Top 10 Best iPhone 11 Screen Protectors of 2024

How does it feel working with a scratched or oily display? It’s not a great feeling, and many people are looking for ways to avoid that. However, adding a layer of screen protector into your phone is one of the best things. Especially for people ordering iPhone 11, there is a need also to buy a screen protector. Although this phone has tough touch screen, there is a need to add more protection.

The available screen protectors come in different designed depending on the phone. It is, therefore, significant to have the right one. Snuggly fitting and easy to install protectors are some of the ideal options. Also, the perfect screen shield should not leave glue residue on your phone. With glass, plastic and polycarbonates protectors, right one depends on your taste. For a clean phone, here are the best iPhone 11 screen protectors to choose.

List of Best iPhone 11 Screen Protectors

10. LK Screen Protector for iPhone 11

LK Screen Protector for iPhone 11

You can equip your iPhone 11 with the best case, but you can’t deny the need for the best wallet case as well. The LK screen protector is here with great features for you. For compatibility, you need to understand clearly that it is designed only for the 6.1-inch iPhone 11. It boasts superior hardness with a rating of 9H. Due to this feature, it makes your iPhone screen scratch proof. This protector is also shatterproof to allow unmatched screens durability. The installation is easy and bubble-free. Thus, it retains the screen’s sensitivity and clarity. Besides, it is case-friendly to ensure all-around protection of your device.

9. Aodoor Screen Protector for iPhone 11

Aodoor Screen Protector for iPhone 11

The best screen protector for iPhone 11 should offer superb protection. The Aodoor screen protector is expertly crafted to allow damage-free functionality. It is slim as it is only 0.33mm thin so it retains the original screen’s responsiveness. The superior 9H hardness offers shatterproof and scratch-proof performance. It is also 99.9 transparent and hence doesn’t affect the screen’s clarity in any way. Also, it is hydrophobic and oleophobic as it features a unique coating. In addition, it is extremely easy to install as you only need to remove dist and align it using the alignment frame. It comes as a nice package containing wipes, microfiber cloth, and removal stickers to ensure easy maintenance.

8. IRSHE iPhone 11 Screen Protector

IRSHE iPhone 11 Screen Protector

Are you looking for the best screen protector for your iPhone? This innovatively designed product from IRSHE is worth it. This screen protector features cutting edge design with precise cutouts to allow easy fit. Well, this fits the iPhone XR of 2018 and the iPhone 11 of 2019. It is a film made of glass with 9H hardness. It boasts a reinforced technology that will protect your device’s screen from scuffs, dents, and scratches. It is also stain proof and boasts 99.9 percent clarity for hassle-free viewing. It also boasts a unique coating that offers hydrophobic and oleophobic properties.

7. LEADSTAR iPhone 11 iPhone XR Privacy Screen Protector

LEADSTAR iPhone 11 iPhone XR Privacy Screen Protector

Do you own iPhone XR or iPhone 11 and you’re looking for the best screen protectors? You can find satisfaction by considering the LEADSTAR as the brand of your choice. It is made of premium material with high definition and great privacy. Moreover, the face ID recognition feature is enabling for this screen protector. The bubble-free installation is another reason to choose this screen protector. Besides, the precise cutouts allow perfect fit according to the screen contours. As well, it features an ultra-slim design to ensure the sensitivity stays intact.

6. Homemo Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 11

Homemo Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 11

This tempered glass screen protector from Homemo is professionally crafted to give your phone extra rigidity. It is only 0.33mm but is incredibly strong. It doesn’t affect the screen responsiveness and clarity unlike some screen protectors out there. Besides, the rounded design allows perfect coverage according to the alignment of the screen. Moreover, the oleophobic and hydrophobic coating protects your Smartphone from sweat and oil stains. The installation is a breeze as you only need to remove dust and align it over the screen properly.

5. Purity Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 11

Purity Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 11

Are you having issues while choosing the best screen protector for your iPhone 11? Don’t worry anymore as this model from Purity is a great boost. It is extremely thin but still shatterproof and scratch proof. This ultra thinness enhances great sensitivity. It also possesses fingerprint prevention features as it is equipped with an oleophobic and hydrophobic coating. In addition, this product comes with an installation kit that includes frame, wipes and dust removers. So, anyone can do the installation quite easily.

4. SmartDevil Screen Protector for iPhone 11

SmartDevil Screen Protector for iPhone 11

For the highest level of protection, here is the SmartDevil screen protector. It fits perfectly offering space between it and the edge of the phone. Therefore, you will be able to install the phone case without any difficulties. It also boasts 9H hardness offering a guarantee of heavy-duty protection. With this screen protector on your phone, you can your device in your pocket together with keys, coins, and anything. It offers perfect fit and there are no bubbles at the end of the installation. Amazingly, it is equipped with electro and oleophobic coating which prevents the particles from nesting on your screen.

3. Tech Armor Ballistic Glass Screen Protector

Tech Armor Ballistic Glass Screen Protector

As the title suggests, this is a screen protector designed to offer military-grade protection. Well, this is not a joke as this product features multilayered ballistic glass material. So, it will offer protection from damages caused by drops and scratches. It is extremely thin and doesn’t offer any interference to the Smartphone sensors. Also, it boasts 2.5D polished edges to prevent chipping. It is only 0.33mm thick yet it guarantees 9H hardness. You will; therefore love the sensitivity, rigidity, and clarity provided by the Tech armor ballistic screen protector. Besides, the multi-layered and oleophobic coating features guarantees unparalleled performance.

2. TORRAS iPhone 11 Screen Protector

TORRAS iPhone 11 Screen Protector

Anyone who doesn’t want guesswork in selecting the best screen protector for phone 11 will feel at home with Torras. It is precisely designed to allow a perfect fit for your iPhone XR and iPhone 11. It is equipped with 9H hardness and is ultra-slim to ensure the stylistic features of the device stay unaffected. As well, this screen protector makes your phone invincible against scratches and drop impacts. Yet only 0.25 mm thickness offers 2D sensitive touch and natural viewing experience. The bubble-free installation doesn’t leave any residues and makes your screen exquisite while remaining rigid.

1. Marge Plus Screen Protector for iPhone 11

Marge Plus Screen Protector for iPhone 11

As we reach the tail end of the review on the best screen protectors for the iPhone 11, you need to take a close look at what Marge Plus provides. Unlike the PET screen protectors, this one offers protection against all potential hazards. Its 9H hardness ensures scratch proof and shatterproof performance. Hence, you will feel obliged to carry your Smartphone and sharp objects in the same pocket. Moreover, it comes with an installation frame to eliminate any hurdles during installation. It is coated with oleophobic coating to ensure smudge-proof and fingerprint performance.