Top 10 Best Galaxy S9 Plus Wallet Cases of 2024

Buying anew Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus can be a great hassle. The phone has a big price tag due to its massive size and outstanding features. It’s better and bigger than predecessors which makes it unique. Therefore, even when looking for safety accessories, you need to look for compatible ones. S9 Plus wallet cases are some of the essential accessories that enable you to enjoy waking with your phone. They keep it clean, prevent scratches and damage from impacts.

With the phone being fresh on the market, many knockoffs are arising at a fast rate. It is therefore great to be keen when purchasing. Many third part phone wallet makers are producing these Galaxy S9 Plus wallet cases. However, differentiating a good and reliable one can be a hard nut to crack. Well, one of the basic properties to check is the materials used in the case. We have many materials such as canvas, PU leather and genuine lather among others. However, the mater should be able to offer protection against scratches, water, dust, and impact.

Well, with customized S9 Plus wallet case, it becomes easy to enjoy multimedia without r removing the case. Also, some come with additional slots for keeping credit cards and ID cards. This means you won’t have to carry an extra wallet. With a solid wallet case, it’s easy to keep your phone safe and clean. To enable you Galaxy S9 Plus to have an improved safety wallet case is mandatory. Check our list of top 10 best Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus wallet cases in 2021.

List of Best Galaxy S9 Plus Wallet Cases

10. Bomea Galaxy S9 Case Plus Galaxy S8 Plus Note 8 Case

Bomea Galaxy S9 Case Plus Galaxy S8 Plus Note 8 Case

Having the valuable Galaxy S9 feels great, but you will definitely need a reliable way to carry it. One of the reliable S9 cases is the Bomea S9 case. It is designed to accommodate Galaxy S9, S8 and note 8. This pouch is made of leather and has loops and clips for convenient carrying.

The inside features several compartments for the storage of ID cards, cash, and other valuables. It features a durable clip and magnetic closure convenient and secure storage. This heavy-duty belt pouch is made of strong leather material or ideal protection of your smartphone in rough environments.

9. LK Case for Galaxy S9 Plus

LK Case for Galaxy S9 Plus

Among the many brands of wallet cases that you will encounter, it will be quite hard for you to pick the right one for your Galaxy S9+. However, with LK case everything is just simple. It is designed precisely to provide secure protection while at the same time upgrading the aesthetics of the phone exteriorly.

It comes at a fraction of the price of some renowned wallet cases for smartphones. So, why not opt for the LK wallet case that will provide the same excellent functionality. It has a built-in kickstand that allows hands-free operation.

8. FLYEE S9 Plus Wallet Case

FLYEE S9 Plus Wallet Case

When every purchase you make seems to be the wrong one, FLYEE comes in to ensure that everything is alright. It is a wallet case that is designed with high-quality material and in an ergonomic shape to ensure style. It has card slots for the safekeeping of vital documents and cash.

Also, it has a kickstand to enhance the hands-free navigation of your phone. With magnetic covers, it provides secure storage of all the important accessories and phones. On the other hand, this cover is rugged and boasts a lovely embossed floral pattern that will transform the aesthetic appearance e of your phone.

7. CXCase Flip-Out Galaxy S9 Plus Wallet Case

CXCase Flip-Out Galaxy S9 Plus Wallet Case

The best wallet case for your smartphone should be designed precisely to enhance ease of use while delivering great protection. The CXcase Galaxy S9 case is precisely designed this way to ensure that it matches the value of this high-performance smartphone. With faux leather, every S9 user can now smile and embrace the stylish design. It also looks rugged and super strong but fits excellently in your pockets.

Moreover, the wallet has a bevel and lip which protects the camera and the screen from any sought of damage. The cutouts are precisely designed for easy access to camera and charging ports and headphone jack.

6. GOOSPERY Case for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

GOOSPERY Case for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

The sleek design of this S9 Plus case makes it a valuable item to protect your lovely smartphone. It features an attached center flap for credit cards, some cash, and the identification documents. That’s awesome to find a wallet case that allows you to protect your phone while providing a convenient way to store your most-used accessories.

Unlike rival wallet cases, this one doesn’t have a magnetic fastener but instead, it has a snap fastener to keep the case secure. The inner part features a soft TPU which provides incredible shock absorbency. Your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus can now have a brighter future courtesy of Goospery case.

5. FYY Galaxy S9 Plus Case, Mirror Leather Interior

FYY Galaxy S9 Plus Case, Mirror Leather Interior

Most of the phone wallet cases will just provide protection from physical damage. However, FYY comes with an advanced design that protects the information of your documents. Thanks to the Radio Frequency Identification technology that protects the information in your credit card and identification documents. It features a unique blocking metal that protects the information stored in your cards.

Besides, the inside features a cosmetic mirror to ensure that you maintain your beauty wherever you are without any hustles. The kickstand function allows hands-free operation and easy movie watching.

4. J&D Galaxy S9+ Plus Case

J&D Galaxy S9+ Plus Case

Whether you are looking to enhance the beauty of your S9 plus or increase its resistance to shock and scratches, the J&D case will work efficiently for you. The design features large and precise cutouts to increase the efficient use of the phone. It is made of PU leather with rubberized TPU material to increase its resistance to drop damages.

It enjoys a built-in stand that enhances the efficient horizontal view. Also, the wrist strap delivers comfort when carrying it. It is also designed with RFID technology for information protection.

3. LuckChungTech Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Leather Wallet Case

LuckChungTech Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Leather Wallet Case

Designed to increase the functionality, LuckChungTech Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Leather delivers excellent functionality. It features precise cutouts for easy access to charging holes, earphone hole, speakers, cameras and other buttons. It also features embedded and detachable flap magnetic closure to enhance the maximum security of the device when not in use.

The PU leather and soft rubberized design enhance shape while ensuring no scratches, bumps, finger marks and dirt. On the other hand, it features an ergonomic design and adjustable stand for full angle viewing.

2. ICE FROG Samsung Galaxy S9+ Wallet

ICE FROG Samsung Galaxy S9+ Wallet

Providing maximum protection and functionality is the core function of this phone case. It is precisely built to ensure that it fits well t Samsung Galaxy S9 without depriving its full functionality. Thanks to the beautifully and precisely cut cutouts, that gives you full access to the external tangible features.

With zipper closure, it ensures that all your important accessories such as cards are well protected. It features 11 card slots and a transparent window to display your ID cards without necessarily removing it.

1. AMOVO Galaxy S9 Plus Wallet Case

AMOVO Galaxy S9 Plus Wallet Case

The AMOVO wallet case for Samsung Galaxy sets it apart from another phone case since it has a more advanced design. It supports a lot of functions including wireless charging. With vegan leather cover, this wallet case provides maximum shock absorption just in case of a drop.

It has multiple card slots to ensure that you carry all the vital accessories in just one place together with your phone. The precision design of this wallet case minimizes the bulkiness while retaining the stylish appearance of the smartphone Galaxy S9.


Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus wallet cases are the best ways to provide protection. Many are made to withstand various conditions hence keeping your phone safe. The above top 10 reviewed wallet cases are the absolute choice to keep your S9 Plus clean and secure. Samsung Galaxy S9 Case.