Top 10 Best Hand Mixers of 2024

Mixing variety of ingredients in the kitchen can be a headache when doing it without a mixer. Moreover, you may be having less money to afford a full-size mixer. The quick solution to your woes is looking for a hand mixer. They are great tools to have in a kitchen since you can perform various activities without hassles like when doing the manual mixing. Thereby, they are handy appliances that every home should have.

Notably, hand-held mixers are lightweight and compact. This means that you don’t have to struggle when using them. They can be stored conveniently without eating up your available space. Furthermore, being lightweight, it is simple to use the hand mixers without suffering from wrist joint pain. Although mixers are designed for general kitchen mixing purpose overusing can lead to overheating hence reducing the lifespan. Furthermore, mixing heavy content can result in straining your hands.

Now, there are fundamental features and qualities that you need to consider when buying a hand mixer to get the best result. A good mixer should be lightweight; since the mixer is hand operated and held, it should not impart a lot of weight. On the other hand, the handle should be ergonomic, firm and non-slip to provide a perfect grip. Others include the boost function, speed settings and easy to clean attachment. Now, to get a great mixer, you need to have great choosing capacity. Improve your kitchen efficiency by checking these top 10 best hand mixers in 2021 reviews.

List of Best Hand Mixers

10. Black+Decker MX1500W Hand Mixer

Black+Decker MX1500W Hand Mixer

This is a lightweight hand mixer with five speeds to work through sauces, batters, and dough. The professional-style beaters are removable and easy to clean. Besides, the parts are dishwasher-safe making this process a breeze. Thanks to the powerful 175-watt motor, this model will get the job done quickly within minutes. Furthermore, there is a power boost option that increases the mixing power to handle even the toughest tasks. This hand food mixer has an ergonomic grip to make it super comfortable. The design of the heel allows it to rest upright on the counter or let it sit on the edge of the bowl as you work.

9. Proctor Silex 62507 Black Hand Mixer

Proctor Silex 62507 Black Hand Mixer

This is a simple yet powerful mixer that ensures easy preparation saving you valuable time in the kitchen. The built-in bowl rest helps eliminate messy drips because you can comfortably set the mixer on the edge of the bowl. This model has five speeds so you can beat, stir and whip all your ingredients quickly. The removable parts make cleaning easy. Furthermore, this hand mixer has a compact size for easy storage. It is, therefore, excellent for those who have small spaces.

8. Black+Decker MX3200B Hand Mixer

Black+Decker MX3200B Hand Mixer

This model boasts a powerful 250-watt motor making it able to handle even the toughest task. It features six speeds including a 20 percent slower speed to meet your specific need. The heel and bowl rest makes it easy to set it down between tasks. Aside from the hand mixer, there is also a storage case, two wire beaters, a whisk and two dough hooks for increased convenience. The lightweight unit has an ergonomic design making it pretty comfortable to use. If you are working on a tight budget, you will love the MX3200B model by Black+Decker.

7. KitchenAid KHM7210CU Hand Food Mixer

KitchenAid KHM7210CU Hand Food Mixer

What makes the best hand mixer this year is the freedom to settle for a model that matches your preference and style. The KHM7210CU model is available in six different hues so you can settle for one that matches your particular need. The 7-speed feature equally makes it rank among the best models because you can set it to meet your specific need. Use speed seven to beat egg whites and speed one to stir chunky ingredients slowly.

Thanks to the SoftStart feature that other models do not have, this electric hand mixer will prevent ingredients from spattering. It brings the beaters up to the speed you have selected gradually. The unit is designed with a round cord that is pretty easy to wipe. Besides, you can either lock the cord into the left or right side so you can work on the ingredients from any angle.

6. Hamilton Beach 62621 Hand Food Mixer

Hamilton Beach 62621 Hand Food Mixer

The sleek and stylish design of this hand mixer gives it a place in the top best mixers for 2019. Moreover, it sells in four different tones so you can settle for one that matches your style. The beautiful design and colorful tones ensure that the hand food mixer will compliment your kitchen’s interior décor. The electric hand mixer boasts a powerful 290-watt motor that can handle even the toughest task.

It has six speeds and has ergonomic handles that make it comfortable to use. The snap-on storage case lets you keep the cords and attachments together, so you do not lose them. These accessories include a milkshake mixer, dough hooks, whisk, and twisted wire beaters. There is a unique QuickBurst button that allows a quick boost of power so you can handle tougher tasks at any speed.

5. Hamilton Beach 62692 Hand Held Mixer

Hamilton Beach 62692 Hand Held Mixer

You do not have to look further if you are shopping for the best handheld mixer. Hamilton Beach has you covered. Thanks to the 62692 model, your time in the kitchen will be less. It operates on a powerful 275-watt motor so you can rest assured that even the toughest job will be completed quickly.

The hand mixer has six speeds and also features a QuickBurst button that will deal with tougher tasks at any speed. It has a slower first speed and increases gradually to reduce messy splatters. There are traditional beaters and a whisk for improved convenience. What’s more, this hand food mixer comes with a snap-on case built with an easy-access door.

4. KitchenAid KHM512IC Hand Mixer

KitchenAid KHM512IC Hand Mixer

This 5-speed hand mixer is the perfect model to consider for all your mixing needs. It has two stainless steel beaters to give you both power and control as you mix up your favorite ingredients. Other features include a beater ejector button and lockable swivel cord. It is also backed by a year’s free replacement warranty for your peace of mind. Do not worry about your budget because this unit is perfect for the budget-conscious person. It sells at a pretty reasonable price yet boasts all the features that high-end models have.

3. Breville BHM800SIL Hand Mixer

Breville BHM800SIL Hand Mixer

What makes the BHM800SIL model unique is that it detects the attachment you are using and automatically adjusts the speed depending on what you are mixing. Aside from this, it operates on a powerful 240-watt motor that is very quiet. It further features nine speeds and a plus boost feature to increase functionality no matter the load. There is a storage case with clips to keep all your attachments, so nothing gets lost. Moreover, the pause function makes it easy to prepare or add your ingredients in between jobs. Accessories that come with this unit include two scraper beaters, two balloon whisks, and two dough hooks.

2. Krups GN4928 Hand Mixer

Krups GN4928 Hand Mixer

The simple yet modern design of this model makes it a perfect addition to your kitchen. Besides, the neutral shade allows it to compliment any kitchen décor so no need to worry about style. The model ranks as the best hand mixer because of other special features aside from the chic design.

It has ten speeds and a turbo boost feature to provide an extra burst of power as you handle a tough job at any speed. There is also a count-up timer with a pause function so you can easily keep track of the mixing time. The unit further comes with a compact case for easy storage. Accessories included in the package also include two dough hooks, a whisk, and two silicon-coated beaters.

1. VonShef Hand Mixer

VonShef Hand Mixer

Nothing beats a VonShef product on the market. VonShef is a brand that prides itself to be a company with years of experience in making household appliances that help make your time in the kitchen great. This hand mixer is no exception. It is packed with every feature you want in the best handheld mixer. The best part is, the VonShef Hand Mixer is also ideal for the budget conscious person because it has a reasonable price tag.

Special features like the powerful 250-watt motor, five speed settings, ejection button and turbo boost function make it earn a place among the top best handheld mixers for 2019. Besides, it is easy to use and lightweight. It also boasts a smooth and stylish design with a perfect red tone that will compliment your kitchen décor. This unit is truly a must-buy product.