Top 10 Best Inflatable Water Slides in 2023 Reviews

When the weather allows, kids should be allowed to play with water. Thanks to the invention of inflatable water slides. Kids can have fun whenever they want, safely yet close to parents. Our article provides an insightful review of the best inflatable water slides. They are affordable, durable, safe and beautiful. But, what makes an excellent inflatable water slide. For sure in any party, where kids are involved, it can make sense without having water slides.

Unlike the dry slides, this one offers more fun and don’t put the kids under any injury risk. That sounds fantastic and wonderful for parents who care. Of course, it is, and inflatable water slides will never go off the fashion. However, this equipment is only applicable for large functions. When it comes to choosing the best water slide among the hundreds of brands, one is left a state of confusion and dilemma.

Things to factor in include age of the kids the number of kids expected and whether it is for just a family or larger events. Also others are ease of portability, patterns among others factors. Above all check the material of the inflatable water slide. Don’t go for cheaply made slides just because your budget is constraining you. Why should your risk kid’s safety at the expense of some few dollars? So, the best materials should be highly resistant to punctures and should be easy to inflate. Other slides usually come with some simple pumps to facilitate in easy refilling. Having known some few facts, here are the top 10 best inflatable water slides.

List of Best Inflatable Water Slides

10. Blast Zone Inflatable Water Park

Blast Zone Inflatable Water Park

This crocodile isle water park comes with dual slides. It measures approximately 14 by 22 by 8 ft and allows a maximum of five children at a time. The inflatable water slide is made of premium quality commercial vinyl to ensure maximum durability. The exclusive X-Weave material equally adds durability. It comes with safety features including soft safety netting and safe slide heights. It allows a maximum user weight of 100 lbs and is perfect for kids above 3 years. This product ranks among the best inflatable water slides because of all its safety features and compliance with the manufacturing laws.

9. Bounceland Inflatable Water Slide

Bounceland Inflatable Water Slide

This single inflatable slide is pretty easy to set up and also take down. It inflates in less than a minute to measure approximately 18 by 7 by 7 ft. everything about this water slide assures you great summer entertainment with your little ones. From the bright attractive colors to the long slide and padded splash pool, you cannot find anything like this on the market. The heavy-duty material with double stitches, you can be sure that your kids’ safety is assured. This material is also puncture-resistant.

8. Intex 57444EP Dinosaur Play Center

Intex 57444EP Dinosaur Play Center

The numerous reviews online should assure you that you are buying one of the best inflatable water slides available on the market today. The Dinosaur Play Center has a 57-gallon capacity. It is the best form of entertainment for your kids during the summer day. The bright and colorful design of this Dinosaur Play Center will truly get your kids excited. There is a landing mat included for extra padding and a drain plug in the pool floor. This water slide also comes with a repair patch.

7. Intex Surf N Slide Inflatable Play Center

Intex Surf N Slide Inflatable Play Center

Intex’s inflatable water slide gives your children hours of summer fun. It includes two surf riders and sturdy handles for safety. The play center has a maximum weight limit of 176 pounds. It comes with a repair patch and has a landing mat for extra padding. The Intex Surf N Slide water slide measures approximately 174 x 66 x 64 inches. It is perfect for kids above six years. The beautiful and colorful design will surely encourage play and get your kids excited during the summer days.

6. Little Tikes Inflatable Slide Bouncer

Little Tikes Inflatable Slide Bouncer

This rocky mountain river race inflatable slide will truly give your kids hours of fun outside. It includes two slides, a climbing wall, and splash pool; everything your children need to enjoy the outdoors. The slide bouncer allows a maximum of four kids with a combined weight limit of 350 lbs. So far, this is the best inflatable water slide to buy for your little ones this year. It also has a surprise dump bucket that pours water on kids climbing the center rock wall. This inflatable pool slide measures approximately 161 by 169 and has a height of 103.

5. Team Magnus Slip and Slide Inflatable Crash Pad

Team Magnus Slip and Slide Inflatable Crash Pad

Team Magnus inflatable water slide ranks as the best seller in inflatable pool water. As opposed to other water slides, the Slip and Slide Inflatable Crash Pad are longer and wider. It is 31 feet long and more than 5 feet wide. It is by far better than other designs because it includes double lanes, a central channel and air-filled cushion which works as a crash pad. It is perfect for the summer days, garden parties or kids’ birthdays. It takes only a few minutes to set up.

4. Banzai Inflatable Water Slide

Banzai Inflatable Water Slide

Banzai’s adventure club comes with two water slides. It is perfect for a backyard pool and for those summer day entertainments. The water park has a lagoon style splash pool and the slides are curved for hours of fun. What makes it rank among the best inflatable water slides are features like the climbing wall, a basketball hoop, two water-blasting cannons and an overhead water sprinkler. For safety and convenience, this water slide also includes a blower motor with GFCI.

3. Banzai Double Drop Raceway Water Slide

Banzai Double Drop Raceway Water Slide

This water slide allows competitive play. It has two raceway lanes that let your kids challenge each other. The 10-ft water slide allows competitive play among children so be sure they’ll be here for hours. The 2-lane water slide inflates in minutes with the continuous airflow blower motor. It equally attaches easily to any garden hose allowing a powerful water spray. Another great thing about the raceway water slide is that it is has a heavy-duty Dura-Tech construction that ensures years of use. This durable and long-lasting nature makes it the most preferred inflatable pool slide for many people. It can resist punctures and small tears which is great if you are shopping for a long-lasting water slide.

2. Kahuna Triple Blast Inflatable Water Slide

Kahuna Triple Blast Inflatable Water Slide

The colorful and beautiful design of this water slide makes it the best inflatable water slide for your backyard. It unlike other models on this list because this inflatable pool slide comes with three large slides to increase the hours of fun. Other features that make this model great include water cannon to blast friends away, a front climbing wall ladder and two basketball goals. There are other affordable models to settle with but they may not give you the fun that this water slide gives you.

1. Costzon Inflatable Water Slide

Costzon Inflatable Water Slide

If you are tight on a budget but don’t want to deny your kids the fun of a water party, this is a model you might want to check out. Despite the cheap price, it is still made of a premium quality material that assures you years of fun. You should not worry about excessive climbing because this water slide will not reduce its longevity thanks to the heavy-duty material. The inflatable slide has heavy-duty grips to give your kids full strength as they climb. It is equally easy to inflate and deflate. There is further a carrying bag included to let you conveniently take it whenever you go. This is the perfect gift for your child’s birthday or during Christmas.