Top 10 Best Electric JackHammers of 2024

If you work in a construction department, you must have heard or use a jackhammer. They are useful tools that are used in concrete demolition. These concrete breakers are essential and valuable for a variety of construction jobs. Amazingly, they come in different styles from electric, gas, and pneumatic. Electric concrete breakers are a good option especially when working close to the source of power. They are efficient and quieter than gas, while also eliminating toxic fumes emission.

The ideal feature that makes electric pneumatic hammers ideal is they are small. This means when you have smaller tasks; they help you to archives it with less hassle. On the other hands, they are strong and enable continuous use as long as power is available. The only drawback with electric concrete breaker is they are not ideal for moving work. This is because they are corded and will only work when plugged. Due to this, you need to consider where you are working before choosing a concrete breaker.

Well, the intensity of your work will determine the size of a jackhammer to get. The bigger the hammer, the greater the power output. For small tasks, one needs to get a large and powerful hammer and vice versa. The critical thing with machine whether big or small is percussion and impact. These two aspects matter how efficient your hammer will be. Weight also matters since it affects the mobility. Are you are planning to get a concrete breaker? There no need to get stressed. These are top 10 best electric jackhammers reviewed in 2021.

List of Best Electric JackHammers

10. Neiko 02845A Electric Demolition Jack Hammer

Neiko 02845A Electric Demolition Jack Hammer

Neiko 02845A is a masterpiece of a quality demolition jackhammer. This tool is the right choice when it comes to heavy-duty demolition works. Due to its high performance 11.3 Amp, it delivers unmatched impact. This is enough to break even a hard rock or concrete. In fact, it boasts 1800 beats per minutes hence right for heavy-duty works.

To keep it working without hitches, the body is made of heavy material an also resists corrosion. Despite the strong beating ability, the machine has a quiet operation due to the helical gear system. This improves the performance as well as the overall durability. To allow unrestricted operation, the handle is comfortable and enjoys 360 degrees swivel. The extra accessories like brush, oil can, safety protection kit among others make the work even more enjoyable.

9. Bosch 35-Pound 1-1/8-Inch Jack Hammer Kit

Bosch 35-Pound 1-1/8-Inch Jack Hammer Kit

Don’t let junk hammers ruin cause inconveniences in your work site. This 35 pounds electric jackhammer by Bosch brings all the performance into the fingertips. Delivering 34 feet per pound worth of impact, it can demolish even the jaw breaking concrete. Despite its powerful action, this machine has 40% lower levels of vibration than rivals. Therefore, when working, there is no uncomfortable feeling due to excessive vibrations.

When you have different places to work on, it’s possible to fit the right bit. This tool has a versatile bits retention head. As a result, it accepts 1-1/8 inch steel and similarly sized air steel. This option give operators the ability to enjoy maximum demolition with ease. The rugged bodies give the tool exceptional durability for many years of use.

8. Yescom Gas Powered T Post Driver Gasoline Portable Piling Driver

Yescom Gas Powered T Post Driver Gasoline Portable Piling Driver

It doesn’t matter where you are working. Whether there is electricity or not, you have a reason to smile. This gas powered Yescom piling driver is the ultimate tool to have. With 32.7 engine capacity, it delivers 1.2 hp and 1700-2230 min-1 impact frequency. This allows it to be used in construction sites, gardens, explorations, and many others.

Despite its powerful action, the hammer is highly portable. Weighing only 34 pounds, you can easily transport it to the working site. Also, the control triggers are on the handles making it simple to operate it without hassles. With a tank capacity of 0.9l, the hammer uses 0.5l per hour meaning you work for a long time. This machine is EPA certifies to conform to emission standards.

7. XtremepowerUS 1000W Jackhammer Concrete Breaker

XtremepowerUS 1000W Jackhammer Concrete Breaker

Tired of using mason hammer to break concrete and other hard blocks? Relax, the ExtremepowerUS small jackhammer is here to solve your woes. The fact is small doesn’t mean it is inferior. In fact, with its 1000W, 9Amp motor, it works perfectly on all heavy-duty works. To enable this, it enjoys an excellent and consistent maximum impact rate of 3000 r per minute.

Comparing this tool with rivals, it is excellent. The comfort is guaranteed due to its ergonomic handles that allows the user to enjoy full control. With versatile demolition tools, they can be used in different situations. Usually, it comes with hex bull chisel and flat chisel to use them when the need arises. Robust construction and rugged storage case give the user the ability to store and protect your hammer.

6. LOVSHARE 3600W Heavy Duty Concrete Breaker Electric Demolition Hammer

LOVSHARE 3600W Heavy Duty Concrete Breaker Electric Demolition Hammer

The Loveshare is one of the best electric jackhammers available today. The ergonomically and sleek designed hammer delivers unmatched performance. The powerful 3600w motor provides jaw-breaking power to work on any concrete. Moreover, with 1400rpm, it offers consistent beating to enable fast and reliable concrete breaking. Unlike most of the hammers available, this has aluminum casing enclosed motor for ultimate protection.

For maximum grip, the handle is enhanced with rubber insulation that keeps hands comfortable. Moreover, the handle boasts 360 degrees rotation to keep you working without fatigue and strains. Besides the 16 inches bull point and flat chisels, the device comes with additional accessories. A carry bag, protective mask, wrenches and other keep your demolition work thrilling.

5. REDI-DRIVER BOSS Original Gas Powered Post Driver

REDI-DRIVER BOSS Original Gas Powered Post Driver

It’s true there is nothing can beat gas-powered jackhammers. The Redi driver boss is a perfect tool when you need to drive in or demolish a concrete block. With its powerful 4 cycle Honda engine, it delivers exceptional power to drive in posts even on most challenging areas. With an innovative polymer engine, it provides high efficiency and required power to enable smooth working.

Although the tool is massive, it’s lightweight and comes with detachable parts. Therefore, even when traveling, it is easy to transport it to working areas. For an extended time operation, it has a large gas tank while consumption is substantially optimized. It’s a compact post driver that eliminate hassles in the field.

4. XtremepowerUS Electric Demolition Jack Hammer

XtremepowerUS Electric Demolition Jack Hammer

Having this electric jackhammer by XtremepoweUS brings a new wave of how you work. With its compact and sturdy body, it is simple to maneuver without compromising its performance. Equipped with 3600 watts motor, it can deal with any concrete demolitions. This is possible due to the 1400 blow per minutes that can weaken any structure being demolished.

Unlike some of the demolition hammers that are complicated to use, this one is simple. Supplied with 1-1/8 bull point and a flat chisel, it’s easy to switch when necessary. The long power cord, comfortable handles lets the operator enjoy versatility and ease of use. With blowmod case included, carrying and storage are a breeze.

3. XtremepowerUS 2200 Watt Jackhammers Concrete Breaker

XtremepowerUS 2200 Watt Jackhammers Concrete Breaker

This is another electric breaker hammer by XtremepowerUS that is reliable and effective. The highly engineered tool provides enough power to allow the operator to enjoy hassle-free concrete breaking. The construction of this hammer boasts some of the premium materials that enable it to withstand heavy duty application. It has no load speed which allows it to provide constant and reliable power. The tool delivers 1,900rpm hence ideal for most demolition works.

Well, forget about the high vibrating hammers. Once you opt for this one, it comes with high velocity and toughened crankshaft. Thereby, even when used under extreme conditions, the risk of damage is minimized. Besides the machine components, nose mask, safety goggles, gloves, and wrenches are supplied.

2. ZENY 2200W Heavy-Duty Electric Demolition Jack Hammer Drills

ZENY 2200W Heavy-Duty Electric Demolition Jack Hammer Drills

Zeny is one of the best electric demolition hammers built by experts. With its sturdy and rugged body, it can be deployed in diverse demolition tasks. Beside the hard body, the 2200 watts motor delivers exceptional torque and enough power to break any surface. In fact, with 1,900 impacts per minute, it provides 55 joules.

The user safety is paramount once you have this electric hammer drill. It has a plastic handle that keeps you away from electric shock. The sturdy metal chisels are designed to allow a variety of works like trenching, drilling holes in concrete and tile stucco. The durable blowmod case keeps hammer and accessories protected.

1. Yescom 52 cc Gas Demolition Hammer Concrete Breaker Drill

Yescom 52 cc Gas Demolition Hammer Concrete Breaker Drill

Tired of junk demolition hammers? Here is the Goliath of all. The Yescom gas demolition concrete breaker is the ultimate pick for everyone. Its gas powered and designed to deliver ultimate power. Also, it has high versatility since no electricity needed, hence ideal for use on various occasions. With a powerful 53cc engine, it delivers 20-25 joules and 1500 beats per minute.

The perfectly fitted thumb throttle is designed to allow accurate control. Also, non-grip handle enhanced with rubber feeling insulation is comfortable and eliminates a lot of vibrations. Due to the different chisels, the hammer is applicable in various operations like demolitions, breaking rocks and others construction activities. Above all, it comes with accessories and other bonus worksite safety items.