Top 10 Best Electrical Engineering Books of 2024

Do you love, aspiring or studying electrical engineering? You can only achieve your goal by getting the best electrical engineering book. With millions of books available for purchase, getting ideal one for your career can be a great deal. However, with a book from a reputable author, it is possible to achieve your dream without much hassle. Now, when looking for a book to keep your engineering course, you need to check one that fit your level.

For people aspiring or freshly joining college, electrical engineering for beginners are the real choice to make sure you have a better understanding of the course. In fact, there are many available beginners guide to electrical engineering that helps fresh students without undergoing a lot of hardships. Moreover, these books feature simple and straightforward language that is easy to read and understand.

Apart from the beginner books, electrical engineering for students and expert should have a broad scope of the course without causing struggle among the users. They should have excellent topic coverage while keeping the reader entertained. With many books available, it is easy to get greats books online on Amazon. In connection to that, we have compiled a list of top 10 best electrical engineering books in 2021 reviews.

List of Best Electrical Engineering Books

10. Basic Electrical Engineering

Basic Electrical Engineering

Learning all about the basics of electrical engineering, you need to look for the best book for electrical engineering. This book by McGraw-Hill College publishers is one of the most ideal for everyone who likes electrical and electronics. Boasting 960 pages, it ensures that you learn all about the basic engineering tips. On the other hand, it is ideal for refreshing the course on the earlier studied topics. Basically, this hardcover book will let you gain most of the basic concepts regarding electrical engineering.

9. How to Diagnose and Fix Everything Electronic, 2nd Edition

How to Diagnose and Fix Everything Electronic, 2nd Edition

If you want to gain a lot of understanding in electronics, you need to have a book written by reputable experts. Now, you can have all it takes to diagnose and repair any gadget by studying book ‘How to diagnose and Fix Everything Electronic’ by Michael Jay Geier. The book offers insight on a variety of topics that will improve your skills, hence allowing you to diagnose and repair any electrical device properly. Amazingly, the book allows you to learn about how to use the modern diagnosing equipment when doing your repairs. With the latest information, you get the entire concept of the complicated task. As a result, you will have easy time repairing laptops, cameras, and other electronics.

8. Electrical Engineering 101 – Everything You Should Have Learned in School, but Probably Didn’t

Electrical Engineering 101 - Everything You Should Have Learned in School, but Probably Didn't

Do you know there are some aspects that school assumes that you should know? With electrical 101 Darren Ashby, you are going to learn a lot of things probably you aren’t aware of. The book talks about the basics and theories of electrical engineering and answers the biggest question that people asks: “what is electricity?” Loaded with fundamental principles of electronics, it provides essential information to every electrical engineer. On the other hand, the book covers various topics such as microcontrollers, classes of components and many others to ensures you get a perfect boost to your course.

7. Electrical Engineering: Principles & Applications

Electrical Engineering: Principles & Applications

Electrical engineering is a much-coveted course by many, but it can be frustrating to learn. Having an electrical engineering book for beginners will give students a good jumpstart to learn the course frustration-free. The ‘electrical engineering: principals and applications’ is a good book that gives student good foundation in their courses. It contains the basic concepts and good setting on various principles of electrical engineering. Covering various topics such as circuit analysis, digital system, and electronics among others, the book will inspire and give students them more aware of the course.

6. Electrical Engineering: Principles & Applications, 7th Edition

Electrical Engineering: Principles & Applications, 7th Edition

If you are aspiring to become an electrical engineering student, you need to have a perfect book that will enable you to have a solid landing. This Electrical Engineering principles and applications by Allan R. Hambley proves to be an ideal book for beginners. With great knowledge, the author has ensured that students get all the basics they need to learn the course without frustrations. Furthermore, the book enables the students to solve their problems by providing relevant materials to stimulate their ability. Being 7th edition, the book has the current information to ensure that learner relearning the current content.

5. Basic Electricity -Dover Books on Electrical Engineering

Basic Electricity -Dover Books on Electrical Engineering

Learning the fundamentals of electrical engineering is a great way to ensure you excel in the course. However, some books are complicated and only for professionals. The basic Electricity – Dover Books on Electrical Engineering is the right book to have and learn without frustrations. It covers wide areas like including the electricity theories and applications. To ensure that your learning is smooth, the book has 21 chapters that ensure that you systematically learn about various topics. Some of the featuring topics are on electromagnetism, introduction to alternating current theory, direct current generators and other main areas in electrical engineering. Unlike other books, this has great illustrations making it look like a multimedia learning process.

4. Electronics for Dummies, 3rd Edition

Electronics for Dummies, 3rd Edition

When you are learning about electronics and electrical; engineering, you must start from the basics. This electrical book for dummies is the perfect choice for students who love to study via is packed with hundreds of colorful images that are easy to interpret and learn. Additionally, it has step-by-step instruction regarding different electrical experiments and how various components work. Enjoying a variety of exciting projects, they are ideal for increasing your understanding, and you can set your own in 30 minutes. Furthermore, with different topics, it ensures that you have a better understanding of various areas.

3. Electrical Engineering: Know It All, 1st Edition

Electrical Engineering: Know It All, 1st Edition

The Electrical Engineering Know It All is a perfect book that comes with great information on various topics. Created by a great author with vast knowledge of electricity and electronics, the book gives you the basics and better understanding. Notably, this book gives all-round information this perfect way of ensuring you have vas referencing point. It includes topics like digital, analog electric circuits and power electronics. Also, it contains real-world signal& systems, electromagnetic as well as power systems. Boasting over 1100 pages, the book gives you all information you need.

2. Electrical Engineering Reference Manual

Electrical Engineering Reference Manual

When looking for a good book to increase your electrical engineering, this reference manual John A. Camara is the ideal pick. Unlike other books, this one is a reference book dedicated to ensuring that you are prepared for exams. Additionally, the book is perfect for electrical and computer PE exams. With 373 solved problems, it covers different topics to ensure that you have basics and good understanding. Also, are clear illustrations and indexed references gives quick access to your search.

1. Electrical Engineering by Knowledge flow

Electrical Engineering by Knowledge flow

Knowledge flow electrical engineering book is a perfect choice when you don’t a lot of detailed information. In fact it is refresher book that teaches basics to students and professionals with going into details. Notable, the book explains the basic concepts of electricity like what is electrical engineering. Covering various topics like basics of electricity, electrical circuit analysis, transformers and induction motors among others, learners get a clear glimpse of these topics. Basically this is the real electrical engineering book for beginners.


For better leaning, books are the best way to ensure you achieve your goals. The same case applies to electrical engineering. With a combination of different and best electrical engineering books, you will have a perfect understanding.