Top 10 Best Electric Throw Blankets of 2024

Keeping the body warm are relaxed requires the use of premium quality blankets. However, these days, throw blankets are a step further than an ordinary blanket. They do not necessarily need to be heavy since they use a heated mechanism to keep your body warm. The blankets are good option especially during winter as they allow people to fight the cold weather. The designing of these blankets these days ensures you can relax without any risk as they can regulate temperature and auto shut to avoid roasting your skin.

Although these blankets are designed to provide improved safety levels, ensures they are certified. Having UL certification means they are more safe than non-certified. The construction also is essential to enable durability and high performance. Generally, the quality needs to be satisfactory to avoid mishaps. But, if you find it hard to get the ideal one, we have good news for you. This list delivers top 10 best electric throw blankets reviewed in 2021.

List of Best Electric Throw Blankets

10. Beautyrest – Plush Heated Throw Blanket

Beautyrest - Plush Heated Throw Blanket

As the technology of the heated blanket continues to take form, the Beautyrest electric blanket has some great comfort features to offer. You can now immerse in the comfort of this unique throw blanket. It applies an exceptional technology that adjusts the temperature according to ambient, spot and overall temperate. You can now snuggle with confidence since this blanket does not emit any electromagnetic emissions. Compared to the standard blankets, this blanket is almost a foot larger. With three heat settings and auto shut off feature, this is probably the safest and most energy efficient electric throw blanket on the market today.

9. Sunbeam Velvet Plush Heated Throw Blanket

Sunbeam Velvet Plush Heated Throw Blanket

Voted as the Americas number one electric heated blanket, Sunbeam has continued to give a hot competition to its rivals. It allows you to immerse yourself in the bed as you enjoy a warm and soothing sleep. It features a velvet plush is superbly soft and comfortable. However, the main material of construction is polyester which is incredibly durable. Moreover, it has an auto shut off and three heat settings to ensure proper heat management. It heats according to ambient heat and body heat to ensure you only get the temperature right for your body.

8. BuyRegisterRolls Sunbeam Heated Electric Throw Blanket Fleece

BuyRegisterRolls Sunbeam Heated Electric Throw Blanket Fleece

Made of 100 percent polyester fleece, this blanket delivers superb warmth and comfort. So, you can enjoy a soothing sleep even when the winter cold is beyond your imaginations. It features a Primestyle lighted controller which supports three heat settings. Also, it has three-hour auto shut off setting to ensure total safety. It senses the body temperature and adjusts accordingly. So, you can enjoy consistent warmth without the risk of being overheated. Besides, it is machine washable and dryer safe. Similarly, the 6-foot power cord enhances a longer reach.

7. Serta Heated Electric Honeycomb Faux Fur Throw

Serta Heated Electric Honeycomb Faux Fur Throw

This electric throw blanket features high-grade polyester material. It boasts a super smooth feel which is not only appealing but extremely warm. Featuring realistic faux fur which delivers warmth and cuddling comfort, thus blanket delivers fast to sleep. In fact, it is approved as one of the best throw blankets for those with sleep problems. The controller features an ergonomic design and a preprogrammed five heat settings. Besides, the 8.5-foot power cord allows easy reach and convenient placement. Furthermore, the blanket can be used on either side and is perfectly machine washable. The unique polyester material is incredibly durable so that the blanket can serve you generation after generation.

6. Serta Heated Electric Throw Blanket

Serta Heated Electric Throw Blanket

Serta is recognized maker of premium quality household accessories. This heated throw blanket is among the best electric throw blankets made by this company. The blanket is made of ultra-plush polyester material which is reversible and delivers great comfort. It includes a user-friendly control gadget allows you to choose a total of five heat settings. It allows easy placement with its long 8.5-foot cable. It has four-hour built-in auto shut off feature to enhance power saving and convenience. The size is great since it measures 50 by 60 inches to provide ideal coverage. It is machine washable and you can always keep it clean without straining your muscle.

5. Beautyrest Soft Sherpa Heated Blanket Wrap Soft Sherpa

Beautyrest Soft Sherpa Heated Blanket Wrap Soft Sherpa

If you’re probably looking for the best-heated blanket wrap, the Beautyrest Soft Sherpa can be an ideal features a state of the art design that uses the latest technology to ensure maximum safety. With its low electromagnetic field emissions, you can rest assured that you will remain safe in this blanket. This throw wrap is certified by UL and ETL to meet the safety standards. It features an auto shut off feature that mutes the connection after every two hours. Besides, it has simple care since it supports machine wash but under slow agitation cycle. Featuring lattice microlight polyester material, the wrap provides a soft and soothing touch to facilitate a satisfying relaxation.

4. Sunbeam Microplush Heated Warming Throw Blanket Walnut, Brown

Sunbeam Microplush Heated Warming Throw Blanket Walnut, Brown

You can now experience luxurious comfort with one of the best electric heated blankets made by Sunbeam. This blanket features a unique thermal fine warming system. It uses sensitive and accurate sensors which adjusts the temperature accordingly to deliver precise warmth. Apart from allowing you to enjoy the best comfort, this smart technology allows you to cut the energy costs since there is minimal energy wastage. Featuring a soft polyester material, this blanket offers a soft and smooth surface. Besides, with three heating settings and three hours shut off, the blanket offers incredible benefits to the user. It is completely machine washable and also dryer safe.

3. Sam Salem & Son Plush Throw Blanket

Sam Salem & Son Plush Throw Blanket

The Sam Salem& Son presents another state of the art designed heated blanket to ensure you enjoy your night. This blanket also serves as one of the best electric throw blankets in terms of coverage, safety, and durability. With soft and plush polyester fabric, the blanket combines heat and comfort to ensure you have the best moments in bed. Its enormous size ensures you and your partner have a satisfying time. It is pretty easy to use since the controller has a user-friendly design. The controller offers four heat options and utilizes a sensor to adjust the heat the user needs. You can now operate at an optimal level and efficiency since the blanket has an overheat protection.

2. Comfort Spaces Electric Heated Throw Ultra Soft Blanket Wrap

Comfort Spaces Electric Heated Throw Ultra Soft Blanket Wrap

Whether you want to spend your night on your couch watching your favorite series or reading a fascinating book, you can now enjoy ultimate warmth and comfort with this throw blanket. It offers three heat settings and you can choose the best depending on your preference or ambient temperatures. It boats a poncho style and the size is great to accommodate your body size. Besides, you can wrap it in different styles to suit the occasion or the level of warmth you want. Besides, it has a long cable to allow easy placement. Similarly, the controller has user-friendly buttons which make it easy to select the suitable temperature level. It produces extremely low electromagnetic emissions levels. So, it is certified to be safe for human use. Moreover, the overheat protection feature won’t allow anything dangerous to happen to you.

1. Beautyrest Soft Hypoallergenic Fleece Electric Heated Blanket Throw Super

Beautyrest Soft Hypoallergenic Fleece Electric Heated Blanket Throw Super

As you would have guessed the Beautyrest comes as the best brand of the electric throw blanket. It is made of soft and hypoallergenic fleece which brings a calming effect to your body. The device that controls the temperature possesses a smart sensor that adjusts heat given out by determining the temperature of the surrounding. It has intuitive buttons which are pretty easy to navigate. Besides, it has an auto-off feature which ensures you don’t get overheated. It is easy to wash by machine as long as you wash it alone and you follow the right procedure. It measures 60 by 50 inches and hence provides full body coverage. All these aspects make it an unquestionable best electric throw blanket. Besides, it is certified by ETL as the right blanket for winter periods and for those who want to live a luxurious life.


Whether winter is causing a headache, you can now solve all your predicaments. They ensure your body can get enough warmth even when weather conditions are not permitting. In addition, they are applicable to different places. From our list, these blankets can be used in vehicles, home, offices without any issue. To have your comfort and enjoy exceptional support, these featuring blankets are fantastic. Therefore, backaches, cold seasons among others should not continue terrorizing you. Get an electric throw blanket and feel the change.