Top 10 Best Fixie Bikes of 2024

Fixe bikes in full known as fixed gear bicycles are trendy and entertaining. Unlike the conventional bicycles, these are designed with fixed drivetrains which means one has to continue pedaling whenever the bike is moving. Additionally, with no derailleur, shifter or component present on mountain bikes, they use the pedaling mechanism to enable braking mechanism. However, the eschewed stopping is commonly for professionals, and regular fixie bike can be equipped with front brakes.

Unlike riding a conventional bicycle, single gear one is unique and fun to ride, that is why they come with exciting decorations. Furthermore, the maintenance of a fixie bike is less compared to other types, therefore making them ideal pick for many people. The efficiency is also outstanding compared to others, and this makes them perfect for maneuvering in the streets. This can be attributed to lack of most of the components available on standard mountain bikes.

Now, when buying affixed gear bike, it’s essential to avoid trial and errors. With mind they only have single gear, always it’s good to look for the perfect one. Depending on your pedaling, this usually drives you on the type of gear to look. For reliable and fast riders, a large gear is ideal since you are going to experience speed. Other things worth checking are the hubs, frame and other standard components available in a standard bike. Now, instead of struggling to choose the right fixed gear bicycle, we have all you want. Discover the top 10 best fixie bikes in 2021 reviews.

List of Best Fixie Bikes

10. Critical Cycles Fixie Urban Road Bike

Critical Cycles Fixie Urban Road Bike

Is cycling your hobby? Then, among the ideal ways is having an excellent fixie bike. This fixed gear single speed from the critical cycles is among the best choices to have. Constructed for hardcore cyclist, it is crafted from high tensilematerials that are hard to bend or break. In fact, the hard steel single speed track frame and flat no tube, it means there is no toe overlap. The strong super deep V-rims are strong to keep you going without stress. Equipped with strong KMC chain, premium pedals, and lightweight alloy chain wheels, the bike offers you the best performance.

9. Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Road Bike

Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Road Bike

A fixie bicycle is an exceptional choice when you want to give your muscles a good workout. Unlike other bikes, these offer you with single fixed gear that encourages you to pedal more. Vilano Rampage single-speed fixie bike is a perfect choice when you want to enjoy fixie biking. With a single fixed gear, the bike is an ideal pick when you need serious training. Designed with urban geometry, it has 700c tag welded frame and fork. The crank is alloy made and replaceable, to increase the durability of the bicycle. It’s a stylish and fast bike to spice your cycling.

8. Critical Cycles Classic Fixie Bike, Pista Drop Bars

Critical Cycles Classic Fixie Bike, Pista Drop Bars

Critical Cycles have been building high-quality bikes that deliver style and outstanding performance. This classic single gear speed bike is a premium bike created from high artistry. Boasting steel construction, the bike is sturdy and reliable. This translates to strong frame, fork and general structure which renders the bike highly reliable. The deep V-rims are superbly enhanced with steel spokes allows easy changing from fixed to single gear smoothly. The leather straps and strong alloy chain delivers excellent weight reduction hence making the bike lightweight. The Pista handlebars with soft rubber grips allow the user experience great comfort and grip. Assembling is easy, and the bike comes with necessary tools.

7. State Bicycle Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike

State Bicycle Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike

If you want to enjoy riding a fixie bike, this from stat bike makes the best option. Dedicated to enabling fast riding, the bike offers you easy gear switch from fixed to single gear with ease hence enjoying your ride. The construction features a Chromoly frame that is super strong and lightweight, therefore great for enhancing the bike maneuverability. Unlike other bikes, this one comes with round rear and front brakes that render the bike safe for use even on the streets. For stylish riding, the handlebars feature bullhorn with tape wrapping. Amazingly, the bicycle is easy to customize since it’s available in 5 different handlebars styles.

6. Critical Cycles Classic Fixie Bike with Single-Speed Track Bike and Pursuit Bullhorn Bars

Critical Cycles Classic Fixie Bike with Single-Speed Track Bike and Pursuit Bullhorn Bars

Nothing is fulfilling like having a great bike that keeps you enjoying an excellent ride. With critical Cycles, it’s easy to experience outstanding performance and durability. The bike is handmade, with a steel frame and barspin clearance to maximize your riding experience. The low profile BMX pedal together with KMC chain improves the bike performance. On the other hand, the wheels are alloy made making them lightweight and cutting the overall bike weight. The pursuit bullhorn handles are great in enabling comfort and style since they are padded with super soft Kraton rubber.

5. Critical Cycles Coaster Fixie Single-Speed Bicycle,Foot Brake

Critical Cycles Coaster Fixie Single-Speed Bicycle,Foot Brake

For riders looking for style when riding a bike, this harper coaster from Critical Cycles is the right pick. Despite its complicated construction, the bicycle is super easy to ride. Enjoying handcrafting you can bet on the quality of this bike whenever you are riding. Moreover, the steel frame is high quality enabling it to absorb impacts hence a smooth riding. Unlike others, this comes with 30mm deep V rims and Wanda tires that are heavy duty and reliable. To keep bike well maintained and it comes with necessary tools.

4. 6KU Aluminum Fixie Urban Track Bike

6KU Aluminum Fixie Urban Track Bike

Do you need a bike that can enable you to enjoy commuting, urban cruising and other cycling styles? This aluminum Fixie bike from 6KU is among the best-fixed bicycles to get. Forget about the bulky bikes that give you a headache due to weight when cruising hilly areas; this one is super light due to aluminum construction. The construction is thoroughly tested to ensure the bike is safe and delivers to your expectation. Furthermore, the removable rear brakes and V double walled rims provide smooth ride and switch between free and fixed gear mode.

3. Royal London Fixie Bike Single Speed Bike

Royal London Fixie Bike Single Speed Bike

Enjoy the great experience by getting this Royal Fixie bike. It’s a premium product designed to ensure you can ride without having any difficulties. Constructed featuring 22 inches strong frame, the bike is ideal for many users. Flip/ flop rear hub enables changing from free to single free speed gear. On the other hand, the V front and rear brakes ensure safety when rising under any environment. The seat is easily adjustable to customize your comfort when riding. Steel handlebars are great for comfort since they come with rubber insulation.

2. Schwinn Kedzie 700C Fixed Gear Bicycle

Schwinn Kedzie 700C Fixed Gear Bicycle

Schwinn is a known maker of great bikes that are high performing and reliable. Among the best bikes, you can bet on is this Kedzie 700 Fixie bicycle dedicated to people who love racing. The bicycle enjoys the best sports frames to enable high maneuverability. On the other hand, the 700C with alloy 32 h wheels improves the performance and strength. Stopping isn’t atrial, and errors as the bicycle is equipped with caliper brakes for perfect stopping. Equipped with Schwinn urban seat, it keeps you supported and comfortable.

1. K7S Clearance Fixed Gear Single Speed Road Bike

K7S Clearance Fixed Gear Single Speed Road Bike

Looking for Fixie bikes for sale? Here is a great one by K75 dedicated to delight your riding. The bike is among the strongest and robust; boasting steel and handmade constructed frame to keeps you riding without any worry. To ensure you experience perfect shocks absorption, it is fitted with WTB thick tires hat also makes it possible to maneuver various terrains. With high ground clearance pedals, they are hard to touch the ground, thereby keeping you enjoying ride under any terrain. Besides performance and construction, the bike is sleek and fast.


There are no doubts that having best fixie bicycle lets you enjoy a great ride. Having the ideal one nowadays is simple especially by selecting the above reviewed best fixie bikes. Therefore, don’t fall a victim of cheap and weak bikes, you are now informed.