Top 10 Best Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Cases of 2024

Galaxy Tab 7 is a great device that is for everyone. The tablet is large and offers an exceptional experience. With its large design and powerful battery, it’s a great tab to take wherever you go. To ensure there is ample protection, Galaxy Tab 7 plus cases are ultimate. They are tasked with ensuring there is protection against impacts, dirt, and splashes. By protecting the body, the cases help the device to remain clean and scratch-free.

The tab cases are available in different sizes and materials. Due to that, adding a custom case is ideal to ensure there is proper protection. With some being plastic made, others are polycarbonate. However, the right material should be perfect for maximizing protection. Also, ideal fitting cases are recommendable to guarantee exceptional cushion. Reinforced edges and raised bezels also ensure there is more than body protection. For best Galaxy Tab S7 protection, these are the top-rated cases to have.

5. Soke Samsung Tab S7 Plus 12.4-inch Case

Soke Samsung Tab S7 Plus 12.4-inch Case

Samsung galaxy tab S7 is a great device to have in this digital era. With its slim profile and magnificent screen, it requires sensitive care. Equipping your device with the Soke Tab S7 case is a sure way to prevent unwanted damage and prolong your tablet’s lifespan. Also, it is perfect for folio stand and offers dual standing positions for an excellent viewing angle. It is a superb case, featuring precise cutouts, this tab case offers snag fit. Thus, it allows you to access all features of your device.


If you’ll be considering the functionality, this tab case offers the best. We recommend it for anyone who would want to retain the slim profile tab design while enjoying maximum protection.

  • Durable material
  • Secure closure
  • Dirt-proof finish
  • Easy fit
  • Dull color

4. DUX DUCIS Case for Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

DUX DUCIS Case for Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

This case is innovatively engineered to offer an exclusive fit for your S7 Plus. It also features precise cutouts with a slot for charging the S pen. This case provides dual propping modes to give you a splendid viewing position. Also, it boasts auto awake/sleep functions, which could help to save battery charge.


We recommend this to a person who wants a stylish and ergonomic tab case. It has all adorable features for this function.

  • Excellent slim profile
  • Easy fit
  • Convenient S-pen slot
  • Lightweight and durable
  • A little bit highly-priced

3. Supveco Galaxy Tab S7 Plus 12.4 case

Supveco Galaxy Tab S7 Plus 12.4 case

This tab case is exclusively designed for the 2020 model of Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus. It is fashionably crafted to give your device a new look and protect it from scratches and accidental falls. It is one of the best tab cases featuring premium PU leather. Thus, it offers extreme protection while remaining durable for years of use. It is a shockproof case that provides a dual-stand point for excellent viewing.


We recommend this if you’re looking for all-around protection for your tab S7 Plus. It is easy to handle, but the functionality is superb.

  • Easy and secure fit
  • Lightweight and durable material
  • Stylish design
  • Snap closure
  • The peculiar texture that probably allows secure handling

2. Redluckstar Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Case

Redluckstar Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Case

Getting the best case for your tablet has never been easy. For the S7 Plus owners, Redluckstar is here with something worth every penny. It features an exclusive design that doesn’t offer wide compatibility but allows perfect fit and ultra-protection for S7 Plus. Also, the auto wake and sleep feature allow efficient battery charge utilization by saving some charges when you are not using it.


With the correct use, we recommend this to anyone whose occupation tends to be rough and dirty. The rugged and shockproof material makes this case worth it all.

  • Lightweight and robust
  • Multi-angle stand
  • Tight and comfortable fit
  • Perfect grip texture
  • Tends to become stretchy due to aging. But it gives years of service, keeping your gadget well protected all the time.

1. Neepanda Case for Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

Neepanda Case for Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

This product is another excellent option for anyone who is looking for the best S7 Plus case. It is smartly designed to allow you to access every feature of the tab. Also, it has a side opening that provides storage and charging of the S pen. It also allows wireless charging of your tablet. The magnetic feature enhances the stability of your device as you enjoy multiple-angle viewing.


This case’s simple looking and lightweight design makes it ideal for anyone who uses the device more frequently.

  • Easy and tight fit
  • Shock-resistant design
  • Flawless charging
  • Lightweight and slim design
  • Pricier than some top-rated tab S7 Plus cases. But the quality of this case also could scale-up its price tag.