Top 10 Best Google Pixel 3a Cases of 2024

Keeping your smartphone looking simple yet well protected is what many people aspire. That is why there are different ways one can achieve phone protection. One of the best ways is to add a smartphone case. They are vital accessories that protect and add adds beauty to your cellphone. Google Pixel 3a cases are some of the ideal ways to furnish your device. They are meant to improve beauty as well as the care to prevent deterioration due to element effects.

Putting the right case always makes your phone secure and also adds grip. However, a case should not add a lot of thickness to ensure you can keep the phone in the pocket without hassles. Materials with enhanced grip are also essential since they improve the safety of your device. They should also protect phones from water hence minimizing the damage chances. To care for your new device, here are the top 10 best Google Pixel 3a cases reviewed in 2021.

List of Best Google Pixel 3a Cases

10. Meritcase Google Pixel 3a Case

Meritcase Google Pixel 3a Case

This case is special as it features precise construction. It is exclusively designed for the Google Pixel 3a smartphone. So, it can’t fit accurately on other models. With IP68 waterproof ranking, it keeps your device waterproof all the time. Hence, you can use your Smartphone as you enjoy activities like swimming, diving, and other underwater sports. It is military drop tested up to 6.6 feet. Therefore, it is ideal for outdoor activities such as cycling, climbing, skateboarding and more. It boasts dual-layer construction and therefore provides 360-degree protection against dirt and dust. The snap-on design for the front and back cover ensures easy installation and removal.

9. Crave Pixel 3a Case

Crave Pixel 3a Case

The slim and lightweight design of this case makes it popular. But, it provides all-around protection despite its slim profile design. This same design ensures that your Smartphone fits well in your pockets. Its multilayered design keeps your device safe from dust, dirt, and scratches. Thanks to the premium TPU construction which also offers flexibility and mobility you need. Besides, the flexible TPU material makes the case highly shock absorbent. Also, it boasts precise cutouts that give you unlimited access to the front and rear cameras, volume buttons, ports and more. The back surface features a rugged design to ensure a perfect grip.

8. LeYi Pixel 3a Case

LeYi Pixel 3a Case

Are you looking for the best Google Pixel 3a case that offers maximum protection? This LeYi case is exclusively designed to ensure total protection while retaining the stunning beauty of your device. It comes as a nice package with a bonus HD screen protector. Its unique construction combines hard PC shell and soft TPU layer top allow 100 percent protection. Also, it offers air cushion technology for all corners. This design keeps your Smartphone safe in case it drops to the ground. On the other hand, it includes a built-in kickstand that allows comfortable hands-free viewing of videos as well as hassle-free video calling. Besides, it boasts precise cutouts and user-friendly interface to eliminate the need for frequent disassembly.

7. Lontech Pixel 3a Case

Lontech Pixel 3a Case

Anyone looking for an elegant and stylish case for their Pixel 3a will adore this amazing Lontech technology. This case boasts a bling-bling style which makes your Smartphone extremely luxurious. It is a reliable way of adding glamour to your Goggle Pixel 3a. This stylish design makes it a perfect gift for your girlfriend, mother or daughter. It offers a three in one design to ensure maximum protection. The materials include silicon and high-quality PC. Well, it covers all the corners and the raised edges keep the screen safe. You will also appreciate the precise cutouts which give worry-free access to buttons, speakers, cameras, and sensors.

6. Tekcoo Pixel 3a Case

Tekcoo Pixel 3a Case

With its dual-layered design, this case provides amazing protection. It is precisely crafted to ensure a perfect fit. But it doesn’t fit any other Smartphone model. Its premium construction entails precise cutouts that give hassle-free access to features such as buttons, ports, and sensors. The corners of this case are reinforced to ensure awesome protection from bumps and shocks. The inner layer is made of silicone which enhances the shock absorbency capability of the case. The other impressive design is the ergonomic grip which allows comfortable handling of your smartphone in every situation. The lips of the case are a bit raised to ensure screen protection.

5. Ghostek Covert Case for Google Pixel 3a

Ghostek Covert Case for Google Pixel 3a

Apart from the slim and lightweight design, this case is clear. So, it showcases the beauty of your Pixel 3a. The design is hybrid as it uses two materials. This construction ensures scratch-proof performance and protects the gadget from shocks and bumps. It is ultra-thin and therefore doesn’t add any unnecessary bulk. Well, it offers military-grade protection against all potential damages. It is a tough case with raised bezel for perfect screen and camera protection. Now, this comes in three color varieties for you to choose what impresses you the most. With its precise cutouts, you will have unlimited access to buttons, ports, cameras, and sensors. The button covers are expertly designed to allow a tactile response.

4. TUDIA Google Pixel 3a Case

TUDIA Google Pixel 3a Case

Boasting dual-layer design, this case uses the safety benefits of both a hard and soft surface. Thus, it shields the phone against scratches, dents, and shocks. Well, the hybrid design ensures that the case remains scratch-free while dispersing the shock of most drops. The inner layer features soft TPU which has the shock-absorbing capability. With a hard PC shell, it protects the device from scratches and still maintains the smooth feel of your gadget. Besides, its precise cutouts align with controls and buttons as well as ports. Thus, you will enjoy access to those features without any trouble.

3. Feitenn Pixel 3a Case

Feitenn Pixel 3a Case

Any professional will appreciate the creative design of the Feitenn case. It features a wallet style making it more usable than its rivals. So, it includes card slots that offer convenient storage of your documents and small belongings including bank cards and cash. This case boats extra slim folio design. Well, it is made of soft and durable synthetic fabric. The inside entails flexible TPU material that aids in shock absorbency. With this hybrid design, it shields your device from wear and tears as well as dirt and scratches. Now, it also opens like a book and features a built-in kickstand function. Additionally, it looks attractive and unique and it is a perfect gift for anyone.

2. Spigen Rugged Case for Google Pixel 3a

Spigen Rugged Case for Google Pixel 3a

Are you looking for an attractive and 100-percent protective case for your Pixel 3a? Here is an amazingly designed case by Spigen. It boasts a resilient shock-absorbing and carbon fiber design. So, it shields your device from all types of risks. The flexible TPU ensures maximum shock protection to keep your gadget safe when it accidentally falls on the ground. Moreover, it features a stylish spider web pattern. The grip is also perfect and you will be able to use your device when your hands are wet. Furthermore, the air cushion technology and raised lip allow maximum protection. On the other hand, you’ll love the tactile buttons for easy press and amazing feedback. Besides, this case boasts a snap-on design that allows quick installation and hassle-free removal.

1. Procase Genuine Case for Pixel 3a

Procase Genuine Case for Pixel 3a

There shouldn’t be any question as to why this Procase is highly rated. With genuine leather construction, this case shields your device from all elements while retaining the gorgeous look of your Smartphone. Now, this is precisely designed to ensure an exclusive fit. It won’t fit any other Smartphone model. Also, it includes two card slots that allow convenient storage for your cards and small items. This case includes a magnetic closure that allows secure storage of your belongings. Moreover, it includes a built-in kickstand that allows multiple horizontal viewing positions. It also boasts durable stitching to increase its durability. The corners and edges are reinforced to ensure total protection.