Top 10 Best Hockey Neck Guards of 2024

Injuries in sports are a regular occurrence. Even when wearing protective accessories, you aren’t guaranteed of 100% protection. However, wearing protective gears reduces injuries chances and intensity. One of the vital components for hockey players is neck guards. They are vital to keeping your neck safe from impacts as well as injuries. Although neck receives considerable the helmet and neck protectors, it is advisable to add padding to improve the safety.

The neck protectors are great investments, especially for the goalie. This is because they are more prone to impacts from players as well as the ball than field players. In fact, the high-velocity ball can be dangerous hence causing serious neck injuries. It is, therefore, important to ensure neck has proper cushioning and protection. In combination with other protective gears, these pads offer excellent cover and remarkable protection. For every player concerned about the safety, here are reviewed best hockey neck guards to add in your gear collection.

List of Best Hockey Neck Guards