Top 10 Best Gas Grill Covers in 2023 Reviews

Keeping your grill exposed can trigger rusting and corrosion especially if you like to use it outdoors. That is why a gas grill cover is important to boost the durability of your grill. Regardless of the construction material used in the barbecue grill, weather elements will facilitate wearing out. However, the sacrificing the covers is ideal since they are cheaper than buying a new rack. They take the effects of rain, sun and other weather elements thereby saving your expensive investment.

Buying a barbecue grill cover should not be a stressing exercise. Many stores sell these accessories. But one of the surest ways is to order a cover from the Amazon, an online shop with vast collection of grill covers. Before you order grill cover, you need first to be sure you are aware of what you need and will perfectly fit in your grill. Check on the size first. Knowing the correct size helps you to use your cover efficiently with a snug fit. As a result, you will avoid an oversize or undersize covers.

The covers are available in a range of construction materials. Some are made of vinyl, polyester, and canvas. The performance of these materials differs with canvas having superior and extended durability. The inner lining is a great in ensuring that the cover doesn’t cause molding o mildew. Mostly, the scenario is common in fleece-lined covers. Fitting the cover is easy in covers with straps. Other features took are air vents to facilitate aeration and pockets. To continue enjoying your barbecue, get one of these top 10 best gas grill covers in 2021 reviews.

List of Best Gas Grill Covers

10. Coleman NXT RoadTrip Grill Cover

Coleman NXT RoadTrip Grill Cover

Coleman is known for the construction of heavy-duty covers for a variety of home equipment. This cover for grills is designed to shield your bbq from weather effects. The construction entails sturdy material that is resistant to cracking and also free from fading as a result of UV rays. To be able to fit perfectly on the grill, the cover boasts adjustable straps which keep it in position even on windy days. Amazingly, this RoadTrip cover is compatible with various drill models.

9. Classic Accessories Ravenna Grill Cover with Reinforced Fade-Resistant Fabric

Classic Accessories Ravenna Grill Cover with Reinforced Fade-Resistant Fabric

Don’t let your great investment get damaged by weather elements, fin a reliable bbq grill cover and you enjoy its services for a long time. The classic accessories deliver one of the best grill covers. It is an easy to install cover without hassles. Boasting a large size, 58 long x 24 deep x 48high inches, it makes sure that your gas grill is perfectly protracted. Due to this, the cover is compatible with a variety of grills available on the market. The heavy-duty fabrics used in the construction of this cover gives it extended durability while UV treated coating prevents fading. It is mildew resistant to keep the foul smell away while straps facilitate easy and secure fitting.

8. Classic Accessories Hickory Heavy-Duty BBQ Grill Top Cover

Classic Accessories Hickory Heavy-Duty BBQ Grill Top Cover

Give your gas grill an extended durability by covering it using a heavy-duty cover. To get such cover, Classic Accessories Hickory bbq top cover is the ultimate choice. It is a premium product which never disappoints. The designing features layers of strong fabrics and rugged outer layer; which means that it resists any weather condition. Moreover, the top layer is water repellant to keep rain out of your grill thus preventing corrosion. Customizing this top grill cover is easy due to fitted straps that also make it easy to fit. Fitted with padded handles, lifting is a breeze.

7. iCOVER Heavy-Duty Waterproof Patio Outdoor Oxford Barbecue Smoker/Grill Cover

iCOVER Heavy-Duty Waterproof Patio Outdoor Oxford Barbecue Smoker/Grill Cover

Barbecuing in your backyard is a breathtaking moment. But, carrying you bbq grill each time you want it can be stressing. This calls for a cover, to keep your equipment clean and free from weather action. iCOVER patio barbecue grill cover is here to eliminate all your woes. The cover is heavy-duty having made from oxford polyester which is rip resistant and finished with a water-resistant coating. Unlike other covers which prove a headache to clean, this one is simple with dirt coming off easily. With UV rays treatment, the cover retains its color during its lifetime without fading. Moreover, Velcro straps allow easy and secure mounting to avoid wind blowing it away.

6. Char-Broil 3-4 Burner All-Season Cover

Char-Broil 3-4 Burner All-Season Cover

Are you thinking about buying a cover for your gas bbq grill? Don’t look elsewhere, the Char-Broil burner cover for all season is a good consideration. Whether it is during summer, winter, the cover will adequately protect your grill. The manufacturing entails strong 300D polyester which is tough to withstand ever-changing weather conditions. With this cover, it conveniently fits grill with 3-4 burners measuring 53- 62 inches. The side closure straps give the cover a perfect secure fitting, and the inner side is PVC coated to prevent mildew and molds development.

5. iCOVER G21617 Heavy-Duty Waterproof Compact Grill Cover

iCOVER G21617 Heavy-Duty Waterproof Compact Grill Cover

iCOVER G21617 compact waterproof bbq grill cover is a great way to ensuring your outdoor grilling experience last. It gives the grill outstanding protection from weather element meaning that there is nothing to worry. Construction itself is excellent boating heavy-duty oxford polyester. The material is highly water resistant and strong to withstand wind, snow and heavy rainfall. The coating on the exterior besides being water repellant, it is simple to clean. iCOVER G21617 is compatible with various brands such as Char-broil, Weber, and Nexgrill among other. For firm fitting, Velcro straps on both sides secure it in place and prevent blowing by the wind.

4. Homitt Gas Grill Cover, 600D Heavy Duty Waterproof BBQ Grill Cover

Homitt Gas Grill Cover, 600D Heavy Duty Waterproof BBQ Grill Cover

Forget about leaving your gas grill out naked as it will wear out easily due to weather elements. Homitt gas grill is among the best grill covers dedicated to fit most of the famous brands. To provide heavy-duty protection, the cover is constructed from premium duty 600D oxford polyester which is resistant to tearing and action by environmental factors. As a result, this grill protector can last through all seasons without getting compromised. Despite the heavy-duty construction, cleaning is easy with quick dirt removal. On the other hand, the Velcro straps fitted gives a secure and sure fitting. For quality guarantee, Homitt gas grill protector is backed by money refund policy.

3. Homitt 600D Heavy Duty BBQ Grill Cover with UV Coating

Homitt 600D Heavy Duty BBQ Grill Cover with UV Coating

Buying a cover for your grill is easy than getting a new bbq grill. That is why the Homitt 600D Oxford material here to guard your burner. Moreover, the material is tough to ensure that it can withstand any weather condition. Besides being tough on weather elements, the cover is coated with UV resistant coat to keep it color without fading. The fitting straps secure the cover throughout from win effects and also the padded handles improve the comfort when mounting or installing.

2. Abba Patio BBQ Grill Cover, Waterproof

Abba Patio BBQ Grill Cover, Waterproof

Enjoying your outdoor grilling is an amazing experience. However, with changing weather conditions, it is easy for a grill to experience fast deterioration and wearing out. The Abba Patio waterproof grill cover is a high-quality protector that is reliable in all-weather conditions. Featuring a polyethylene material and PU coating renders this cover ideal for protecting the grill from weather elements. To facilitate durability, it features double stitching keep it stylish and durable. For ease of storage, the cover is foldable and easy to fit due to fitted straps.

1. Tadge Goods Waterproof Universal Fit BBQ Grill Cover

Tadge Goods Waterproof Universal Fit BBQ Grill Cover

Give your grill an extended lifespan by getting this Tadge Goods grill cover. The cover boasts premium quality material that protects the grill from UV rays and other elements. Besides, the protection cover is designed to resist wind due to attached Velcro straps. The 600D polyester fabrics used is tough and rip-proof which means that it can remain intact for an extended period. With this cover, it is compatible with variety of bbq brands such as Brinkmann, Holland Weber and Char-broils and others.


Because grill covers are the excellent and cheap ways of protecting your all type of grills from weather damage. Designed featuring difference styles, and sizes they are the surest way to cut replacement cost.