Top 10 Best Home Blood Pressure Monitors in 2023 Reviews

Approximately one-third of American adults have to deal with high blood pressure. This revelation has encouraged many organizations including the American Heart Association to advise patients to measure their blood pressure regularly using a blood pressure machine. Having high blood pressure isn’t a medical condition to be taken lightly as it often causes more severe conditions that could, unfortunately, damage the heart, the brain or the kidneys permanently.

How do you ensure you keep tabs of your blood pressure? Fortunately, advances in technology have made the blood pressure checker quite easy to use and well integrated into our daily lives. Finding the best blood pressure monitor that meets your health needs is, however, the most important part whether it’s the automatic arm monitor or the wrist monitor. This article luckily gives you a list of ten of the best blood pressure monitors selected due to their affordability, ease of use, accuracy, and features.

List of Best Home Blood Pressure Monitors

10. MDF Calibra Professional BP Monitor Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

MDF Calibra Professional BP Monitor Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

MDF Instruments’ blood pressure tester is perhaps the most trusted and dependable device available in the market today. What’s more, the MDF Calibra Aneroid machine is pretty accurate and durable making it a preferred option for many people. The device tests stress more than 3000 times and it’s ability to produce accurate results of plus/minus 3mmHg makes it ideal to monitor your health.

Further, the cuff and inflation bag of the MDF Calibra Aneroid Sphygmomanometer MDF808M are resistant to both abrasion and moisture. You’ll undoubtedly love the design of this device and equally admire its durability. For instance, both the inflation bag and inflation bulb are made of non-sticking and crack-resistant hypoallergenic PVC that is latex free.

This blood pressure checker is easy to use and conversely affordable especially to someone looking to monitor their health on a small budget. It additionally comes with a nylon zippered carrying case and ID tag.

9. AccuMed Portable ABP802 Upper Arm

AccuMed Portable ABP802 Upper Arm

This easy to use device comes with an AC Adapter, four AA batteries, a carrying pouch and a user manual along with a one-year US warranty from the AccuMed Biotech. The ABP802 is a specially designed machine with a four-in-one functionality perfect to help keep your health in check. It gives you Arrhythmia alerts, hypertension guide, monitors your heart rate and most importantly, your blood pressure.

The built-in memory will automatically store your last 90 readings helping you keep tabs on your health within a period. Moreover, the large backlit display enables you to get an accurate reading with an option of receiving instructions and readouts via voiced audio.

The machine, with an arm circumference of between 8.7” to 12.6” will inflate automatically after a button press to give you quick and accurate readings. It additionally has an auto-off feature allowing you to save battery life making it last longer. This FDA Approved blood pressure checker is ideal for use at home and is easily portable so you can use it anywhere you go.

8. EMI PINK Deluxe Blood Pressure Monitor

EMI PINK Deluxe Blood Pressure Monitor

Now this is a monitor that gives you both great results and fashion in one device. It’s pink fashionable design makes it quite elegant and is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a fancy home blood pressure monitor. It has a matching pink nylon zippered case making storage very easy.

The Adult EMI Pink Blood Pressure device is equally easy to use and has a gauge holder, index and range markings and an artery indicator label but does not come with a stethoscope so you’ll have to buy this separately.

7. DigiPulse Cuff Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

DigiPulse Cuff Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

If you prefer an affordable wrist monitor, then this easy to read portable DigiPulse from Just-Brill is the best option. The machine has a large LCD screen with large fonts that make it incredibly easy to read ant take your results quite accurately. You’ll accurately get your systolic and diastolic BP results and heart rate quickly and the air pump won’t give out too much noise to cause distractions making it ideal for use anywhere you are.

The DigiPulse device further has a durable travel case thus you won’t have to worry about portability or damage. Its natural power saving nature makes it a preferred choice as it efficiently saves battery life by shutting off after 60 seconds. Moreover, you’ll enjoy the benefit of a lifetime guarantee deal, so no need worrying about the machine failing to work.

This digital wrist blood pressure tester allows you to compare results easily with its built-in memory that records up to 60 readings along with the time and date. Monitoring your blood pressure could never be hard with this portable wrist DigiPulse device.

6. AccuMed ABP801 Portable Wrist

AccuMed ABP801 Portable Wrist

This is the best blood pressure monitor that truly defines excellent design and functionality to give you a device you can easily use at home and get accurate results with just one press of the button. The AccuMed ABP801 defines perfection with its four-in-one functionality giving you onscreen indicators for hypertension and arrhythmia along with your blood pressure and heart rate.

The white ABP801 device has a digital LCD screen that gives you results with large fonts you wouldn’t record any wrong readings. What’s more, the voiced audio readouts and instructions helps you get the right results and is perfect even for someone with limited vision.

The two AAA batteries allow you the freedom to perform nearly 200 measurements without worries and the auto-off feature helps extend battery life so you can use this machine for an extended period. What’s more interesting, monitoring your health couldn’t be any easier with this AccuMed ABP801 machine that stores your last 90 readings.

5. Firhealth Digital Upper Arm BP Monitor

Firhealth Digital Upper Arm BP Monitor

This black FDA Approved monitor is ideal for anyone looking for an upper arm blood pressure device that is not only portable and affordable but equally easy to use and small that can be stored anywhere. The 218g device from Firhealth with a blue LCD backlight has a capacitive pressure sensor and will help you check the systole and diastole of your BP with just a single touch of the button.

The device allows you to review your last 90 readings and conversely can display the average of your last three readings taken. it’s large screen and fonts makes reading very easy and straightforward. Its color-guide blood pressure classification according to WHO allows you assess your blood pressure level quite easily and record results.

Firhealth’s automatic upper arm blood pressure machine is also affordable and perfect for someone working on a fixed budget but looking to keep tabs of their blood pressure at home.

4. Brand New Omron Intellisense Series 7 BP652

Brand New Omron Intellisense Series 7 BP652

Omron, the most established brand in the home blood pressure market, now has a brand new device, the Bp652 7 series. This UltraSilent wrist monitor is very easy to use and also portable. The device will alert you of irregular heartbeats while taking your blood pressure and the Heart Zone Guidance feature ensures you have consistent, accurate readings.

Its 100 memory storage capacity allows you to review your readings at any time making it easy to monitor your blood pressure and health quite easily. With the Omron 7 series, you can easily compare your readings with the internationally recognized guidelines for an average blood pressure level using the BP level bar on the device.

The slim design makes it quite portable you can use it wherever you go, and its quiet nature allows you to monitor your blood pressure discreetly. The BP652 comes with a carrying case and runs on a set of pencil batteries. This machine boasts of numerous features fit for anyone looking to monitor their blood pressure no wonder it has been rated the best blood pressure monitor by Consumer Report Magazine.

3. Vitagoods VGP-4110 White and Black

Vitagoods VGP-4110 White and Black

Vitagoods’ digital blood pressure checker, VGP-4110 guarantees you accurate and quick results of your blood pressure. Aside from this, the machine will also alert you of irregular heartbeats and track your pulse rate while reading your BP.

The white and black VGP-4110 blood pressure checker has a memory that can store up to 90 measurements making it the best choice for monitoring your health within a period. Further, its large LCD screen with large fonts makes reading results quite easy and accurate.

You’ll also have a very easy time using this device because its design is quite simple yet meant to produce accurate results. The touch sensitive buttons of this digital black and white blood pressure monitor give it a plus and makes it even more preferable by customers.

2. Balance Professional Upper Arm BP Monitor

Balance Professional Upper Arm BP Monitor

This product from Greater Goods not only boasts of an easy-to-read display but also it’s memory capacity that allows two users to store their results on the device easily. Its upper arm cuff will easily adjust to fit most adults, and the large screen will give you accurate results in big fonts.

The product is ideal for anyone looking for a budget-friendly blood pressure checker sure to last longer. The four AAA batteries assure you of service for long and its auto-off feature guarantees longer battery life. You’ll additionally be able to get alerts on irregular heartbeats with this device, and the hypertension indicator bar will help tell you when something is not right.

Moreover, the machine has a 2-year warranty allowing you to rest easy knowing that you’ll be taken care of whenever things go wrong. Its capability of storing up to 60 records each for two users has earned this upper arm blood pressure monitor great reviews making it a preferable option for many people.

1. Zigabob BP-2208 Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Zigabob BP-2208 Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

The Zigabob BP-2208 wrist blood pressure monitor has a slim design and lightweight making it portable and undoubtedly ideal for traveling. Its sturdy plastic case assures you of the device’s safety and the 2 AAA batteries guarantees that you’ll be able to use this machine for longer periods of time.

This BP monitor by Zigabob not only records the last 120 readings but additionally helps calculate the average of the last three results stored in the memory. The design of this machine makes it very appealing to the eye.

Furthermore, with this BP-2208 Zigabob wrist device, you can get accurate readings on the large screen with huge fonts and the blood pressure classification indicator will help you know when things are amiss.


Choosing the best blood pressure monitor ultimately comes to your preference. However, whether you’re looking for an affordable machine, a user-friendly device or a portable blood pressure tester, this list will help you settle for the best device while putting into consideration your health and financial needs ideal to use at home.