Top 10 Best French Press Coffee Makers of 2024

French coffee makes are known to create coffee in its purest form and is an adorable device across the globe. By applying pressure mechanism, it forces coffee into a pot after brewing which creates a tasty coffee with incredibly rich flavors. Due to its popularity and great demand, every manufacturer wants to produce these devices massively. And in the event of mass production, quality is abandoned and you are left cheap devices which will actually be wasted money in the end.

We don’t want you to go through those challenging moments. That’s why; we have gone to every corner of the online shops and did professional research regarding the best brands of French coffee makes to buy. One thing that is certain is that you need to evaluate building materials, size of the device and shape. You also need to evaluate additional features which at the end will help you brew your coffee effortlessly and create the best taste.

One of the merits of the French coffee makes is that they don’t actually need to have a paper filter. Thus, it creates a pure and bold coffee that is free of taste alteration. Besides, they are compatible with a dishwasher which makes cleaning pretty easy. Other considerations should be better temperature control, coffee capacity, type of filter and of course the budget that you are willing to use. So, after a thorough research, here are the top 10 best French press coffee makers in 2021.

List of Best French Press Coffee Makers

10. Bodum Columbia Stainless Steels Thermal French Press Coffee Maker

Bodum Columbia Stainless Steels Thermal French Press Coffee Maker

The best French press coffee maker can be selected partially in terms of its speed in brewing the beverage. On this note, the Bodum Columbia thermal press coffee machine qualifies to be among the best. In just a matter of several minutes, this machine can brew great tasting coffee and tea. Besides, it is pretty easy to use. You only need to add some course ground coffee and hot water then press the button.

It features stainless steel material and is double walled. Well, this unique construction ensures that the brewed coffee stays hot. The innovative design has a stainless steel plunger with a mesh filter. So, it extracts the coffee oils and subtle flavors without using a paper filter to absorb them. Featuring Bodums safety lid, it keeps the contents without spilling to ensure your working area or countertop stays perfectly clean.

9. Bodum Black Brazil French Press Coffee Maker

Bodum Black Brazil French Press Coffee Maker

Apart from durability, the functionality of this French press coffee brewer will amaze you. It uses the greenest way to ensure you have a tasty cup of coffee on your table any time you want it. It features a heavy-duty borosilicate glass. Also, it features a plastic handle and perfectly designed base. The material allows easy cleaning and doesn’t alter the flavors of your coffee.

However, the plastic handle is BPA free and therefore food grade. The other part of its innovative designing is the stainless steel plunger. It features a unique mesh filter which removes all the aromatic coffee oils instead of being absorbed by the paper filter. Thus, it is able to drain all the important flavors and coffee acids to ensure you drink the real thing.

8. Secura French Press Coffee Maker-1500ML

Secura French Press Coffee Maker-1500ML

The secura French press coffer maker has a lot of features to offer. It is an ideal option if you’re looking for the most durable coffee maker. It features an innovative construction that uses stainless steel material both in the interior and exterior. Also, it is very easy to clean due to the smooth shiny finish. It also features a 3-layered design of the filter.

This unique filter stem ensures all the coffee flavors are exacted from the coffee grounds. So, you don’t have to use a lot of coffee grounds to make a tasty beverage. Moreover, the 1.5 liter capacity is quite enough for a small family. It is also a great device to have in working environments since it only takes some minutes to prepare the coffee or the beverage.

7. Culinary Prestige Gorgeous French Press Coffee Maker & Tea Maker

Culinary Prestige Gorgeous French Press Coffee Maker & Tea Maker

Having the best coffee brewer at home can relive you all worries when winter or fall attacks. During these seasons, people are always on their cups trying to intake the coffee flavors to boost their heat generation. The Culinary prestige provides a state of the art French press coffee maker on the market. This device takes only 4 minutes to get 8 cup coffee beverage ready. Well, this sounds unbelievable. But, it is the reality and this brewer is faster than the Barista.

It boasts a stainless steel micro filter and plunger. The combination of these enhances efficient extraction to perfect the end product. The chrome plated stainless steel construction together with the curvaceous design and borosilicate glass make the device a perfect addition to your décor. It can improve the elegance in your kitchen counter and an office environment. Equally, it is incredibly lightweight and is great for outdoor use.

6. Starizzo French Press Coffee Maker with Beautiful Copper Finish

Starizzo French Press Coffee Maker with Beautiful Copper Finish

People are used to the stainless steel finish of the press coffee makers. Well, what if you try out the beautiful copper finish. The Starizzo coffer brewer device features a perfect décor enhancement courtesy of the brown copper finish. It is incredibly smooth and quite easy to clean. With an excellent closing lid spout feature, the device offers a perfect heat retention capacity.

Well, would you mind giving out thus French press coffee maker as a Christmas gift? You won’t hesitate to pack it nicely and send it as an amazing gift during the festive season. It features a beautiful copper finish which will boost the decor of any place. Not just the beauty, the device offers incredible brewing speeds. In less than three minutes, you will have the privilege of preparing approximately 7 cups.

5. Bean Envy Professional Grade French Press Coffee Maker & Premium Milk Frother-34 oz

Bean Envy Professional Grade French Press Coffee Maker & Premium Milk Frother-34 oz

Having great tasting coffee is the dream of every coffee lover. However, you will only get that once you invest in one of the best French press coffee makers. The Bean Envy professional grade press coffee maker features an ergonomic design. It ensures there are no remaining coffee grounds after brewing. Thanks to the dual filtration construction and double walled design.

This coffee maker ensures that every coffee substance you put in is catered for in the final taste. All the aromas and flavors are accounted for in the final hot cup of coffee.

The two paired bundles are also designed to take the elegance of your kitchen higher. It also features a thick and extra durable borosilicate glass. The knob is made of food grade silicone and allows easy pressing. Also, the ergonomic handle is food grade and same applies to all its parts. Moreover, it is dishwasher and dish rack safe so you don’t have to worry about cleaning and proper storage of the device.

4. Coffee Gator Large French Press Coffee Maker

Coffee Gator Large French Press Coffee Maker

Everyone hates cold coffee. It is time to invest in the best French press coffee maker. Among the reputable brands playing roles here is the Coffee Gator. It boasts an impressively huge capacity to ensure you don’t have to keep going back to the machine everything you miss coffee. In addition, it features double filter and double wall design. It ensures all flavors are extracted from your coffee grounds.

The unique filtration system ensures that all aromas are also included in the final product. In terms of construction, this one exhibits a professional design. It features 304- stainless steel which is by far more durable than the glass counterparts. Featuring a cool touch handle, you won’t burn your hands while preparing the beverage. Moreover, the double screen filter and spring loaded system ensures a cleaner cup.

3. Belwares French Press Coffee Maker with Extra Filters

Belwares French Press Coffee Maker with Extra Filters

The proficiency employed in designed this coffee maker makes it the best. It features a great capacity with cylinder design and exceptional pouring mechanism. Indeed, the device is made to outshine most of the rival competitor and give you the best service. Made with the finest steel, it is made to last ages and provides a unique way of extracting the coffee delicacies.

It is vacuum layered and uses multi-screen filtration system. This ensures perfect processing of the tinniest coffee grounds to ensure the final juice has everything you need. It boasts a very simple operation yet very effective unlike in the drip machine. You only need to add coffee grounds at the bottom and steep them with hot water for not more than five minutes.

2. Viking Copper French Press Coffee Maker Stainless Steel Cafeteria

Viking Copper French Press Coffee Maker Stainless Steel Cafeteria

With a capacity of 8 cups, the Viking copper press coffee maker is an ideal solution for your family. It is not only great for coffee brewing, but also produces great results for cold brew, tea and espresso. The design features elegant copper material. The stunning construction produces a striking anti-rust copper frame and a brushed antique effect.

The borosilicate glass allows you to see the process as your coffee is being made. This glass material is quite unique and is completely shatterproof. Moreover, it can withstand water boiling at 200 degrees. It uses double filter system that delivers perfect taste as a result of extracting all aroma and flavors present in the coffee grounds. Thus, this is a great option if you want beauty and functionality combined on a single French press coffee maker.

1. Kitchellence French Press Coffee Maker- 34 oz

Kitchellence French Press Coffee Maker- 34 oz

You can now get warmer and fresher coffee on your table in less than 5 minutes. The Kitchellence French press coffee maker offers a remarkable way of preparing your favorite coffee taste. It gets its approval as one of the best French press coffee maker due to is efficient operation and sturdy construction. It can hold the heat for over 60 minutes.

Well, it features extra insulation which allows the beverage to stay hot so that you can drink at your own convenience. Moreover, the hot temperature is known to amplify the aroma and the flavor for a rich experience. The filtration system boasts 304 staleness steel filters which ensure ultra-perfect ground coffee without any unwanted byproducts. The rubberized base allows easy emptying and prevents breaking and shattering.