Top 10 Best Google Pixel 3a Screen Protectors of 2024

The touchscreen is one of the most delicate and prone to damage parts of a smartphone. Despite the security measures enhanced in the factory, they need additional protection. Amazingly, there are different types of protectors depending on the phone brand. Google Pixel 3a is among the phones that require screen protectors. Although they have superior quality displays, one needs to ensure an additional layer of screen protection.

The Pixel 3a screen protectors are available on the market from different makers. This gives users the freedom to choose their favorite and highest quality screen covers. Although these protectors have one goal, the quality and performance differ. But, the core features should be the strength, clarity, and ability to maintain high touch sensitivity. To give your new phone an additional life shelf, these are our reviews of best Google Pixel 3a screen protectors in 2021.

List of Best Google Pixel 3a Screen Protectors

10. Ferilinso Google Pixel 3a Screen Protector

Ferilinso Google Pixel 3a Screen Protector

This is one of the best screen protectors for Pixel 3a. Unlike others, it uses full adhesive glue which enhances the touch sensitivity. So, it offers a bubble-free performance without affecting the screen’s sensitivity or clarity. Its installation is also very easy and it doesn’t leave any residues after removal. Well, this screen protector covers the whole screen, unlike others which only cover the edges. Due to this difference, the touch response is amazing and you won’t struggle in any way. On the other hand, this protector is hard and resistant to scratches and other imperfections. Thanks to its high hardness rating, this tempered glass screen protector is durable and tough. Moreover, it doesn’t affect access to a front feature of the screen and is compatible with most cases including wallet cases.

9. Tauri Screen Protector for Google Pixel 3a

Tauri Screen Protector for Google Pixel 3a

Is the search for the best Google Pixel screen protector giving you headaches? Don’t worry anymore. You need the Tauri screen protector to keep your devices screen safe all the time. Now, this is ultra-thin and lightweight and doesn’t alter the sleek design of your device. Also, the surface hardens are ranked 9H meaning that it remains scratch-free and durable. This is a precise laser cut tempered glass screen protector boasting polished and rounded edges. It feels smooth and you won’t even notice if it is there on the screen. The touch accuracy and HD clarity remain 100 percent. It comes with an alignment frame and an installation kit. So, it boasts snap-on installation and removal.

8. UniqueMe Screen Protector for Google Pixel 3a

UniqueMe Screen Protector for Google Pixel 3a

For you to ensure maximum durability of your Pixel 3a, you need to first ensure you install a premium screen guard. One of the best ways is to install the UniqueMe screen protector. It boasts 9H harness to protect your gadget against things that cause screen imperfections. It includes a special oleophobic coating that repels fingerprint and smudges for hassle-free performance. It is extremely thin to bring out the expected touch response. Besides, it is forged using a state of the art technology to ensure a precise fit. It also has 99.9 percent clarity to allow maxim brightness and visual clarity.

7. Skinomi Techskin Clear Screen Protector for Google Pixel 3a

Skinomi Techskin Clear Screen Protector for Google Pixel 3a

There are a plethora of adorable features in this screen protector. First, you will love the ultra-thin and rounded edges. So, it feels nice and looks amazing on your phone. Using laser cutting technology, it offers maximum coverage. It is optically transparent making it virtually invisible. The installation is simple and bubble-free. Well, it uses a unique liquid that allows precise adjustments to allow a perfect fit. Now, this screen protector is made of military-grade TPU material. However, it possesses glass-like features. It is resistant to scratches as it possesses self-healing property. It is also resistant to UV and won’t yellow over time.

6. IQshield Google Pixel 3a Screen Protector

IQshield Google Pixel 3a Screen Protector

You will love this screen protector due to its case friendly and easy installation design. It comes as a unique package containing screen protector, cloth, squeegee, and intuitive instructions. Well, it boasts an innovative adhesive together with the special application method. So, you will enjoy the hassle-free installation of the screen protector. After installation, it leaves the protector perfectly contoured to the screen. Unlike another competitive screen protector, this one is forged using a revolutionary process that sums up response accuracy, durability, HD clarity and more. Besides, this tempered glass screen protector is resistant to UV yellowing.

5. Topnow Google Pixel 3a Screen Protector

Topnow Google Pixel 3a Screen Protector

Are you looking for a top-performing screen protector for your Google Pixel? Look no further. Topnow screen protector is all you need. This PET screen protector is durable and offers a precise fit. However, it shields the screen from scratches and smudges. It also possesses self-healing property to ensure your screen remains functional even if it cracks. Just like the other top-rated screen protectors, this also has a unique coating. Well, this coating allows for anti-fingerprint performance. That means that you can still use your device when your hands are wet. This screen protector is flexible. So, it covers the screen well even on curved edges. It is ultra-thin as it is only 0.33mm thick. So, the sensitivity of the screen remains the same. It also boasts HD clarity.

4. Supershieldz Three Pack Screen Protectors for Google Pixel 3a

Supershieldz Three Pack Screen Protectors for Google Pixel 3a

Are you looking for a screen protector that will perform under all circumstances? While you may think that it is quite impossible, this one from Supershieldz will amaze you. It boasts 99.9 percent clarity and is very thin to ensure the touch response is not altered. Equally, it boats 9H hardness level which is very important in ensuring the rigidity of the screen. On the other hand, it features 2.5D rounded edges that allow comfortable feeling when handling your gadget. It fits the screen following its contours. Also, it remains compatible with most cases and wallet cases. Further, it has a special coating possessing oleophobic and hydrophobic properties. This feature helps the screen to remain functional in all situations.

3. Uniqueme Pixel 3a Screen Protector

Uniqueme Pixel 3a Screen Protector

This is a premium tempered glass screen protector. Boasting 9H hardness, it is resistant to scratches and safeguards the screen against all kinds of impacts. Also, it offers HD clarity and retains the touch response of the screen. With unique oleophobic coating, it ensures smudge-free and fingerprint-proof performance. It is ultra-slim and lightweight and therefore doesn’t add any unnecessary burden. It also retains the fast response of the screen. It comes as a nice package that contains three pieces. So, you can gift the remaining to your friends or preserve it for later use.

2. Topnow Google Pixel 3a Screen Protector

Topnow Google Pixel 3a Screen Protector

You have probably searched for the best screen protector all in vain. All is not lost; here is one of the top-rated screen protectors that could change your experience. It is the Topnow screen protector which is uniquely designed to give your Smartphone the best treat. You need to appreciate that it is made of premium tempered glass material with 9H hardness. Its ultra-thin and HD clarity ensure flawless use of your device. Besides, it is compatible with most Pixel 3a cases. Using a state of the art technology, it has a unique coating that repels smudges and fingerprints. So, you can use your Smartphone while in the garage, kitchen or other oil-prone places. This is a screen protector to help everyone enjoy using their Google Pixel 3a Smartphone.

1. OMOTON 4 Pack Screen Protectors for Pixel 3a

OMOTON 4 Pack Screen Protectors for Pixel 3a

This screen protector is expertly designed to offer an exclusive fit for the 5.6-inch Pixel 3a smartphone. The design entails 2.D rounded edges which give it a smashing shape and a nice fitting. Well, it can only cover the display area and therefore it is compatible with most cases. It boasts an alignment frame and bubble-free adhesive to ensure hassle-free fit. On the other hand, this screen protector boasts HD transparency so that you can enjoy the perfect visual experience. Besides, it is coated with oleophobic and hydrophobic coating for a smudge-free performance. With high hardness levels, it will protect your gadgets screen against unwanted scuffs and scratches.