Top 10 Best Glass Storage Jars in 2023 Reviews

With just simple steps, it is possible to preserve food without causing contamination. One of the easiest ways to look for reliable glass storage jars. In most cases, theses jars are useful in kitchen and important in storing dry food like the floor, coffee sugar and the like. However, many people use variety of containers which can taint food by leaving undesirable smell and taste. In most cases, plastic containers are notorious for this.

Having a glass storage jar is one of the best options to improve safety of stored content. Though glass jars are a bit expensive than plastic counterparts, they are durable and helps in keeping the environment clean. Especially, if you get a strong type of glass like borosilicate, they are durable as they are a bit hard to break. Further, looking on the hygiene, glass jars are safe and easy to clean. This is because they do not release or absorb odor from the stored content.

Well, most of the glass jars are clear. Therefore, having several in the kitchen, it is easy to know the stored content. Additionally, they look pretty especially if you get jars with varying shapes which improve your house decor. Besides clear, it is also possible to look for frosted or decorated glasses that enhance your kitchen appearance. Notably, today it is possible to get variety of different sized glasses. This means that depending on the type and quantity, it’s possible to get your preferred jar. This list explores the top 10 best glass storage jars in 2021 reviews. Find out which one will perfectly suit your need functionally and aesthetically.

List of Best Glass Storage Jars

10. Oggi 4 Piece Acrylic Canister Set with Acrylic Spoons Set

Oggi 4 Piece Acrylic Canister Set with Acrylic Spoons Set

Oggi acrylic canister set provides a clean and smart way of organizing the pantry shelf. With its airtight lids featuring gaskets, they provide an ultimate way of preserving food. Due to the amazing features of this set, it is perfect for storing sugar, flour, spices among other kitchen staples. The set includes a variety of capacities of 28oz, 38 Oz, 59oz and 72 Oz to cater for different kitchen needs. The acrylic material of construction for this set makes it pretty easy to clean. You just have to use a damp cloth to wipe it and leave it superbly clean.

9. Anchor Hocking Montana- Glass Jar

Anchor Hocking Montana- Glass Jar

Featuring a large capacity of up to 1.5 gallons, Anchor Hocking glass jar provides a dependable storage capacity for your ingredients. It also features a brushed metal lid that looks great and easy to use. This pantry storage equipment boasts thick side walls for enhanced durability and stability on kitchen countertops. Unlike plastic storage jars, this glass jar provides a healthier choice which doesn’t discolor, leach chemicals to food or retain smell. Apart from being dishwasher safe, this kitchen equipment is ideal for hand washing. It has a wide mouth for easy scooping and pouring. And the clear glass allows you to see the contents clearly so that you can know the amount remaining.

8. Anchor Hocking 20 Ounce Emma Jar with Glass Cover

Anchor Hocking 20 Ounce Emma Jar with Glass Cover

Having been in this business for over a century now, Anchor Hocking now makes storage jars that are of unmatched quality. Another great kitchen product from anchor hocking. This product comes a set of three jars. As much as you’ll enjoy the great capacity to store food items, you’ll also enjoy the attractiveness and quality of this glass jar. The lids are quite tight to provide maximum protection of the content against contamination. The transparent nature is ideal for displaying herbs and keep them fresh for a long. It measures 3.78-inches in length, 4.59-inches in height 3.78-inches in width and which is a compact size that won’t waste your limited space.

7. Cook N Home Canister and Spice Glass Jar Set

Cook N Home Canister and Spice Glass Jar Set

The products include 8 piece spice jar and canister. It comprises of the commonly used 27 ounces, 40 ounces, 54, 74, and 5 ounces. With its ergonomically designed stainless steel top lid, this jar set can screw tight to keep your dry food fresh for a long time. The clear glass is an important feature because it allows you to see the content level and whether they are still fresh. Though they aren’t compatible with dishwasher machine, they are easy to handwash, and everything turns out perfect. Besides, the array of sizes present in this package allows you to store anything starting from salt, sugar all the way up to large capacities of flours.

6. Anchor Hocking 1 – Gallon Cracker Jar with Brushed Aluminum Lid

Anchor Hocking 1 - Gallon Cracker Jar with Brushed Aluminum Lid

Another great innovation to help you in organizing your kitchen includes a set of 4 jars. Still, from the same famous company, Anchor Hocking, you now have the reason to make your kitchen and its activities well planned. Each jar has a capacity of 1 gallon to ensure that you have enough capacity to put your contents. Unlike the plastic choices, this glass construction is healthier because it doesn’t retain odors, discolor or leach contaminants. Being USA made, you can trust that its quality isn’t a gamble at all. With its brushed metal lid, the jars look elegant and are easy to clean as they are dishwasher safe too.

5. Bodum CHAMBORD Classic Coffee Storage Jar

Bodum CHAMBORD Classic Coffee Storage Jar

Perhaps the attractive design is the first thing that you will notice in this kitchen storage jar. It features glass construction with a copper lid for maximum protection of the contents. It is beautifully designed, and the lid is vacuum sealed for fresh storage of food items. And the glass material isn’t the usual fragile glass material. It features a borosilicate glass which is crystal clear and sturdy to eliminate chances of breakage. The stainless steel lid allows stacking of jars whenever required so. Besides, the company that manufactures these jars celebrate a heritage that covers a broad range of kitchen items. The jar 34 OZ capacity and hence you can fill it with your favorite coffee beans.

4. MyGift 3 Piece Deluxe Apothecary Jar Sets

MyGift 3 Piece Deluxe Apothecary Jar Sets

Are you looking for a simple and affordable way of bringing style to any space in the kitchen? MyGift jar set boasts an elegant design to fulfill your wishes. From kitchen counters to wedding tables, these jars will look great and help in easing your kitchen operations through proper storage of various food items. The durable and transparent glass design offers a perfect display centerpiece for aesthetics. These storage and decorative items allow one to store quite a variety of food items while allowing you to see the inside. This jar set is a thoughtful gift for various occasions that include wedding and house warming parties.

3. FS Kitchen Round Clear Glass Canister Jar, 3 Pieces Set

FS Kitchen Round Clear Glass Canister Jar, 3 Pieces Set

This three jar set gives endless options to store sugar, flour, seeds, spices, beads, powders among other ingredients. Thanks to the variety of three sizes of 34, 43 and 54 ounces. With its state of the art craftsmanship, thanks to the enhanced clear and sparkling glass. This set is a perfect idea for brides and new home owners. The easy off lids give you easy time when you want to access the contents. This tight lid also keeps the contents perfectly protected for a longer shelf life. Also, the product comes with a bonus labels and chalk. This enhances easy labeling. You’ll also love the precise instructions and money back guarantee.

2. Anchor Hocking Heritage Hill 1-Gallon Jar, Set of 2

Anchor Hocking Heritage Hill 1-Gallon Jar, Set of 2

Featuring a patented Anchor Hocking glass design, this set is a valuable addition to any modern kitchen. It boasts thickened walls for enhanced stability and durability. It is easy to clean, and the unique glass material has a lot of other merits. It doesn’t retain odor and food flavors and doesn’t reach any chemicals contrary to the plastic counterparts. It offers a 1-gallon capacity and has a lid made of material. The wide mouth opening enhances ease of access and scooping. And the oversized knob is comfortable to use and allows quick opening and closing.

1. Cornucopia Brands Pack of 12, 4oz Hexagon Glass Jars

Cornucopia Brands Pack of 12, 4oz Hexagon Glass Jars

Beauty and functionality are the key features that put this glass jar set as top rated. This 12 value pack are perfect for storing jellies, jams, crafts and more. And what makes them more valuable are the gold lids. Also, these hexagonal jars boast food grade glass material which is reusable. Regarding beauty as added functionality, these jars can be used as candle holders, spice containers, store notions and as decorative jars for that matter. The size of the jar is 2.6 inches height, 2.5 inches diameter and each has a 4-ounce capacity. Unlike other low rated jar sets, these are lead-free, medical grade, food grade and refillable. In short, it is a quality controlled product fit for all your kitchen needs.


As much As you want your operations in the kitchen to run smoothly, you must invest in the right apparatus. Storage jars are among the most overlooked accessories, which have significant roles in any kitchen. As stated earlier, we have an eclectic array of choices to choose from. Regarding the brands that we’ve review, they all pass the test. But by the look of things and reoccurrence, Anchor Hocking takes the lead as one of the best storage jars that will justify your investment. Other brands in our review are ideal too, and the decision will depend on your will and need.