Top 10 Best Golf Gloves of 2024

Gloves are essential in all sporting activities, and golfing is not an exception. They are perfect when training or in professional tournaments because gloves allows firm club grip. Further, besides reinforcing hand grip, gloves are ideal to keep hand warm and free from chilly weathers. Getting a perfect pair of gloves for golfing will be influenced by several factors. It should be noted that not any type can be used to hold golf club.

Before buying gloves for golf playing, it’s ideal to consider is the type of construction material. On the market today, we have different gloves made from various materials such as leather, synthetic and others are hybrid. Of these materials, leather is ideal as it gives the player best feel. They are highly breathable and remain soft throughout but are not durable. Synthetic on the other hand, are less breathable but have high durability. Hybrid contains a combination of materials to provide perfect products better than other two types.

The other thing to look is the hand to wear the glove. For right-handers, gloves are put on left hand and vice versa for improved grip. The size of gloves also will affect your performance. If they are too large or small grip will be affected thus overall performance. So, before buying golf gloves, it’s ideal to know your perfect size. If you are looking for good pace to buy gloves, Amazon provides perfect platform. And, we provide hand selected top 10 best golf gloves in 2021 reviews.

List of Best Golf Gloves

10. Callaway Dawn Patrol Men’s Golf Glove

Callaway Dawn Patrol Men's Golf Glove

Callaway Dawn Patrol Golf Gloves are designed for regular golfers. It features an all leather construction which provides noticeable tackiness and comfort which ultimately ensures superb grip. Also, it has got perforations on the palm, fingers, and thumb for enhancing breathability through reduction of moisture. In order to make sure that it fits on different hand sizes, this glove has an adjustable closure whereby you can choose thin, light and secure fit. For additional comfort, Dawn Patrol features a cotton terry cuff which enhances soft feel.

9. MG Golf All-Cabretta DynaGrip Leather Golf Glove

MG Golf All-Cabretta DynaGrip Leather Golf Glove

As the name suggests, MG Golf All-Cabretta glove features a remarkable material of construction. All-Cabretta leather is no joke, and serious golfers just know why. This material provides high quality and traditional styling that closely competes with Foot Joy Sta-Sof gloves. Having great reputation in the production of golf equipment, this golf glove has continued to change the lives of many golfers. Nonetheless, it has been a winner of PGA Tour events. These gloves also feature strong edge trims that ensure the edge from fraying. Besides, the detailed stitching provides a tailored outlook. Better perspiration, comfortable grip and elegant appearance are the major slogans.

8. FootJoy Golf- MLH WeatherSof Golf Gloves

FootJoy Golf- MLH WeatherSof Golf Gloves

Combining durability with consistency, FootJoy MLH remains to be the best golf glove. Enjoy a soft feel and excel in your game thanks to the microfiber material of construction. This material is long lasting and makes you feel comfortable no matter how hard you practice. Premium Cabretta leather is strategically located on thumb and palm patch covers and extends durability in the key areas where friction occurs mostly. The adjustable closure is easy and a snap to ensure that you don’t compromise your game.

7. Nike 2015 Dura Feel VIII All – Weather Men’s Golf Gloves Left Hand

Nike 2015 Dura Feel VIII All - Weather Men’s Golf Gloves Left Hand

Nike Company, everyone praises it due to its rich history in the manufacturing of sportswear. And again it has shown its prowess in Nike 2015 Dura Feel Gloves. These are golf gloves like no other and are designed to enhance your performance regardless of whether you are a starter or a professional golfer. Comfort too isn’t a guess work. Thanks to the perforated synthetic leather for ultimate breathability and range of motion. The combination of material is 85% polyurethane/10% goatskin leather and nylon/5%. And for superb support and fit, it has adjustable angled tab which gives great closure.

6. Bionic Gloves Golf Glove Men’s Stable Grip

Bionic Gloves Golf Glove Men’s Stable Grip

With its patented anatomical pad system, this glove displaces your grip pressure and distributes it evenly on the club. This enables you to make effortless swings, without compromising your hands’ health. The pad is made of genuine leather which doubles its strength so that you can train as hard as you can without tearing them off. On the other hand, the pre-rotated hand design ensures that the glove conforms well to the curvature of your hand. Addition, the Lycra between the finger gussets provides maximum breathability and flexibility for excellent performance.

5. TaylorMade Golf Glove Men’s Stratus Sport

TaylorMade Golf Glove Men's Stratus Sport

A favorite glove choice from TaylorMade is among the best golf gloves you can get. Made from full premium leather, it provides a soft feel while remaining in service for a long time. The stretch Lycra panels provide a comfortable fit. Also, it is engineered with exceptional perforations that enhance breathability. The ergonomic pull tab ensures easy and comfortable snap fit. It comes in an appealing color and designs to make you shine while at the course.

4. TaylorMade 2 Pack All Weather Glove

TaylorMade 2 Pack All Weather Glove

Still another great pair from Tailor made. It features premium synthetic material which provides astounding performance and durability. As the name implies, it performs excellently in all-weather without posing any challenge. For maximum breathability, it is engineered with perforations. The palm and the thumb area are the most vulnerable areas. That’s why this glove features an increased padding and soft material which enhances comfortable feel. Also, it improves flexibility so that you don’t have to struggle to make errorless swings. Instead, it provides firm and comfortable grip so that you hold the club with precision and swing it with the highest degree of accuracy.

3. Grip Boost GB Men’s Golf Second Skin Cabretta Leather Golf Glove

Grip Boost GB Men's Golf Second Skin Cabretta Leather Golf Glove

As much as you need to perform highly with these gloves, you also need to protect your skin from any injury. That’s why GB grip boosts golf glove boasts an innovative technology which features Cabretta leather palm. This construction style enhances grip comfort and durability in all-weather situations. Thanks to the mesh backing which drives moisture out to keep your hands cool, dry and comfortable. Also, the perforations are more on palm to increase air ventilation. You can adjust the closure depending on the comfort that you need, thanks to the adjustable closure.

2. New Titleist Perma Soft Men’s Golf Gloves

New Titleist Perma Soft Men's Golf Gloves

Uniquely tanned Cabretta leather is made to resist moisture and retain a comfortable fit. There are Coolmax mesh panels across the knuckles with the core mission of enhancing maximum breathability. With moisture-resistant materials, it significantly reduces perspiration so that your hands remain cool and dry. This allows you to have an exceptional grip which translates to better swings and accurate shots. And it serves everyone regardless of the size of the fingers and width of the palm. It is made to offer cadet fit so that you don’t have to hassle hitting the ball at desirable angles.

1. New Improved 2019 FootJoy WeatherSof Men’s Golf Gloves

New Improved 2019 FootJoy WeatherSof Men’s Golf Gloves

The patented design of this glove features 3 directional tab closure for custom fit. And the breathable double power net inserts make sure that air ventilation is excellent. This enhances breathability so that your hands remain fresh and secures the grip. The comfortable elastic wrist area provides super and custom fit. And for sensitive areas like palm and thumb, there is a premium Cabretta material which takes care by offering maximum protection. They are elegantly looking and will make you outshine your competitors.


Gloves are perfect ways to keep your hands safe and warm when playing golf. Amazingly, there are gloves to fit everyone who loves to play golf. Therefore, there is no need to let your hands suffer compromised grip due to excessive sweating or hurting wrists. The reviewed gloves, will deliver to your expectations and play like a pro.