Top 30 Best iPhone 7 Cases of 2024

Nobody loves to have a damaged iPhone and in case you accidentally drop your new iPhone 7 it could end up getting scratched, disfigured or even worse. The best thing is to invest in certain form of protection. Owning a phone protector that guarantees your phone protection is among the most important things that you should do immediately after acquiring an iPhone 7.

However, there are several types of mobile phone covers in the market; some can protect the phone against drops, others are just for elegance whereas others mainly add extra functionality. As a result, you must put several factors into consideration before choosing the right iPhone 7 case protector that will suit you best. We have checked out on all the available choices and below is a list of the top 10 most popular cases protectors for iPhone 7

List of Best iPhone 7 Cases

30. iPhone 7 Case Protector, (Rose Gold)

iPhone 7 Case Protector, (Rose Gold)

The iPhone 7 Case Protector (Rose Gold) offers your iPhone maximum protection from drops, impacts as well as scratches. It also has an in-built camera hood that protects your phone’s lens from scratches and damages. The case protector is also ergonomically designed using the best quality rubber and plastic materials, therefore, enabling you to access your phone’s buttons and ports with a lot of ease.

29. iPhone 7 Case, Black

iPhone 7 Case, Black

This black case iPhone 7 protector adds a bold statement to the phone. This is a flexible TPU case protector and has an internal feature of a spider-web pattern. It also has an elevated lip for protecting your screen from any danger along with the air cushioning technology for shock absorption. Its solid buttons offer the best feedback and are also easy to press.

28. iPhone 7 Case, The Wavelength Series

iPhone 7 Case, The Wavelength Series

In case you need a case that will give you lively aesthetics then the iPhone 7 Case Protector, Wavelength Series will do for you. Due to its soothing line, the case will generally add some calmness to your demanding life. It is gentle when touched and it also has 3-dimensional designs which will give you a more comfortable and secure grip. The mobile case also has the polycarbonate bumper and the TPU sleeve which offer reliable protection and protect your iPhone from falls.

27. iPhone 7 Case, Ringke

iPhone 7 Case, Ringke

The iPhone 7 Case, Ringke has been crafted in several different color bumper finish styles. This makes it unique for you regardless of where you will be using it to secure and protect your iPhone. It is made up with a clear protection and is also fitted with a clear layer that offers two times the protection offered by the other cases. The inside of the case protector has also been specially made with the TPU corner cushion. This means that the phone will not be shaken by anything when it is resting in the case. The ultra slim technology has also been used to give it an opportunity to be installed easily without any problem at all.

26. iPhone 7 Plus Protector Case, Spigen [The Thin Fit]

iPhone 7 Plus Protector Case, Spigen [The Thin Fit]

The unique fit of this protector case keeps your iPhone slim and light. Made from the premium polycarbonate, the case offers you maximum protection. The soft coating will also give you an outstanding grip and the ports/buttons are exposed so as to enable you to quickly and easily access them.

25. UAG iPhone 6s/iPhone 7 Monarch Feather-Light Rugged

UAG iPhone 6s/iPhone 7 Monarch Feather-Light Rugged

It is built with high quality materials that have been made using up to five protective layers to offer the best protection to your mobile phone. It has signature armor frame which combines forces with its shock resistant core to offer protection to your iPhone 7. Due to the presence of top grain leather, it is capable of providing you with the top polycarbonate shear plate which makes it among the best cases on the market today. You are can still take the perfect photos that you always take.

24. iPhone 7 Case Protector, Savoy Series

iPhone 7 Case Protector, Savoy Series

With chrome accents together with creamy colors the case will make your iPhone to have luxurious look whereas the soft-touch finish plus the round edges makes your case to feel great. It also has polycarbonate that is lined with a microfiber cloth in order to protect your iPhone 7 from scratches and impact.

23. iPhone 7 Case Protector, Ringke Air

iPhone 7 Case Protector, Ringke Air

The case is lightweight and feels like thin air but it can be vital in safeguarding your iPhone from daily abuse. Having the best material, the case utilizes the touch polycarbonate construction in order to ensure that the iPhone is always safe. Fitting the case is easy and it ensures that your phone gets maximum security from any harm.

22. iPhone 7 Case Protector, Spigen Liquid Armor

iPhone 7 Case Protector, Spigen Liquid Armor

This case has elastic, flexible and durable materials that will provide you with a soft and comfortable grip. The case protector will also highlight the shape of your iPhone. Having a premium matter TPU material enables the case to provide your iPhone with an excellent grasp. The case also absorbs shock therefore offering reliable protection for years.

21. iPhone 7 Case, Trianium

iPhone 7 Case, Trianium

The case has an advanced technology that will basically ensure that the iPhone 7 is well protected at all times while still reducing unnecessary bulk. The case has some special features that make it resistant to water; a major phone spoiler. The case also has an internal shock absorbing design that will make certain that you receive the ideal protection from other harm caused by drops and bumps. Along with it comes the ultra-clear screen case protector that will enable you get the right display.

20. Silk iPhone 7 Grip Case

Silk iPhone 7 Grip Case

The best thing about this iPhone 7 case is the fact that it is a slim fit with a lightweight design that still provides extra protection of your device while giving it a sleek look. The patent pending grip design guarantees this firm grip and protection while its air cushioned corners absorbs shock away from your device. This Silk case for iPhone 7 includes a scratch-resistant screen protector film.
While you may find it in blue jade which is exquisitely elegant, you may also settle for the black onyx, gunmetal gray or purple orchid. The ultra-light and durable construction maintains the thin look of your phone you can comfortably carry it around without worrying about extra weight. The Natural Throw buttons maintain your phones tactical ’click’ response, carefully designed to protect it from dust.

19. Silk Armor iPhone 7 Tough Case

Silk Armor iPhone 7 Tough Case

Silk Armor ranks among the best iPhone 7 cases because of its affordable price and great functionality setting it apart from other cases. Its ultra-light construction keeps your phone thin while the durable material gives it extra protection from accidental drops and damages.
The air cushioned corners makes it shock-absorbent dispersing shock from your device. The case includes two glass screen protectors to give your phone’s screen ultimate protection and picture clarity. You’ll love the unique patent pending design and soft rubber grips that keep the phone secure in hand.

18. Maxboost SnapPro iPhone 7 Case

Maxboost SnapPro iPhone 7 Case

The SnapPro is perhaps the thinnest heavy duty PC cover Maxboost has ever made for the iPhone 7. It has an advanced 2-layer drop protection design that additionally features shock-absorption technology offering your phone extra protection from accidental drops and shock.
The raised edges allow for an advanced screen protection in case your phone fall screen first on the ground. Unlike other bulky cases, the SnapPro is thin and light focusing protection on the sides and corners with the GXD IMPACT gel. This 360-degree protection surely makes this the best case for your iPhone 7.

17. i-Blason Orange Shockproof Bumper Case

i-Blason Orange Shockproof Bumper Case

This iPhone case by i-Blason is slim with a sleek design and colorful shock-absorption insert. The front raised edges will keep your phone protected when placed face down. You can access all your phone’s features with this case including the buttons and ports without removing it. The i-Blason orange case additionally has a dual layer impact resistant design and reinforced bumpers all guaranteeing your phone’s safety.

16. Celto Thin Silicone iPhone 7 Case

Celto Thin Silicone iPhone 7 Case

While the mint color and brand logo might give it away, this case is quite thin and very light you might not even notice it’s there. The raised edge protects your phone and allows you to put it down face first without worrying about scratches.
Besides, when you purchase this iPhone 7 case by Celto, you’ll be able to enjoy a lifetime damage free warranty meant to give you a peace of mind. Much as it is flexible, this case is stronger and durable making it additional abrasion resistant and shockproof.

15. Seido DILEX COMBO Case for iPhone 7

Seido DILEX COMBO Case for iPhone 7

The DILEX COMBO case should be your phone’s protective companion designed with two interlocking layers and a metal kickstand. It weighs 7.2 ounces with a 3.6mm slim design making it quite light. The inner TPU layer and polycarbonate outer layer gives the Seido DILEX COMBO its durable and sturdy nature promising you service for a very long time.
Its raised edges protect your screen and camera lens lifting them away from surfaces. Besides the Hexguard technology cushions your device giving it additional protection during impact.

14. Hisionlee Gold iPhone 7 Slim Case

Hisionlee Gold iPhone 7 Slim Case

When it comes to the best cases for iPhone worth your money without breaking the bank, then this Gold double protect slim case ranks top. And even when you have to part with just a little cash, the stylish back design and prism texture will make you stand out from a crowd. It features 0.3mm slim design and 0.6 ounces in weight.
The Hisionlee iPhone 7 case comes with bracket allowing for easy audio and video entertainment. It is a non-slip case designed using tough PC material and high-quality inner TPU. With this case, you get double phone protection from shock and against scratches. It has a higher design than your camera ensuring that it remains safe and free from damages.

13. Kartice Clear Cover Case for iPhone 7

Kartice Clear Cover Case for iPhone 7

If you don’t like to hide the color, design and elegant look of your Apple iPhone 7 device, then you’ll want to consider purchasing a transparent case cover. The durable and soft TPU material makes this case very soft with a comfortable grip.
It is easy to install with access to all buttons, speakers, camera and other ports you won’t have to remove it. The anti-shock gel rubber keeps your phone safe while its thin light nature makes it comfortable to carry around.

12. QIALINO Slim Leather Cover iPhone 7 Case

QIALINO Slim Leather Cover iPhone 7 Case

Tired of moving around with a wallet on one hand and wallet on the other? It’s time you tried out the QIALINO Leather iPhone 7 Case. This iPhone case is handcrafted from genuine leather giving it a durable design and comfortable feel while providing excellent protection for your phone.
It fits perfectly to your device and is easy to install and use with the precise cut-outs allowing access to all buttons and ports. This iPhone 7 case sums up as a perfect wallet built with card slots and a cash compartment to safely store your card and money. This case is suitable for any occasion whether business or casual.

11. VANSIN 3 in 1 Case for iPhone 7

VANSIN 3 in 1 Case for iPhone 7

This newly designed case by VANSIN is specially meant for the Apple iPhone 7 featuring a slim hard case made with a non-slip matte surface and electroplate frame. Its rubberized finish provides a comfortable grip with a complete drop protection feature that will keep your phone safe always.
The higher edges additionally guarantee your screen’s protection. This 3 in 1 case is very comfortable and light you can always carry it around without adding bulk.

10. Encased Hybrid Case for iPhone 7

Encased Hybrid Case for iPhone 7

The newly redesigned case offers great functionality and added strength to protect your phone for a very long time. It is shock and scratch resistant designed with cut-outs for easy access to buttons and ports.
Besides, the SlimShield is smudge resistant made from a high-quality, lightweight material that makes it durable. Its ergonomic design ranks it among the best iPhone 7 cases while the non-slip micro finish additionally guarantees extra phone protection.

9. Imikoko Hard Diamond iPhone 7 Case Cover

Imikoko Hard Diamond iPhone 7 Case Cover

Imikoko case is a 3-in-1 design made from soft TPU layer, shining color make-up and PP layer to give your phone all round protection along with an elegant design. It is ultra-thin and very light weighing only 26g and 7.92 thin.
Its three layer design offers extra protection for your device especially from scratches, shock, and accidental drops. The ’Flex Press’ will give you an original press feeling of the volume button while additionally preventing it from scratches.

8. Ruky Power Bank Charging Case

Ruky Power Bank Charging Case

Ruky Phone Case is compatible with iPhone 7 designed as a charging backup battery case with LED lights. This unique functionality ranks it among the best cases for iPhone. It features sync-through technology allowing you to sync your phone to a computer without taking off the battery case. The LED lights will tell you how much battery it has with the red light indicating the need for a charge. This case is very easy to install and use.

7. Comsoon iPhone 7 Case

Comsoon iPhone 7 Case

Comsoon case offers dual layer protection to your iPhone device while giving it an elegant and sleek look. The transparent protection case body maintains your phone’s original color and beauty.
It raised edges equally gives your phone added protection while the precise cut-outs allow for full and easy access to your phone’s buttons and ports. The inner case is made from flexible TPU material with a shock cushion while the hard PC frame allows for an enhanced outer protection.

6. Caseology Slim Jet Black iPhone 7 Case

Caseology Slim Jet Black iPhone 7 Case

This case is simple yet elegant designed as a transparent clear cover with a hint of color around its edges. This case is coated allowing for a comfortable grip while preventing any accidental slips. It is compatible only with iPhone devices protecting them from impact and preventing accidental damages.
It features impact-resistant TPU cover with PC bumper case, tactile button covers, scratch-resistant coating and raised edges to protect your display screen and phone camera.

5. Amber & Ash Mint Ice Cover Case for iPhone 7

Amber & Ash Mint Ice Cover Case for iPhone 7

Not only is this case elegant and eye-catching it is additionally affordable and has great features that guarantee the safety of your Apple iPhone device anytime. The slip-proof polymer shell will easily slide in and out of your pocket with ease while the wrap-around form protects your phone from all sides.
It is thin and very light in weight completely complementing your device. This case additionally offers two shock-level protections while resisting abrasion. The triangular camera window and unique cutout will undoubtedly match your phone’s design.

4. Kattiettery External Battery Charger iPhone 7 Case

Kattiettery External Battery Charger iPhone 7 Case

The powerful Pro battery can add extra battery life to your iPhone 7 giving you more talk time, web browsing and game time. Its super slim design and lightweight nature make it the best option for your iPhone device. The built-in magnetic metal works great with a magnetic phone car mount holder.
Moreover, the luxurious matte finish allows a secure grip while the durable material promises long-term service without wear. This is not only a phone case but equally a power bank for your phone.

3. MIATONE Silicone Back Cover Case for iPhone 7

MIATONE Silicone Back Cover Case for iPhone 7

You’ll love this slim, lightweight case that has a raised bezel to lift your screen off flat surfaces. Its multilayered construction provides extra protection while the soft silicone outer layer allows for a non-slip grip. The soft microfiber helps protect your device from accidental fall and bumps.

2. PZOZ 2 in 1 iPhone 7 Case

PZOZ 2 in 1 iPhone 7 Case

This case for iPhone 7 has a clear and soft TPU case and a 360 degrees rotating ring kickstand allowing for personalized comfort while controlling your device whenever you operate it or take pictures. The clear ultra-thin design will give your phone its original look and beauty you’ll feel like you’re walking with a case free phone.

1. Aonlink Slim iPhone 7 Cover

Aonlink Slim iPhone 7 Cover

The simple style of this case makes it stand out while the silky black color surely gives it an eye-catching design. It is a case specially designed for the 4.7 inch Apple iPhone 7 devices made with anti-scratch and shock-absorbing abilities.
Weighing only 21g and 1.6mm thin this iPhone 7 case is light and doesn’t add any more bulk when put on your device. The soft finish of this case feels great in your hands you won’t want to take it off.