Top 10 Best Electric Garden Tillers In 2017 Reviews

A lot of people now turn to gardening as a favorite pastime they enjoy rather than a necessary chore. Gardening has grown quite popular over the recent years because many people now understand the benefits of having homegrown fruits and vegetables.
Well, regardless of the reason for turning to gardening, having the right gardening tools can be quite helpful and the electric tiller is no exception. An electric garden tiller makes it easy and quick to cultivate and prepare land for planting as opposed to using the conventional tilling tools.
This garden cultivator has grown quite popular with gardeners especially because of their faster tilling of the soil, compact size, affordable price, and lightweight nature. And with the market having lots of these devices with different designs, engine power, and size, choosing the best garden tiller may be quite daunting.
We give you reviews of top garden tillers for sale that might help you make a final decision when shopping for one.

1. Earthwise TC70001 11-Inch Corded Electric Tiller

Earthwise TC70001 11-Inch Corded Electric Tiller
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The Earthwise TC70001 has four 4-blade durable steel tines and a versatile motor that makes it the perfect gardening tool to meet your gardening needs. It has a cutting width of 11 inches and an 8-inch cutting depth. This electric tiller is engineered to shut down whenever the handle is released. What’s more, this garden cultivator by Earthwise has flip up and down wheels that make it quite easy to transport and move around.

2. GreenWorks 27062 G-Max

GreenWorks 27062 G-Max
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This 10-inch cordless cultivator by GreenWorks offers excellent performance and dependability. With this electric tiller, you won’t have to worry about extension cords and spilling gas. The G-MAX 27062 features four 8-inch adjustable tines offering a maximum tilling width of up to 10 inches and depth of 5 inches.
It has large 6-inch rear wheels and a durable gear drive transmission designed to handle tougher areas easily. Besides, this 40V garden cultivator is engineered with a 2-step start switch that helps prevent any accidental startups.
This tiller will offer you excellent performance for up to 40 minutes. Further, it’s lightweight nature makes it the best garden tiller you can have to complete your yard work.

3. TrimmerPlus GC720 Garden Cultivator

TrimmerPlus GC720 Garden Cultivator
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The GC720 has four 8-blade robust premium steel tines to meet all your trimming needs anytime. These tines have different variations on each tip to help you dig, tear and turn your vegetable garden with ease. It is easy to operate in small plots and comes with a durable die-cast gearbox that maintains power to the tines.
It additionally features a poly guard that helps keep dirt and debris away from the operator. Furthermore, the TrimmerPlus GC720 comes backed by a two-year limited warranty thus giving you peace of mind.

4. GreenWorks 27072 Corded Electric Garden Tiller

GreenWorks 27072 Corded Electric Garden Tiller
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The GreenWorks 27072 is a very cost-effective and eco-friendly tiller with a powerful 8 AMP motor that offers reliable results. It has four 8-inch rotating tines that will perfectly dig into the earth better than other models. This tiller has an adjustable tilling width of 10 inches and an adjustable tilling depth of 5 inches.
Besides, it is easy to start and has an ergonomic lightweight design to help reduce user fatigue. Aside from these, this convenient and powerful tiller is designed with a handle that folds down allowing for easy storage and transportation.

5. Husqvarna FT900-CA

Husqvarna FT900-CA
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This tiller has an adjustable tilling width from 12 inches, 24 and 26 inches. It is CARB Compliant and features a 208cc Briggs and Stratton engine. Further, it additionally features an adjustable depth bar and drag bar and also has a recoil start. It comes at a reasonable price and has a design that is quite ergonomic thus helping reduce fatigue while working on your garden.

6. Mantis 7920 Tiller with Sure-Grip Handles

Mantis 7920 Tiller with Sure-Grip Handles
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This is the best garden tiller perfect for gardeners looking to have a greenhouse-quality soil. It will help you work faster on your garden as opposed to other tillers. It is pretty easy to start, silent and highly reliable with a light weight of only 20 pounds. This premium 2-cycle tiller has a 21.2cc engine that spins the tines faster than other devices.
Much as it is very light in weight, this tiller can till down 10 inches deep. It is ergonomically designed with a comfortable grip and handle that is easy on the hands.

7. Sun Joe TJ603E 12-Amp Electric Tiller

Sun Joe TJ603E 12-Amp Electric Tiller
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The Sun Joe TJ603E is ETL approved and comes with a full 2-year warranty from the company. It has a powerful 12-amp motor that cultivates up to 16 inches wide and 8 inches deep. There are six durable steel tines designed to provide excellent performance and durability thus guaranteeing you lifelong service.
The Sun Joe TJ603E also features three position wheel adjustments and has a handle that folds making it easy to store and transport. And while it has all these amazing features, the TJ603E is available at a budget-friendly price.

8. VonHaus Electric Garden Cultivator

VonHaus Electric Garden Cultivator
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Unlike other tillers that run on gas, the VonHaus tiller is electrically powered thus making it very cost effective and equally eco-friendly. It is engineered with a powerful motor of 850W thus assuring you fast and easy gardening. The four steel tines will make your gardening job very easy.
Besides, there are also four super-sharp blades thus making it capable of tilling up to 12.5 inches wide and 8.6 inches deep. It conversely features a safety cut-out protection switch making it safe and easy to operate while its light weight design of 20.7lbs makes it quite ergonomic.
The double handle of this machine allows for stability and easy maneuverability. The VonHaus 12.5-inch tiller truly ranks among the best garden tillers for sale you'll surely want to give it your full attention.

9. XtremepowerUS Commercial Garden Yard Grass Tiller

XtremepowerUS Commercial Garden Yard Grass Tiller
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This machine doesn’t require a lot of work during assembly. It has a pocket-friendly price tag and includes amazing features that will undoubtedly make your gardening job a breeze.
It has a rotary cultivation width of 10 inches and a cultivation depth of up to 4 inches. Moreover, the XtremepowerUS Commercial also features a 2-stroke engine with a standard power of 1.3kw/min. It is ergonomically designed thus reduces user fatigue.

10. Mantis Tiller #7250

Mantis Tiller #7250
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The Mantis Tiller is a quiet model weighing only 21 pounds. Even with this light weight, the Mantis Tiller is quite sturdy designed with a 3-speed 540W motor. With its compact width of just 9 inches, this electric garden tiller will get into tighter spaces around the yard that other larger models cannot. It has curvy tines that can till down 10 inches deep. Furthermore, this tiller folds pretty easy making storage and transportation an easier task.

Wrapping Up

These are the best garden tillers for sale in the 2017 market if you’re looking for a garden cultivator. And much as the decision ultimately lies with you, you’ll want to consider purchasing an electric garden tiller that will deliver excellent results within the shortest time. The best garden tiller has a powerful motor and additionally features unique tines that will handle even the toughest gardening job. Aside from these features, consider purchasing an electric tiller that is affordable and meets your individual needs.