is scratch resistant and has a slim form-fitting design. It has a transparent back with a smooth finish and defined edges for added convenience. You will love this case because it is made of shock absorbing TPU and PC materials and also has precise cutouts for easy access to your phone’s ports. The case further features an elevated bezel that offers additional protection for your phone’s screen.