Top 10 Best Foosball Tables of 2024

Foosball, also known as table soccer or tables football is an exciting game. Gaining popularity day by day, the game is common in schools, bars, and other recreational places. For one to become an expert, it is advisable to have an ideal Foosball table. However, having a clear understanding of theses tables is critical in ensuring that you get ideal one. This is because we have three levels of tables; beginners, intermediate and advanced players.

For beginners, these tables are for kids and people who aren’t familiar with the game. This table is excellent for individuals who are still developing their skills. Intermediate table is meant for people who already got some skills on the game. Their construction features flat surfaces and adjustable legs. Final ones are advanced tables. They are designed from highest quality materials and subjected to Foosball regulations. They are tables dedicated to experts of the game.

Choosing the right table, one needs to be familiar with the bards and requirements. Besides having tables for different players, we have standalone, multi-game, tabletop and also coin operated Foosball tables. What will determine the type to buy is price, experience level, materials of construction and the number of players. The available space also significantly affect the type of table you are going to have. If it is for large halls, standalone with large surfaces will be a perfect deal. On the other hand for home use, a table top will be the best choice. If you are wondering where to get ideal soccer table, Amazon offers a broad range. In connection to that, we have handpicked the best and prepared a compilation list. Below our top 10 best Foosball tables in 2021 reviews.

List of Best Foosball Tables

10. American Legend Charger Table Foosball

American Legend Charger Table Foosball

This model has an attractive walnut finish with chrome finished leg cross bar that will look nice in any space and liven up the room. It offers the basic features of soccer table game and measures 26” in width, 55.5” in diameter with a height of 34”. The 52” table features include a 3.75-inch post, 5/8 inch apron and half an inch hollow rods that are chrome-finished. The 3/16” MDF playfield has been built to resist warping thus promising long term use.

9. Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table

Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table

If you enjoy soccer table game, then you need to buy Atomic’s Pro Force model that is built to make every game fun. This high-quality 56-inch foosball model looks pretty simple yet remains elegant. It can fit into your game room or better yet, match perfectly with the office environment. The
MDF table has built-in ball return, features a manual scoring system, and rich bamboo laminate. Further, there are hollow chrome steel rods designed with comfortable rubber octagonal handles. It comes with four balls and has a height of 34.5 inches, 29.5 inches width and a length of 56 inches. The stylish bamboo laminate gives it a sophisticated look. This table truly plays great just as it looks.

8. Hathaway Playoff Table Foosball

Hathaway Playoff Table Foosball

Nothing defines elegance more than this soccer table. If you love the soccer table game, then you’ll surely love this black and green 4-ft model by Hathaway. It ranks among the best foosball table because aside from its affordable price and eye-catching graphics, the model is made of quality CARB certified MDF.
The table lets the ball glide smoothly just like the green grass playing surface. It has dual manual slide scoring systems and further features goal boxes that have automatic end ball return. The half inch chrome plated steel rods have ergonomic handles and ABS molded players. This is the best combination to test your ball control skills on foosball table action.

7. Kick Triumph Black Foosball Table

Kick Triumph Black Foosball Table

Kick’s model is a 55-inch triumph black model looks simply yet remains classy. It is built with professional grade material that makes it durable enough to survive use for a very long time. It has a length of 55 inches, a width of 30 inches and a height of 36 inches. The model has a set of balanced men and uniformed men ready to get you started on your favorite table game.
There are 8 rod safety caps and non-slip wooden handles, two chrome plated cup holders, four foosballs and eight solid steel player rods. What’s more, the model has sturdy leg levelers designed with rubber grip to make it stand comfortably on a flat surface. Depending on your preference, you can choose either the 1-goalie design or the 3-goalie design. The kick should be your go-to brand if elegance, quality, and affordable price are on your top list of the best foosball table.

6. Kick Glory 48-inch Foosball Table

Kick Glory 48-inch Foosball Table

You’ll love this model by Kick, designed by experts for foosball table game enthusiasts. This model has a clean elegant design with a chestnut hue that will liven even the dullest room. The 48 inch Glory Foosball game has a quarter inch thick playing field, two-inch leg levelers, eight chrome plated player rods and eight ergonomic wooden handles. There are 13 blue and 13 red uniformed men and an alternative to settle for either the 1-goalie design or the3-goalie design.

5. Kick Conquest Foosball Table

Kick Conquest Foosball Table

This 48-inch foosball table is perfect for the soccer table game lover looking for an affordable model with a chic look and durable design. It is easy to assemble and comes with an unlimited lifetime warranty. The foosball table measures 48”L by 24”W by 31” H.
The specs of the model include a quarter inch thick playing field, slide scoring system, 26 blue and yellow uniformed men for home and away game, end ball-return and eight non-slip grip wooden handles. This is truly the model that lets you dominate every game and enjoy time with your family and friends.

4. Kick 55-Inch Splendor Foosball Table

Kick 55-Inch Splendor Foosball Table

Kick’s splendor design is equally durable and elegant looking just as other models built by the brand. The product not only has a counter balanced men set but also comes with uniformed men set to make your game as lively as the product itself. The playing field is half an inch; it has sturdy five-inch leg levelers designed with rubber grip, 26 white and 26 yellow foosball men for a home and away match.
You’ll love the ergonomic handles and the fine wood grain touch that will complement your room’s décor and liven up any room. There is a front ball-return on each side, and a slide scoring system mounted on each end of the table. Besides, the model also comes with a 1-goalie design kit aside from the 3-goalie design so you can always choose which one you prefer. There are four foosballs officially designed by the brand and two chrome-plated cup holders that can be attached on each side.

3. Giantex 47” Table Foosball

Giantex 47” Table Foosball

This table by Giantex is made with MDF material for the frame with a PVC cover. The rotation rod is made of steel and is chromium coated for added durability. You’ll love how elegant this table looks and the affordable price tag that will truly meet your budget.
The players are in red and white. What’s more, the steel rods have slide bearings to allow for smooth rotation, and the Ball Serve Cups make this table more convenient to use. Assembly is pretty easy, and the crowd graphics make this table look quite elegant.

2. EA Sports Table Foosball

EA Sports Table Foosball

EA Sports are your go-to brand whenever you want nothing but the best quality products in the market. This 56-inch soccer table looks elegant and will catch your attention amid other soccer tables. The blue shade truly makes it look chic while the brand’s logo gives it a perfect eye-catching finish.
The 26 players are hand painted in two different colors. The model also features a traditional bead scoring system that lets you keep track of the action as you go head-to-head with your opponent. The metal rods are chrome plated to increase durability while the leveling feet help keep the playing field stable. This product weighs 92lbs and measures 56 inches in length, 28.8 inches in width and has a height of approximately 34 inches.

1. League Pro EastPoint Sports Table Foosball

League Pro EastPoint Sports Table Foosball

If you’re looking for an official competition sized foosball table, then the League Pro is the best model to buy. This table not only looks elegant but also allows you the opportunity to play like a pro. It is designed with high-quality material that is durable enough to survive frequent use.
The table has steel player rods built with rob style players and also have a bead-style manual scoring system to keep track of the action. It additionally has a functional side ball return to maintain the game’s fast pace. If you love the soccer table game, then you surely want to buy a foosball table model that will portray you as the pro you are.