Top 20 Best iPhone 7 Wallet Cases of 2024

Wallet cases are usually a great way for streamlining your pockets. A security wallet allows you to ditch the old, bulky wallet while still keeping all your important things in one place. By attaching a wallet case with the wallet compartment to your mobile phone, all that you need to do when leaving the house is grabbing your phone, your keys and you’ll be good to go. IPhone wallet cases are offered in a variety of sizes and shapes. As such, you might need some help to find the style which is right for all your needs.

The most common styles of wallet cases is folio style wallet case. The style generally wraps around the entire phone. The other common style for the iPhone is the card slot wallet case, where there’s no front flap which wraps around the phone. This style looks more like the “normal” iPhone wallet case. However, it conceals a small slide or compartment on the rear of the wallet case for credit card storage. In addition, there are a few other variations on wallet cases. There are pouch-style iPhone 7 wallet cases, where your phone will fit into a large purse or wallet, but it can be removed quite quickly from inside the storage area.

Are you overwhelmed by all these options? If that’s the case, then do not worry because we have rounded up 10 of the most useful, interesting and unique wallet cases that are currently on sale for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Here are Top 20 most popular iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus wallet cases protectors in 2021 reviews

List of Best iPhone 7 Wallet Cases

23. iPhone 7 Case, Maxboost

iPhone 7 Case, Maxboost

This is a high quality wallet case that’s capable of featuring multiple color options. In addition, you’re entitled to getting one of the best iPhone 7 cases with the front and back sides guaranteeing the best protection. The Maxboost iPhone case is a multi-functional product that has been designed for use while traveling. It also features a 3 card slot section and side pocket that can be used to put your money. The case has a precise cutout which makes it much better for you to use. You can also use the camera without any problem.

22. Abacus24-7 iPhone 7 Plus Case

Abacus24-7 iPhone 7 Plus Case

It comes with a protective cover that lets you use your phone without having to fear bumps and scratches it has an ability to carry 3 cards, some cash with you so that you may be able to buy any other thing that you need without having any problem at all. There is also an inclusion of opaque pockets which are loved by many and the best part of it is that it is RFID protected and therefore there will be no tracking that will follow you. It is made from carefully chosen materials that are also hard and better as they don’t add any additional weight to your phone.

21. iPhone 7 Case, i-Blason Leather

iPhone 7 Case, i-Blason Leather

This is an iPhone case that has been crafted beautifully for use with your mobile phone. However, it doesn’t have any scratch inner material that’ll always keep the phone free from getting contaminated by any scratches. The i-Blason Leather case has a form fitting shell that’s always hard and this is why it’s capable of securing your device all that time that you’ll allow the case to be part of you. The model also has an innovative design which will give you the chance to use your credit cards and ID cards with it because it will hold them together comfortably along with some of your money.

20. iPhone 7 Case, Spigen

iPhone 7 Case, Spigen

If you are looking for a basic wallet case then this model from Spigen is a great place to start. It has a simple style that makes it a bit slimmer than other iPhone wallet cases we have seen; at least in terms of folio has a stand feature, along with a space that can accommodate some bills and up to three cards/IDs. It has a hard inner frame which adds stability and structure to the case, along with an added impact protection in the event of a drop.

For those with lots of credit cards, or those who also want a case that can hold keys or accessories are and are looking for a wallet case with a higher storage capacity then this practical canvas case may be a better fit.

19. iPhone 7 Case for Women

iPhone 7 Case for Women

The case is designed with a different make and given a wide range of vibrant colors for you to choose from. The best cutout is that it will give you the best chance of accessing all of your items without having to worry at all. The case also has some card pockets which will ensure that your valuables like identity cards, credit cards, and money are always with you so that you can make the best move. It has also been made with an ultra slim folio type which will always reduce the bulk and weight that is always given to a phone when you handle it.

18. Moze iPhone 7 Wallet Case

Moze iPhone 7 Wallet Case

It made with a synthetic leather and TPU that is always provides a soft feel to your phone. It has four card openings which have been included in its design and therefore this makes it have an advantage over the other cases that provide you with less storage space. It comes with a morphing kickstand which when turned on, will always make your browsing internet much better and faster. Watching videos and movies has never been easier like when you are using this is right here.

17. iPhone 7 Plus Case, Maxboost

iPhone 7 Plus Case, Maxboost

This is quality made PU leather wallet case which features several color options and has four front, corner and back protection. The case is multi-functional and it is the best for on the go use. It has 3 card slots, additional cards or side pocket for keeping money and has a magnetic lock design which makes this wallet case a dream for everyone. It is easy to use and its precise cutouts for your camera, speakers and the functional ports which will enable you get full access to all buttons and ports without having to remove the case. You can change to a horizontal position that is ideal for streaming or entertainment. Get a lifetime warranty from this case!

16. Universal Wallet Case Slim

Universal Wallet Case Slim

Universal wallet case lets you carry your phone alongside your daily essentials with you and there is no need for carrying a wallet or a purse. it has eight card slots which are enough for you. The high quality PU leather offers unchallenged protection from dirt, dust, scratches and daily wear and tear. It has a wrist strap which can be removed for additional convenience and the transparent phone window lets you see texts, who’s calling you and emails without having to open your case! Its slim design fits well on your hands and it is lightweight but functional.

15. iPhone 7 Plus, 6 Plus, And 6S Plus Wallet

iPhone 7 Plus, 6 Plus, And 6S Plus Wallet

This is an excellent product for every owing iPhone! It works well with your devices and if you have an Android phone, then you can also try it out. It features two card slots which are suitable for keeping your credit cards or device license .the card slots are deep enough therefore you can put your cards without having to worry that your cards will fall out and you’ll get overall satisfaction. It offers you easier operation and nice fit when getting the phone out of sleeve. This well-crafted case should be yours!

14. Area iPhone 7 Wallet Case

Area iPhone 7 Wallet Case

This is a specially designed iPhone wallet for the iPhone 7 device made from premium synthetic leather. It protects your device from damages, scratches, and dirt making your phone still has that brand new look.
It has built in pocket cards ideal for keeping your cash, credit cards or ID you don’t have to move around with another pocket wallet. Further, this leather iPhone case is quite slim making it easy to carry around. You can always charge your device without removing the case.

13. Maxboost Premium iPhone 7 Plus Wallet Case

Maxboost Premium iPhone 7 Plus Wallet Case

The pink and teal colored iPhone 7 plus wallet case are crafted from quality PU leather giving your device extra protection against accidental falls, scratches, dust, and dirt. It has a magnetic lock design offering any iPhone device user multifunctional use when on the move.
The three card slots will keep your ID and other cards while the side pocket will always keep your money safe. This wallet case from Maxboost additionally has precise cutouts allowing you easy access to ports without removing the case. It is the perfect case for entertainment with the horizontal position switch feature allowing you the freedom to watch videos from any angle.

12. Dockem Ultra Slim iPhone 7 Plus Wallet Case

Dockem Ultra Slim iPhone 7 Plus Wallet Case

If you prefer your wallet cases slim, then this iPhone 7 plus wallet case is the best choice for you. It is an attractive and highly functionalcase with RFID blocking designed to keep your device safe.
Aside from the sophisticated look and elegant texture, this wallet case has three card slots for your cards ideal for any iPhone user who doesn’t like walking around with an extra wallet. The RFID blocking material guarantees you extra security keeping you safe from high-tech pickpockets via electronic signals.

11. Silk iPhone 7 Rose Gold Wallet Case

Silk iPhone 7 Rose Gold Wallet Case

Silk’s wallet case offers extra protection for your device if you drop it more often. It features an elastic security band aside from the 360 degrees full framed protection keeping your iPhone safe all the time. The Silk wallet case for iPhone 7 is integrated with an easy fold kickstand allowing you convenient hands-free video watching when on the go.
The three card holder slots and pocket effortlessly merge this case as a wallet giving it extra functionality. It additionally includes a wrist strap and crystal clear scratch resistant screen protector film promising more security of your device.

10. Silk Black Onyx Wallet Case for iPhone 7 Plus

Silk Black Onyx Wallet Case for iPhone 7 Plus

The Silk Black Onyx wallet case is precisely designed to fit any iPhone 7 Plus device giving it 360 degrees full framed folio protection with an elastic security band for added safety. The premium leather material used to design this wallet case gives it a subtle soft-touch aside from making it highly durable.
Unlike other wallet cases, Silk’s case has four separate pockets for your cards and a full sized pocket where you can put your money. The integrated easy fold kickstand allows for convenient hands-free viewing. Moreover, this wallet case has a detachable wrist strap and conversely includes a full-screen protector keeping your device safe from scratches.

9. GOOSPERY iPhone 7 Case

GOOSPERY iPhone 7 Case

The cover of the GOOSPERY iPhone case is made of high-quality canvas fabric giving it a one-of-a-kind elegant designer look. It will match perfectly with your casual wear but equally, serve you great even when in formal wear. The premium quality TPU makes it resistant to damages during accidental drops additionally keeping your device safe.
The magnet clasp is highly functional making the case easy to open and close with a secure hold. You can always convert it to a media stand when on the go and the earpiece cut out allows anyone to converse on the phone with the cover closed freely. GOOSPERY wallet case is only compatible with iPhone 7 devices and not meant for iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 7 Pro.

8. Shieldon iPhone 7 Plus Leather Wallet Case

Shieldon iPhone 7 Plus Leather Wallet Case

This brown magnetic closure cover case is compatible with Apple iPhone 7 Plus. It is made from quality durable leather giving it a stylish soft natural feel with a sturdy design. It is multifunctional with three case holders and side pocket designed with a chic looking magnetic lock to keep your money and cards secure.
You can switch it to a horizontal position making it act as a firm stand for hands-free watching from your device. Further, it is convenient to use with precise cutouts giving you full access to ports without removing the case.

7. Gear Beast iPhone 7 Wallet Case

Gear Beast iPhone 7 Wallet Case

Gear Beast’s navy blue wallet case is specially designed for Apple iPhone 7 smartphone devices engineered to reduce signal loss, get full easy access to all buttons and full Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. It is quite light making it easy to walk with.
It features four card slots along with a transparent ID slot for your photo ID while the two folio snaps will guarantee the safety of your cards. The protective bumper case makes it easy to answer a call and reply urgent messages while the TPU durable material protects your device from scratches and accidental drops.

6. ZVE Shockproof iPhone 7 Leather Case

ZVE Shockproof iPhone 7 Leather Case

With the ZVE 4.7 inch wallet case, you don’t have to carry along an extra wallet. Its design to hold two to three essential cards and cash made with a resilient release ribbon that allows you to pull out money or cards easily without dropping them. This mint green wallet case is fit for iPhone 7 made with advanced TPU and PC material giving it its strong and stable appearance.
Besides, this wallet case is shockproof and scratch-resistant, protecting it from shock and scratches or accidental drops. Its raised beveled edge will additionally keep your camera and touch screen safe thus making it very efficient.

5. ICE FROG 5.5” iPhone 7 Plus Wallet Case

ICE FROG 5.5” iPhone 7 Plus Wallet Case

This is a specially designed wallet case for any 5.5” iPhone 7 Plus mobile device. It is designed with genuine leather with a detachable magnetic inner slim hard case. Its all-in-one design makes it highly functional and the ideal wallet case to protect your device from drops, scratches, and other elements.
The zipper closure will ensure all your cards and money are safe even when you don’t have your purse or wallet. You can easily store up to 11 cards in this wallet case with your ID pocket for easy access. The small photo frame can keep either a photo or your mem card without losing it. Enjoy watching movies with your device without holding with this wallet case that will easily self-stand.

4. LONTECT Rose Gold iPhone 7 Plus Case

LONTECT Rose Gold iPhone 7 Plus Case

The Lontect case is an iPhone 7 Plus Wallet case that features nine card slots and a cash sleeve. It is quite slim with precise cutouts and magnetic easy to close strap that secures cards.
Moreover, the premium synthetic leather material used to make this wallet case make it sturdy and never wears out. Aside from this, it will protect your iPhone device from scratches, dust and damages making it highly functional.

3. AMOVO iPhone 7 Plus Wallet Case

AMOVO iPhone 7 Plus Wallet Case

Get the best from both worlds with this second-generation 2-in-1 AMOVO iPhone 7 Plus Wallet case. It has a super strong detachable magnetic shock absorbing back cover with a flap closure to hold your cards and cash securely. It is slim and light very easy to carry around specially designed for your iPhone 7 Plus.
This wallet case fully covers your phone though the precise cutouts allow easy access to ports and buttons without removing the case. The three card slots and money pocket will always give you a unique wallet for your cards and cash without the extra baggage of an additional wallet.

2. LAMEEKU Wallet Case for iPhone 7 Plus

LAMEEKU Wallet Case for iPhone 7 Plus

The leather material used to make this wallet case gives it a soft feel and durable design making it comfortable and appealing to look at. Both the inner case and outside bumper have shock-absorption capabilities with extended front edges that prevent your phone’s screen from touching the ground.
Its card slots are securely hidden to keep your cards safe though it is very easy to take out and access. This black wallet case is a 100% fit design meant for 5.5 inches iPhone 7 Plus you can’t use it with an iPhone 7 4.7” device.

1. Dreem iPhone 7 Wallet Case

Dreem iPhone 7 Wallet Case

Dreem guarantees the quality of their wallet case models, but you’ll have to consider purchasing them to see and believe. Among other models, Dreem has the iPhone 7 wallet case with RFID theft protection. The easy open clasp makes it simple to open and close the wallet without touching the clasp.
It features a horizontal and vertical stand perfect for hands-free streaming. You can comfortably carry with you six cards and 10bills on your wallet case without bringing along an extra purse. This wallet case for iPhone 7 by Dreem is handcrafted with high-quality faux leather giving it a beautiful and luxurious look.
The magnetic attachment ensures your phone won’t fall out. This wallet case will work great with most magnetic car mounts, screen protectors, and selfie sticks.