Top 10 Best Horse Blankets of 2024

It is always recommendable to keep your horse comfortable in all weathers. However, it cannot be archived without adding a coat. Horse blankets are some of the reliable ways to enjoy improved protection. These blankets are designed to ensure you can wear your animal depending on the weather condition. Therefore, whether summer or winter, there are blankets that suit any season. The wrong choice of blanket can cause more suffering than relief. It is thereby vital to have the right choice for every season.

Well, depending on the occasion also, there are different blankets. With different colors, sizes and style, it is easy to make your horse look amazing. Fitting the blanket should not be bothersome when you have the right pick. It is therefore mandatory to measure your animal to achieve the best fit. To offer the animals comfort and protection, here are the best horse blankets reviewed in 2021.

List of Best Horse Blankets

10. Weatherbeeta 300D Growing Foal Blanket

Weatherbeeta 300D Growing Foal Blanket

You are searching for the best horse blanket, right? Well, you’ll need something that beats all the weather conditions. In winter, your horse will need a professionally designed blanket such as the Weatherbeeta 300D Growing Foal Blanket. It features 180g poly-fill and lining of 210 nylon material.

The touch tape chest is fully adjustable to ensure it fits snugly. It is a breathable blanket with excellent wicking properties. With strong polyester outer, this blanket protects your horse from heavy rain. However, the head and the tail area may still get water. But, the core function of this blanket is to maintain ideal temperatures within the horse’s body.

9. Weatherbeeta Rain Sheet

Weatherbeeta Rain Sheet

You love your horse and you don’t want any bad thing to happen to it. If so, you must ensure the animal gets enough warmth even when there’s a heavy downpour. The Weatherbeeta Rain Sheet is a great choice to pick. It boasts 420 Denier twill outer shell which is breathable and completely waterproof.

With fully taped seams, this blanket will serve your horse for years to come. Besides, it has quick and easy front closures. Also, it boasts adjustable belly closures. Therefore, you can adjust the size of this blanket as the horse grows or when the belly is full. It is a great blanket to protect your horse and equipment at events.

8. Weatherbeeta Comfitec Plus Dynamic Detach-A-Neck Lite

Weatherbeeta Comfitec Plus Dynamic Detach-A-Neck Lite

This is one of the best-selling horse blankets. People love it for many reasons. Due to their innovative engineering, these blankets remarkable value, comfort, and unmatched durability. Also, they are available in a variety of colors, neck styles, and warmth. They feature a 1200D triple weave outer shell.

Also, these blankets feature repel shell that is both breathable and waterproof. Moreover, this particular horse blanket features reflective stripes. They enable you to locate your horse easily in the pastures and allow other people to see you in low light. Additionally, it features a wither relief pad whereby it prevents rubbing for additional comfort. The 210D polyester lining gives it unmatched durability.

7. Weatherbeeta Comfitec Classic Combo Neck Lite

Weatherbeeta Comfitec Classic Combo Neck Lite

There’s no doubt that Weatherbeeta is among the leading brands in horse blankets. However, the Comfitec Classic Combo Neck Lite has more features to praise. It boasts strong and durable 600D ripstop outer. Apart from durability, it also features a waterproof coating which keeps your animal dry and comfortable.

The same material is breathable to keep the horse feeling fresh and comfortable. Further, it features ergonomically designed leg straps which are adjustable and removable. The 210T polyester lining and the tail flap ensures the horse remains dry even when the rain attacks from behind. Besides, it boasts traditional shoulder gusset to enhance a natural movement.

6. Horze Nevada 1200D Waterproof Turnout Sheet – Size: 78-Black

Horze Nevada 1200D Waterproof Turnout Sheet - Size: 78-Black

Some people think that a horse is an invincible creature. You should avoid this kind of thinking and realize that these animals need a bit of added protection when the weather gets worse. An ideal way of keeping your horse happy and safe is investing in the Horze Nevada 1200D Waterproof Turnout Sheet.

This is among the best horse blankets for various reasons. It comes together with 1200D Turnout neckpiece. It features double front buckle closures with snaps. It also boasts elastic leg straps and double cross surcingles. If you’re looking for lightweight, durable and functional horse blanket, this is one of the best you need.

5. TuffRider Cooler Sheet

TuffRider Cooler Sheet

Do you want to become a tough rider? This will only be possible if you protect your horse from all unfavorable weather conditions. When winter strikes, you will need to buy one of the best horse blankets. The TuffRider cooler sheet is a great option. It boasts technical fabric for durability and comfort.

Also, it features anti-pill polyester fleece for comfort and durability. Additionally, it boasts new twin thermal plastic close closures to enable easy on and off. The material used has high wicking capacity to keep the horse ultimately comfortable in all weather conditions.

4. HILASON 78″ Winter Horse Blanket

HILASON 78" Winter Horse Blanket

Apart from the conspicuous blue and purple color combinations, you will love how tough this blanket s made. The top part feature tough master brand 1200D-polyester with the breathable ripstop outer shell. The Purple Turquoise color makes your horse look elegant and remains so even after a heavy downpour.

The middle layer features Polygood Brand 400g High-Grade Polyfill which is purposed for enhancing comfort. Also, you will love the tough stitching of this horse blanket. The stitching entails double stitching, tape navy black with reinforced nylon- thread stitching. Besides, it is quite unique since the lining features Persian Twisted Woven Taffeta Lining which is extremely durable.

3. Weatherbeeta Fleece Cooler -Standard Neck

Weatherbeeta Fleece Cooler -Standard Neck

This is another innovatively designed horse blanket by Weatherbeeta. It qualifies to be amid the best horse blankets as it features anti-pill finish and nylon overlay at the shoulders. This innovative design prevents rubbing and stretching. Also, this blanket offers a versatile and wickable fleece cooler which keeps the horse at comfortable temperatures.

It is a versatile horse blanket since it functions well as a cooler after exercise and it is ideal for traveling. You can even use it as a drier after the horse baths and you’ll be amazed by how fast it dries up. It possesses nice-looking patterns on the outer which makes your horse extremely cute.

2. TGW Riding 1200D Horse Sheet TGW Riding Horse Blanket

TGW Riding 1200D Horse Sheet TGW Riding Horse Blanket

At number two of the top 10 best horse blankets reviews, we cherish the innovative skills of the TGW Riding. This is a horse blanket with unmatched quality, precisely designed to meet the needs of all horse breeds. It boasts 200D W&B and Breathable Ripstop Fabric. The first aspect of this fabric is durable and it is completely waterproof.

It is designed to cover the belly area of the horse to ensure it maintains warmth. Just like another top-rated horse blanket, this one also possesses horse sheet fleece to wither protection to ensure cuddling comfort. Besides, the contoured design gives you the horse a smashing figure. Other impressive features of this horse sheet include Adjustable Double Closure and shoulder gusset.

1. Derby Originals Deluxe Turnout Winter Blanket

Derby Originals Deluxe Turnout Winter Blanket

And finally here is our number one best horse blanket. Made by Derby Originals, it features an innovative design to boost the protection of the horse from harmful weather conditions. The outer shell features 600D Heavy duty Nylon. This fabric is durable since it is totally abrasion resistant.

The inner lining features 210T nylon. Well, the material is also durable, breathable and possess perfect moisture wicking. Unlike other competitive horse blankets, this features no back seams. This is to ensure total leak-free protection. Also, the 250G of Polyfill offers medium weight warmth. Moreover, it is a great sheet for drying up the horse after taking a bath. For these premium features and price comparison, this is quite affordable.