Top 10 Best Golf Shirts for Women of 2024

Playing golf needs you to be well dressed for maximum comfort and flexibility. However, not all clothes will make your body experience real comfort. You need to careful selection to get perfect apparel. To get best women shirts, it’s best to consider style, size and dressing codes according to different golf clubs. With different women shirts manufacturing companies, we sought to assist in getting best for improved performance and confidence.

Among many things to consider comfort is the key when buying shirt for women. For maximum comfort, it’s ideal to check the materials used in the construction of shirt. We have cotton, polyester and other fabrics which provide different levels of comfort. For cotton based shirts, they offer high breathability this ensuring body doesn’t sweat excessively. On the other hand, polyester are light and highly flexible while combination of cotton and polyester provides a balanced body functionality. Another feature is style and design. Though golf shirts come in different styles and designs, it’s advisable to choose one which is acceptable by many golf clubs.

Sizing is another key for efficient cladding as you train. With a fitting shirt, it provides ample space for body flexibility. Women shirts are designed with smaller collar than their men counterparts. Additionally, they are more fitting and are available in tailored sleeves. Above, all dressing according to the golf codes of dressing is recommendable. This is because; in some clubs and private courses are bits stricter. Now, if you want to get a stylish golf shirt, you can get outstanding ones from Amazon, an online store. Following are our carefully selected top 10 best golf shirts for women in 2021 review.

List of Best Golf Shirts for Women

10. Nike Women’s Gung-Ho Polo

Nike Women's Gung-Ho Polo

Playing golf requires you to be well dressed for a stylish look and giving your body a perfect treat. Nike Gung-Ho Polo for women is a classic shirt which ensures you look like a professional golfer. Wearing this shirt ignites your passion for sports. With this polo, it has a stylish and detailed seams as well as sweet looking collar. To keep your body breathing it features pique fabric with double knitting to extend its durability. The upper chest is embroiled with Swoosh design which gives it a sleek appearance to add pride to your team. This shirt is manufactured from 100 percent polyester.

9. Nike Victory Short Sleeve Polo Shirt for Women

Nike Victory Short Sleeve Polo Shirt for Women

For a Woman to look charming, proper fitting golf shirt is ultimate selection. Nike Victory Short sleeve polo shirt for women is among the best wears to have when for sports. Knitted featuring Dri-Fit technology which ensures it wicks away sweat away from the body. Therefore, unlike other shirts, Nike Victory is comfortable and sleek. For flexibility when playing, it has side vents and darts thus easing your body movements. With 5 buttons and ribbed collars ensures that it delivers polo style appearance. With vast color range, this victory shirt is ideal for everyone. It’s an ultimate golf shirt for women to play like experts.

8. Augusta Sportswear Premier Sport Shirt for Women

Augusta Sportswear Premier Sport Shirt for Women

Enjoy your sporting activity without worrying about health of your shirt. With Augusta Sportswear shirt for women, it gives you a reason to play without experiencing inconveniences due to the durable construction. It features heavy-duty polyester which can withstand hard usage. Besides, the material is quick drying hence enjoyable when wearing. To keep the body fresh and cool, Augusta premium shirt has a pin-hole mesh which allows the body to breathe, hence excellent comfort and dry skin. Moreover, for added convenience, it has 4-way stretchability which allows it to stretch lengthwise and crosswise. Wearing this shirt gives a professional look thus ideal even when playing championships.

7. Nike Women’s Tech Stripe Golf Polo Shirt

Nike Women's Tech Stripe Golf Polo Shirt

When in the field, having right attires gives your body freedom and perfect feeling. For a complete and stylish golf woman, Nike tech stripes shirt is an ideal sports attire to wear. The shirt boats Dri-TECH which ensures that it has perfect wicking and also fast drying. As a result, this shirt provides efficient sweat transfer from the skin to enhance instant sweat vaporization. The collar is comfortable due to knit collar to keep your body relaxed. Additionally, the stretchable construction enables high flexibility when on the field. Stripe design keeps this shirt looking stylish and perfect for all women who love golf.

6. Adidas Golf Women’s Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

Adidas Golf Women's Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

Adidas is a big brand which creates premium products to keep your sports life a breeze. In connection to that, Adidas short sleeve polo shirt for women is great sports attire which keeps your body feeling luxurious. Boasting a combination of polyester and Elastane, the shirt offers great flexibility when you are playing. In addition, the short sleeve style is great in ensuring that your body gets enough full relaxation and full breathability. For elegance, Adidas short sleeve golf shirt for women is enhanced with 3-stripes on the neck and also a performance logo to keep you looking stylish and elegant.

5. Under Armour Golf UA Performance Polo Shirt for Women

Under Armour Golf UA Performance Polo Shirt for Women

Arm yourself well with an elegant and stylish shirt to make your golf career look professional. To make this a reality, Under Amour shirt for women makes is one of the best golf attire you can think to get due to its elegant and heavy duty construction. It has smooth fabrics, with anti-pill and anti-pick to ensure you enjoy eye stunning look. No more sweating like with other shirts because this one features signature moisture transport system which allows efficient sweat transfer for a dry and fresh body. Additionally, the shirt has lightweight construction coupled with 4-way stretchability to keep it in shape and also facilitate mobility. Importantly, Under Amour women golf shirt features anti-microbial technology and UPF30+ sun protection.

4. Puma Golf Women’s Tech Golf Sleeveless Shirt

Puma Golf Women's Tech Golf Sleeveless Shirt

Puma is another known brand in the sportswear production. This time they are presenting this tech golf sleeveless shirt which is designed for all women who love to play golf. Although it’s designed featuring a sleeveless style, the shirt is great especially during sunny days. No need to wear sunscreen while with this shirt as it has UV protection rating of UPVF 30+. This means it assist in blocking all harmful rays. The dry cells used in its construction ensure your body is dry as it has excellent moisture absorbing ability. Additionally, coolCEEL mesh panel is superb in providing maximum ventilation.

3. Animal Den Women’s Dry-Fit Golf Polo Shirts

Animal Den Women’s Dry-Fit Golf Polo Shirts

Animal Den golf shirt for women is an exceptional deal to achieve a sporty and charming look. This shirt is high performing which allows it to ensure instant sweat wicking. Additionally, it has a perfect feminine design thus extra comfort when wearing it. The 3 button placket and Animal Den logo keeps your playing and training spirit high. Moreover, the placket is dyed to match buttons color and is available in a slightly larger size to allow a perfect fitting. Being available in 20 different colors, there is no chance of lacking your perfect match.

2. Jerzees Women’s’ Jersey Polo, SpotShield

Jerzees Women’s’ Jersey Polo, SpotShield

Experience exceptional performing women’s polo golf shirt by Jerzees and play without any doubts. This shirt boasts superior quality knitting featuring 50 percent cotton and other 50 percent polyester. This blending allows it to be friendly to your body without much sweating while allowing body to breath. The contouring is designed to keep it fitting correctly hence allowing body movement without strains. Further, sides are enhanced with vents which allow proper air circulation. SportShield treatment on the fabrics ensures that this shirt is stain resistant.

1. Nike Women’s Dri-Fit Tech Golf Polo Shirt, Striped

Nike Women's Dri-Fit Tech Golf Polo Shirt, Striped

It’s time to look good with this authentic Nike Dri-Fit polo golf polo shirt for women. Designed from polyester, it boast stay cool tech which is ideal in ensuring no excessive sweating. Besides, its construction is dedicated for perfect fitting. It has stripped finish which gives this shirt a sleek look. Collar is ribbed to improve the appearance while 5 buttons are great in enhancing proper fitting when playing. Cleaning is simple with this polo shirt being machine washable. It’s available various sizes like small, large and x-large.


Golf playing is great if you have right attires. Whether you are playing it as a hobby or championship, right shirt provides flexibility, breathability hence improving your performance significantly. Therefore, when you are searching for the ideal golf shirts for women, it’s ideal to check for one which will keep your body experiencing maximum comfort. Ideally, one of the featured in this list will be a great deal to consider.