Top 10 Best Hammer Drills of 2024

Are you thinking about drilling holes in stones, concrete or motor? A normal drill will give you nightmares and a lot of strain when trying to make holes on hard surfaces. Well, all you need and make any anchoring holes in concrete holes or driving screws in masonry. It is the hammering action that allows this device perform excellently in masonry. However, you need to use the right drill bits for exceptional performance.

When you are choosing your hammer drill for a project, getting the right one is an absolute choice. Normally, these drills possess great versatility. They can be used with drill bits for making holes while also are perfect for driving the screws in concrete or stones. On the other hand, one might choose to buy a dedicated hammer drill which is specifically designed for heavy-duty masonry work. Also referred to as rotary drills, they are a bit costly.

Purchasing will be determined by your work. If you are working in areas close to an electricity source, corded design are an ideal pick. On the other hand, cordless versions are perfect if you are working far from the main wall socket. The only thing issue with cordless hammer drills us they are a bit heavy due to the battery. Importantly, you can also get a drill with impact setting. This will save you from buying more than one device. If you deal with a lot of masonry work, these are the top 10 best hammer drills in 2021 you need to have.

List of Best Hammer Drills

10. DeWalt DW511 Hammer Drill

DeWalt DW511 Hammer Drill

The DW511 is a lightweight hammer drill perfect for extended use. It boasts a powerful 7.8 amp motor capable of delivering up to a maximum of 650 watts. The motor is also built with overload protection and variable speed trigger to ensure precise hole placement. The dual-mode machine delivers the best results on steel, wood and masonry applications. Features of this model include a side handle that lets you use it in any position you want and a two-finger rubber trigger.

9. Hiltex 10513 Hammer Drill

Hiltex 10513 Hammer Drill

The powerful motor of this hammer drill delivers excellent performance on brick, solid steel and concrete making it great for heavy-duty projects. It has three function modes – hammer drill, hammer only and drill only so it is easy to handle different projects. The machine has an auxiliary handle with a textured grip to give you maximum control and comfort as you work. Selling just below $80, this is the best hammer drill to buy for all your work needs. Besides, it also comes with a bonus accessory kit packed with SDS chisels, bottle oil and 1-pc universal chuck.

8. Dewalt DCD985BR Cordless Hammer Drill

Dewalt DCD985BR Cordless Hammer Drill

This cordless hammer drill offers longer run-time than any model on the market within the same price range. It boasts a powerful motor that delivers 535 watts of power for excellent performance in all applications. The 3-speed hammer drill also has LED light with a 20-second delay period after every trigger release. It is perfect for handling heavy-duty projects making it rank among the best hammer drills on the market. Many people love it because it delivers the best results but still sells within their budget range.

7. SKIL Hammer Drill

SKIL Hammer Drill

The powerful 7.0 amp motor of this hammer drill makes it great for tough applications. If these are the projects you handle, then you need to check out the features of this hammer drill. It is designed with a side-assist handle to ensure accurate and controlled drilling. The variable speed trigger allows you to control the drilling speed depending on the project you are handling. If you prefer a corded model, you can settle for this 5.5-pound electric hammer drill.

6. Ironton Hammer Drill

Ironton Hammer Drill

This half-inch hammer drill delivers fast drilling in brick, concrete, and masonry. You have the freedom to choose between normal drilling and hammer drilling with variable speed. It features an adjustable side handle to provide extra versatility and comes with a 4.5 amp motor which is powerful enough to handle different projects. This is by far the best hammer drill on the market because it sells at a reasonable price but still delivers the best performance.

5. Ryobi P214 One+ Hammer Drill

Ryobi P214 One+ Hammer Drill

This machine does an outstanding job on cinder blocks and bricks at an outstanding 24,000 blows per minute. It makes it on this list because aside from being the cheapest model, it still boasts all the features that can make your work easier. The Ryobi P214 features a 2-speed gearbox and 24-position clutch to give you the freedom to work on any DIY job at home. You can adjust the drill depending on your project so whether you are working on plastic, wood or metal, this hammer drill still delivers the best results. The best thing about this machine is that it comes with a built-in LED lighting to illuminate your workspace. Even when you work under low light, this machine will still get the job done.

4. Bosch HD18-2 Hammer Drill

Bosch HD18-2 Hammer Drill

Unlike other models on this list, this machine features the most powerful motor, therefore, it delivers the best results. The 8.5 amp motor assures you high-speed drilling so you can quickly handle any project within a short time. The dual-mode selector lets you convert easily from hammer-drill mode to rotation only. It features an auxiliary handle with a depth gauge that locks securely into place for consistent drilling depth. For longevity, there is a metal gear housing that protects the motor so expect some good years with this model. It is powerful enough to handle heavy-duty projects so you might want to check it out if you are looking for the best hammer drill.

3. Makita XPH12Z Hammer Driver-Drill

Makita XPH12Z Hammer Driver-Drill

If you want a cordless hammer drill, here is a model you will love. The machine comes with an electronically-controlled brushless motor that is powerful and fast. The 2-speed motor delivers up to 2,000 RPM and 530 lbs of maximum torque. The long-lasting lithium-ion battery assures you fast charging and long hours working. It is compact and ergonomically designed for comfort and the best performance. There is also an LED light that illuminates your work area in dark spaces. When it comes to design, durability, and power, this is your go-to machine.

2. TACKLIFE PID01A Hammer Drill

TACKLIFE PID01A Hammer Drill

Weighing only 4.3 pounds, this machine is lightweight and compact to reduce fatigue when you work for long periods. The powerful 6.0 amp motor generates more power for durability. It is easy to handle heavy-duty projects with this hammer drill because drilling in hard materials becomes a breeze. The variable speed trigger lets you control the drilling speed depending on the jobs you handle. There is also a lock button so you lock the speed for excellent results. It is equally easy to convert the hammer and drilling function depending on the project thanks to the dual-mode selector.

1. Goplus Electric Hammer Drill

Goplus Electric Hammer Drill

This is the best hammer drill for different jobs. It gives you three functions unlike other models so you can use it on tasks that require more than drilling. The material used to make this machine is heavy-duty and corrosion-resistant making it durable for long-term use. The main selling point of this model is the powerful motor that makes it capable of handling heavy duty projects on concrete or even solid steel. The side handle with textured grip is ergonomically designed for comfort and the best results because you can put it in any position you want. This makes it equally easy to work in hard to reach areas.