Top 10 Best Gaming Chairs in 2018 Reviews

Gaming is fun and people spends significant amount of time playing games. Therefore, a gaming chair is important in ensuring you play safe and comfortable. Just like office chairs, gaming chairs need to be comfortable o to prevent development of back pains. We have various styles of chairs of or gaming depending on your gaming style. Some of these chairs include pedestal, pc and rocker gaming chairs. They exhibit different styles, features, and comfort.

Going by the available chairs on the market, before buying, you need to ensure that it provides all the qualities you need. Some of the seats like pedestal and rocker gaming chairs are designed with integrated features. Thereby, when gaming you just need to connect the chair with computer. Some of the features to expect on these chairs include speakers, subwoofers, Bluetooth connectivity among others. However, these multimedia features are mostly absent on PC gaming chairs.

But a good chair for gaming should provide the basic requirements to enable the gamer to play games without experiencing difficulties. Therefore, check qualities like comfort, padding, tilting, padding, adjustable armrests, and design among others. In fact, you have to pay a lot of money; there are cheap gaming chairs with a lot of features. Everyone needs a reliable and affordable seat when gaming. That is why we have selected and arranged the top 10 best gaming chairs in 2018 reviews to make your shopping a breeze. Then, why should you sacrifice your comfort and you can have both fun and maximum comfort?

1. X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair

X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair
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Gaming is a great hobby among many people. For hardcore gamers, you need to invest in a good chair. X Rocker pro series pedestal is among the best gaming chairs you can think of. Designed from multi fabrics, the seat has excellent comfort. With the ability to connect with other chairs, they provide ultimate gaming experience. The incorporated two speakers eliminate the need to have external and delivers profound bass. Built in radio and wireless connectivity and RCA output cables increase the ability connects with other devices. Ergonomic design and swivel ability deliver ultimate comfort. Above all, the chair is ideal for gaming, watching movies and others.

2. X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Wireless Audio Gaming Chair

X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Wireless Audio Gaming Chair
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With a great gaming chair, you can be able to enjoy comfort and ultimate experience. X Rocker audio gaming chair is here to make your game session, listening to music and other recreational activities. For immersive sound surround, the chair is fitted with 4 speakers. Furthermore, the subwoofer utilizing AFM tech keep you experiencing unmatched bass. The added vibrating motors are great in giving your body a fantastic experience. With built-in radio wireless receiver, it improves the connectivity. The great padding on the head and gun stock arm support ensure that you will get ultimate comfort.

3. X Rocker 5127401 Pedestal Wireless Video Gaming Chair

X Rocker 5127401 Pedestal Wireless Video Gaming Chair
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X Rocker is the ultimate manufacturer of the most stylish gaming chair you can find to spice your gaming experience. This pedestal wireless video gaming chair is an interactive experience. Not only the seat is ideal for excellent audio but lets you get into the game. With integrated speakers and connectivity ports ensure hay the chair is compatible with PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Gameboy, MP3s among others. Radio wireless connectivity is ideal for use with your headphones. Side fitted control panel has volume buttons bass control and input/output jacks. Full back support and swiveling ability perfectly hug your body.

4. BestOffice Racing Car Style Bucket Seat Office Desk Chair Gaming Chair

BestOffice Racing Car Style Bucket Seat Office Desk Chair Gaming Chair
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The ability to play games while experiencing maximum comfort depends on the type of chair. With new seats emerging on the market, you can find your favorite. This brand news seat features buckle style to ensure that you have perfect back comfort and support. Boasting PU upholstery, the material is super soft and gives the body an excellent feeling. The heavy padding is designed to ensure that it conforms to your body to prevent back pains. Boasting pneumatic height adjustment ensures that you can raise or lower the seat height. Furthermore, the padded armrests a swiveling gives the ability to rotate or seat at the desired angle.

5. eHomeProducts Executive Racing Style Office Chair

eHomeProducts Executive Racing Style Office Chair
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It is time to furnish your room with super comfortable gaming chairs and game like a pro. The eHomeProducts executive gaming chair is an outstanding seat featuring office style design. Unlike other available gaming chairs, this one features racing style and ideal for desktop gaming. ; The seat has adjustable height while it is also 360 degrees swiveling to ease the accessibility of item without the need to wake up. Apart from being useful in gaming, it is also perfect choice for office utilization there are no hassles when assembling the chair since it is easy to assemble.

6. Merax Gaming Chair Ergonomic Design Racing Chair

Merax Gaming Chair Ergonomic Design Racing Chair
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Merax racing style ergonomic gaming chair features the latest innovation. Created in office style design, the seat is ideal for a wide range of benches due to its ability to pneumatically adjust height. The spading used in this chair is outstanding together with soft upholstery to guarantee a maximum comfort when using the seat. The lumbar support fitted in this gaming seat is suitable since it keeps your back aligned. With sturdy caster and ability to have 360 degrees rotation eases your movement around your working area. It’s a heavy duty chair that is great for keeping body safe and healthy.

7. Ficmax Swivel Gaming Chair Racing Style PU Leather Office Chair

Ficmax Swivel Gaming Chair Racing Style PU Leather Office Chair
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Gaming is supposed to be fun. Then why should your body be compromised due to poor sitting posture? With Ficmax racing style ergonomic gaming chair, it’s time to game like a star. The dual ergonomic makes sure that this seat can massage you through the USB electric massager, lumbar support, and head pillow. Finished with high-quality PU leather, sitting on this chair feels soft and also materials are easy to clean. The metal frame is extra durable to keep seat functioning for a long time. Explosion proof gas spring and strong casters keep the chair stable and can accommodate up to 300 pounds.

8. Ficmax Ergonomic High-back Large Office Desk Chair Swivel PC Gaming Chair

Ficmax Ergonomic High-back Large Office Desk Chair Swivel PC Gaming Chair
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This is another quality desk gaming chair from Ficmax. The designing and construction of this seat allow the user enjoys high comforts and support. Unlike other chairs for gaming, this has premium features. The back is configured to align with your body hence minimizing discomforts. The lumbar support keeps the body contoured, and also the chair has USB massager that keeps body relaxed. Whether in office and need some movements, the seat boasts strong casters and ability to swivel at 360 degrees. Besides, it can incline 90 -180 degrees backward, and retractable footrest ensures absolute can support 300pounds.

9. KILLABEE Racing Style Gaming Chair Flip-Up Arms, Ergonomic Leather

KILLABEE Racing Style Gaming Chair Flip-Up Arms, Ergonomic Leather
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Are you looking ways to improve your gaming experience? Don’t struggle again since here is the perfect chair dedicated to heavy-duty gamers. The Killabee racing style gaming seat is specially designed to ensure that you sit comfortably and experience the best support ever. Padded by premium material and soft leather upholstery, it ensures that even if you spend hours gaming or sitting in office, you can’t get numbed legs and other muscles. The flip-up arm supports are great for supporting your arms hence improving the gaming ability. Unlike many chairs available, this has metal frame and strong castor that holds up to 250 pounds.

10. KILLABEE Racing PC Gaming Chair Ergonomic Reclining Office Desk Chair

KILLABEE Racing PC Gaming Chair Ergonomic Reclining Office Desk Chair
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As you decide to upgrade your home gaming tools, don’t forget about the chair. Seats are important when it comes to general body support as well as improving the overall body support. Now, Killabee racing PC gaming chair is among the top seats gamers need to consider. Its design makes sure that it can recline swivel an adjust height through the gas spring mechanism. The high-quality foam padding and PU leather cover gives the seat a comfortable feeling when relaxing. Enhanced with lumbar support, there is no development of back pains.


Gaming chairs are the ultimate tools needed for a gamer to have comfort and excellent sessions. Though most are designed like office chairs, they have a slight difference in that you can customize depending on the needs. Now, don’t let cheap quality seats compromise your comfort check for a great gaming chair.