Top 10 Best External DVD Drives of 2024

When movies are your best hobby, there is no doubt a DVD player is vital. But, some are large which restrict their portability. On the other hand, some of the devices like mini-laptops don’t have internal DVD players. However, the good thing is you can enjoy movies by getting external DVD drivers. They are essential devices and convenient way to play your discs. The good thing with these drives is they can play different file format. Also, you can use them for writing data into the DVDs.

Current drives are enhanced with high device compatibility. Most of them are connected through the USB cables. Also, with current ones compatible with HMDI connectivity, it means they can support and play HD content. Before going for a DVD drive, ensures to check the formats it can support, capacity, size, and portability. Usually, there are many features one can look depending on the purpose of your drive. T helps you get the best external DVD drive in 2021, below are the top rated and reviewed online.

List of Best External DVD Drives

10. ROOFULL USB 3.0-External DVD Drive

ROOFULL USB 3.0-External DVD Drive

The external DVD drives provide a great advantage to people who own notebooks. Among the best of these devices, the ROOFULL 3.0 USB external DVD drive has completely taken the market by surprise. It features one of the most competitive features in the modern setting. It features plug and plays configuration, and there is no need for the driver’s installation. It is powered by USB 3.0 to ensure high speed and low impedance. Also, it boasts anti-interference ability. Therefore, it lets you enjoy fast and smooth movie experience. It encompasses a writer, rewriter, burner and cd reader in one place. Therefore, it gives you a simple solution for all your needs.

9. Jelly Comb USB 3.0 External DVD Drive

Jelly Comb USB 3.0 External DVD Drive

The jelly comb external DVD drive allows you to enjoy faster transfer and download speeds. It is also compatible with USB 2.0, 1.1 and lets you enjoy up to 5 Gbps speed and stability. The wide compatibility is also a reason to have this drive among your computer accessories. It is compatible with old and new operating systems of Windows, Linux, and Mac. Moreover, it supports various kinds of notebook and desktop. Besides, you can use it to watch Blu-ray DVD movies without any hassles. The ultra slim and lightweight design makes it super portable and exquisite. The embedded cable design makes it quite easy to take the USB cable in and out. Also, you don’t need to install driver software. You plug and play.

8. Cocopa External USB 3.0 Portable CD DVD

Cocopa External USB 3.0 Portable CD DVD

If you have been experiencing slow speeds with your CD or DVD drives, it is time to upgrade. One of the best external DVD drives you can have is the Cocopa USB 3.0 External DVD drive. It features a newly designed DVD loader which is extremely stable. Apart from stability, the durability and compatibility make this DVD drive win customers approval. The driverless installation is another added advantage. Secondly, the USB 3.0 connectivity provides high-speed data transfer reaching up to 5Gbps. Amazingly, it features error correcting feature. Also, the construction is snit-shock and has noise reduction ability. It is the best external DVD drive for movie enthusiasts.

7. NOLYTH USB C Super-drive External DVD CD+/-RW Burner

NOLYTH USB C Super-drive External DVD CD+/-RW Burner

An external drive doesn’t have to be bulky at all. The NOLYTH USB C Super-drive External DVD is an ideal example of what the best external DVD drive needs to look. It features USB C super drive which provides breakneck data transfer speeds. This allows you to enjoy up to 10 Gbps. However, it is also backward compatible with USB 3.0, 2.0, 1.0. Featuring aluminum alloy design, it looks stylish and is extremely sturdy. It is quite thin and lightweight and is therefore extremely portable. Also, it is just plugged and play since there are no drivers needed for a successful installation. It boasts broad compatibility since it supports old and new operating systems. Moreover, it supports VCD, CD, SVCD, and CD-RW among others.

6. Fannity Ultra-Slim USB 3.0 External CD/DVD-RW Drive DVD Drive

Fannity Ultra-Slim USB 3.0 External CD/DVD-RW Drive DVD Drive

Are you using a personal computer that has no internal drive? Well, you might have felt quite undermined when other people seem to enjoy watching movies from DVDs. You too can have a taste of the latest movies by connecting the Fannity Ultra slim USB 3.0 DVD is made using high-end materials to ensure sturdiness and durability. Also, you won’t need to install any drivers; it is merely plug-and-play. Apart from watching movies, the drive also allows you to play music, copy movie, music, install software and other stuff. It supports Mac OS and Windows operating system. This is the best DVD drive if you want to enjoy stable and speedy data transfer.

5. IVKEY External CD DVD Drive

IVKEY External CD DVD Drive

When assessing the best DVD drives, you need to look at compatibility, data transfer speeds, stability, and the design. All these and more aspects are present in the IVKEY External USB DVD drive. Although the drive is powered by USB 3.0, it is still compatible with 2.0 and 1.0. For Windows computers, this drive is compatible with Windows XP to Windows 10. It features an optical drive function ensuring a stable connection and function with various CD options. Also, it is endowed with noise reduction and shockproof features. It consumes low power and installation is driverless.

4. PiAEK Type C and USB 3.0 Super-drive Optical Drive Portable

PiAEK Type C and USB 3.0 Super-drive Optical Drive Portable

As we continue with the review about best external DVD drives, the PiAEK portable DVD drive comes with outstanding features. It features a sleek, sturdy and lightweight design. It is built with premium materials to ensure it can withstand shock, dust and other kinds of torture. It has two USB is type C and the other one is 3.0. This enhances great compatibility and versatility. It supports high read and burns speeds. The plug and play installation requires no external power supply and eliminates delays. It provides perfect compatibility with Linux, windows and Mac orating systems.

3. 1895 Animo Portable- External DVD Drive USB

1895 Animo Portable- External DVD Drive USB

Getting the best external DVD drive is hard nowadays due to the flooding of counterfeits. However, after testing quality, you can rest assured that the 1895 Animo external drive is the best. It is great for playing Blu-ray discs of the latest movies, music. Also, you can use it to copy and burn various types of content. Powered by USB 3.0, it allows you to enjoy the stable performance and speedy data transfers. It is easy to use since you only need to plug it to the USB interface and press pop up button and then insert your discs. Without any drivers needed, it plays your CDS automatically without experiencing any delays. Also, it is well built with its sleek and slim appearance.

2. IVKEY USB 3.0 Portable DVD/CD ROM Rewriter

IVKEY USB 3.0 Portable DVD/CD ROM Rewriter

Do you want to enjoy faster data transfer from a DVD to a computer and vice versa? Well, invest in the best external DVD drive. This one from Ivkey features a state of the art design and comes in the stylish silvery finish. Powered by USB 3.0 interface, it is fast, stable and interference resistant. It gives you up to 5 Gbps speeds. It boats the optical drive function. This is an adopted and unique intelligent burning technology. With a brand new chip, it offers error correction and plays movies and music without any lag or alteration of any kind. The sleek and slim design makes it one of the fashionable mist DVD drives you can ever get.

1. ACEPC Type-C Super-drive External CD DVD

ACEPC Type-C Super-drive External CD DVD

Being one of the top-notch external DVD drives, the ACEPC Super Drive offers you with unlimited data transfer experience. It is fashionably designed to ensure it blends well to your computer. It provides perfect compatibility with old as well as new operating systems. The type C interface delivers reliable and convenient data transfer and stability. Besides, it supports plug and play and therefore requires no driver installation. Other impressive features include; intelligent combustion technology, noise reduction, and efficient error correction. Well, thanks to the embedded control chip that ensures the burning process happen safely and fast. Thus, this is one of the best external drives which can prolong the life of your discs.


Without doubts, there is no need to discard your DVDs simply because your laptop can’t play. It is evident there is an easy way to enjoy movies or running a program from an external device. These gadgets are compact and handy hence great for travelers among others. With high compatibility, these gadgets continue to be important each day. Now you can have your dream external DVD drives to play your favorite movies in every format. All you need is to choose one of the reviewed above.