Top 10 Best iPhone 11 Pro Wallet Cases of 2024

iPhone 11 Pro is an expensive phone. Despite that, it experiences the same risks other devices faces. To keep it safe and clean, one needs to have proper ways of protecting it. With many choices available, wallet cases are unbeatable. They are like regular wallets that encloses your phone. Therefore, they provide more safety and shielding against elements than cases. With plastic, leather, and other materials wallets, your choice determines the level of protection.

Usually, leather wallet cases are popular and reliable. The reason behind it is because of the robust nature of leather. But, there is a need to choose between natural and manmade leather. Genuine leather is vintage and offers exceptional phone protection. Besides, the construction is vital in ensuring reliability. High quality stitched wallets always last for longer time than cheap ones. Above all, RFID protected card slots are good inclusion in a wallet. To be safe, here are the best iPhone 11 Pro wallet cases reviewed in 2021.

List of Best iPhone 11 Pro Wallet Cases

10. KelaSip Leather iPhone 11 Pro Wallet Case

KelaSip Leather iPhone 11 Pro Wallet Case

The KelaSip wallet case is premium and perfectly made for iPhone 10 pro. Manufacturing of this wallet case ensures all the threats are addressed. That is why it features a blend of PU leather and TPU plastic. These materials are classic and ensure you enjoy complete phone protection. Also, the design allows the phone to enjoy proper covering and protection against vibrations.

The precise cutouts are matching to every port in the phone. Also, there is accurate camera exposure which makes this case great for your phone. The soft TPU bumper on the edges keeps impact away in case of a drop. Perfect grip ensures your hands enjoy the great feel.

9. Youcover iPhone 11/XI Pro Wallet Case with Kickstand

Youcover iPhone 11/XI Pro Wallet Case with Kickstand

Adding protection to your phone gives it extended lifespan. That is why adding this Youcover wallet case to your phones bring confidence and reliability. Additionally, the versatility makes it a great option for iPhone 11 pro and X. Besides offering protection, the wallet comes with an integrated kickstand.

Apart from being great for your phone, this wallet is multifunctional. It has multiple slots ideal for storing your money. Additionally, you can keep your cards cared to eliminate the need for an extra wallet. Fitted with a strap, the wallet is outstanding for ease of carrying. Top grain PU leather ensures the wallet is superb and durable.

8. Innge Phone Case for iPhone 11 Flip Wallet Case

Innge Phone Case for iPhone 11 Flip Wallet Case

Innge phone is a wallet case for iPhone 11 Pro dedicated to ensuring you enjoy great protection. Designed with a flip design, it has great performance. In fact, you can secure your phone and also carry additional items like money and cards. This is possible due to the extra pocket fitted in this wallet.

The support function is useful since it allows the phone to enjoy great usability while hands-free. Actually, you can use it for videos, video calls, and others. Equipped with dual magnetic closure system, the wallet is easy to use and secure. The inner section is made from the soft lining with proper care against scratching your device. Reinforced edges also eliminate damage when hone falls.

7. Arae iPhone 11 pro PU Leather Wallet Case

Arae iPhone 11 pro PU Leather Wallet Case

Shock and vibrations are some of the worst enemies of any electronic device. The ARae PU leather case is one of the superb when you want a wallet for your new iPhone 11 Pro. Amazingly, the wallet features flip over design which is great for ensuring you get exceptional performance. In fact, it allows kickstand functions for hands-free functions.

Construction of this case features high-quality PU leather. Besides, the TPU reinforcing materials ensure proper shock and impact protection. Enhanced with 3 slots, the wallet is great for keeping your cards and bills. Buttons, speakers, and cameras are well exposed due to exquisite cutouts. Also, the case is compatible with wireless charging.

6. SHIELDON Genuine Leather iPhone 11 Pro Wallet Case

SHIELDON Genuine Leather iPhone 11 Pro Wallet Case

Genuine leather wallet cases are always sleek and highly reliable. The Shieldon genuine leather case is an elegant and tough choice for ultimate protection. It’s a custom made case that fits iPhone Pro 11 without any issue. In fact, it boasts all precise cutouts to expose cameras and buttons as well as buttons.

Despite its slim nature, this case is convenient and offers additional storage space. Boasting 3 slot cards it allows the user to carry different cards conveniently. Besides leather covering, the wallet has a TPU reinforced interior that gives its superior performance. Therefore, even in the event of accidental drops, this case keeps your device exceptionally safe.

5. Zttopo 2 in 1 Detachable Magnetic 11 iPhone 11 Pro Wallet Case

Zttopo 2 in 1 Detachable Magnetic 11 iPhone 11 Pro Wallet Case

The Zttopo 2 in 1 wallet case is one of the best wallet case iPhone 11 Pro. It’s one of the sleek and elegant wallets you need to have. It has all the necessary qualities to offer your iPhone 11 Pro protection and beauty. Apart from the phone wallet, it as a detachable wallet. This gives easy detaching since it’s magnetically attached. As a result, you can carry it independently from your phone case.

The phone case is enhanced with a closure mechanism to keep the device inside. Also, the detachable wallet has a zipper closure and offers enough storage capacity. In fact, it can carry 11 cards and 3 cash bags. Therefore once you have this wallet case, no more extra wallet.

4. KIHUWEY Premium Leather iPhone 11 Pro Wallet Case with Kickstand

KIHUWEY Premium Leather iPhone 11 Pro Wallet Case with Kickstand

The Kihuwey iPhone 11 Pro wallet case is tasked with keeping your device exceptionally safe. With this wallet, it keeps you guaranteed your device safety. It’s lightweight and made from premium PU leather. Therefore it has excellent protection against shock, splashes, and other dirt. With interior and exterior having a soft finish, there is no device abrasion.

Apart from the soft feeling, the case has full-frame protection that improves reliability. The frame is responsible for absorbing bumps as well as keeping the case in good shape. Kickstand functions integrated ensures it is superb in ensuring there is easy usage when reading and watching movies.

3. Tekcoo Folio Flip Wallet Case for iPhone 11 Pro / iPhone11 Pro

Tekcoo Folio Flip Wallet Case for iPhone 11 Pro / iPhone11 Pro

It is time to give your new iPhone 11 Pro updated security and look. All is made possible by the folio flip wallet case by Tekcoo. It’s one of the strong cases made from soft PU leather. This gives it the ability to protect and keep the device looking sleek. With magnetic closure, it doesn’t give you a headache when like snap buttons.

Fitted out with a detachable magnetic wallet, this case is the solution to cards and money storage and carry. Sleek looking surface ensures there is great sense of style. Therefore, the wallet perfectly suits all ages. The hardened case ensures there is a minimal impact when you drop your phone accidentally.

2. Takfox iPhone 11 Pro PU Leather Wallet Flip Wallet Case

Takfox iPhone 11 Pro PU Leather Wallet Flip Wallet Case

The Takfox PU leather flip wallet case perfectly gives every iPhone 11 Pro fantastic protection. Unlike cheap cases, this has premium PU leather construction. Therefore it gives your phone a cool look and feel. Whether you want to use it a wallet or kickstand, it’s a highly versatile case. Amazingly, the PU leather used is non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Despite its slim nature, the wallet is perfect for additional items. Boasting extra slots, it can carry up to 9 cards. With an open window slot, it is excellent for a passport photo or ID card. Besides, you can easily carry your money with this wallet. It’s among best iPhone 11 Pro wallets you can choose.

1. AMOVO Case for iPhone 11 Pro Vegan Leather Detachable Wallet

AMOVO Case for iPhone 11 Pro Vegan Leather Detachable Wallet

Forget about the cheap cases that keep your device risk. Once you own this Vega leather wallet case by AMOVO, your new iPhone 11 Pro is perfectly protected. It has a magnetically attached wallet that can be removed for easy carting. In fact, it has a combination of phone case and wallet for great convenience.

Besides the upper leather, the case features PC and TPU inner materials with high impact resistance. The folio cover also is great to protect the screen against falling sharp objects as well as scratches. With multiple slots, they allow an easy way to carry cards. Overall, this wallet case is sleek and creates a fashionable look.