Top 10 Best Fountain Pens of 2024

Maybe it’s your first fountain pen or in need of a new one. For beginners, it can be tricky. For smooth and luxurious writing, the ideal way is getting a right pen. However, choosing the ideal one is not always the case. Especially, with different brands, you can end up with a pen that gives you a headache. Although people might see the process as simple, the best thing to knows all the qualities you need to know when buying a fountain pen.

These pens are available in different tips. They come with fine or medium a tip that also affects the size of your text. On the other hand, the tip quality is crucial since it will determine how durable your pen is. Basically, we have stainless steel, iridium, and gold nibs. They offer different writing styles and also durability. For stainless steel, they are cheap to buy. But, iridium is a bit more expensive together with gold, and are used in high-quality pens.

The construction of a pen also is a great quality worth looking. This is because; these pens come in silver, plastic base metal and resin. Depending on your choice, it is a matter of choosing the right pen materials to suit your work. The barrel width together with cap style is excellent since they will affect the comfort when writing. Also, the ability of a pen to write different styles is a worthy feature. Looking for the best pen to buy? Here are reviews of top 10 best fountain pens in 2021.

List of Best Fountain Pens