Top 10 Best Electric Food Slicers of 2024

As a form of free advice or affirming what the health experts say to you daily, sliced food is essential for anyone who wants to improve your health. It isn’t like unsliced foods which are quite chaotic to chew and for some, it is entirely indigestible. Don’t worry, owning an electric food slicer will help you slice with ease and get to transform your health rapidly. Of course, slicing food or meat manually can be cumbersome. But getting the full benefits of your investment means, you’ve to shop the best slicer on the market.

Choosing the best electric food slicers are quite a chaotic process especially for people who have not done it before. Some factors must be followed if you want the best slicer. You must consider ease of use of the device, power, speed, design, noise levels, and ease of cleaning among other factors. Whether you are operating from home or a restaurant, you’ll find the great usefulness of this device.

Also, you have to check the design of the blades and ensure that they are sharp. The device also should be easy to clean and cheap to repair. You’ve to ensure that the blades are stain resistant. Another most forgotten issue is the issue of décor. There is no point of adding an ugly looking device to your kitchen. It has to complement the existing décor of your kitchen at the same time providing high performance in slicing a variety of food.

List of Best Electric Food Slicers

10. EdgeCraft 610 Electric Food Slicer

EdgeCraft 610 Electric Food Slicer

The 610 model is a high-quality gear-driven food slicer. The 610 slicer operates on a reliable, smooth and powerful high torque motor. The versatile and rugged slicer has parts made of stainless steel and aluminum. It features a large capacity food carriage that retracts fully to allow slicing of extra large foods like hams and roasts. The model’s food carriage and cantilever design allow fast and cost-effective food slicing within the shortest time. Besides, the food carriage of this electric food slicer locks perfectly into position for safety. The unit’s parts are removable making it easy to wash and maintain. This slicer further comes with a serving tray for extra convenience.

9. Weston Food Slicer

Weston Food Slicer

Weston heavy duty 9-inch blade food slicer ranks as the best home electric food slicer because it allows you to make perfectly thin or thick cuts in a matter of minutes. It is highly durable and designed especially for your kitchen. The model has a compact design that makes it easy to store. It further features a strong base and has suction cup feet to allow stable and safe operation.

The large capacity food tray easily tilts out for easy cleaning. The unit has an adjustable thickness control that allows slicing even for thicker foods. It operates on a belt-driven and quiet running motor and also features a removable 8-5/8-inch blade. The unit has coated steel and aluminum housing that is corrosion resistant guaranteeing years of use without breaking down.

8. Chef’s Choice 615 Electric Food Slicer

Chef’s Choice 615 Electric Food Slicer

This versatile slicer has all parts made of both aluminum and stainless steel. It also features a powerful electric motor and comes with smooth gears for slicing food without any hassle. The cantilever design and tilted food carriage ensure fast, and efficient food slicing delivered directly to a large tray. The food carriage has a large capacity, and it retracts fully to allow slicing of extra large foods.

This model also ranks as the best food slicer because it has a 7-inch multi-purpose blade that can slice different foods whether thin or thick slices. The parts are removable making it easy to wash and maintain. Besides, the food carriage can lock into position when not in use for added security. Other features that you will find convenient on Chef’s Choice 615 model are the handy cord storage, serving tray and the on/off switch.

7. Elite Gourmet EMT-503B Electric Food Slicer

Elite Gourmet EMT-503B Electric Food Slicer

This black model by Elite Gourmet remains the best home food slicer for many people because aside from the reasonable price tag, it comes with unique features that other high-end models have. These features include a removable and retractable 7.5-inch blade, an on/off switch for safe use rubber feet for stability and a large slicing platform.

The unit has an adjustable thickness that delivers razor-thin slices to half-inch thick slices depending on your preference. It, therefore, lets you precisely cut meats, bread, salamis and hard cheeses to any desired thickness you want. The die-cast aluminum housing of this electric food slicer ensures durability while the easy to clean design makes maintenance a breeze.

6. VonShef Electric Food Slicer

VonShef Electric Food Slicer

You might want to try VonShef’s model if you are shopping for the best home electric food slicer. It can cut slices of a hog roast, extra thin slices of fresh brisket and cold cuts of ham and beef, vegetables, and cakes. The variable slicing adjuster means that you can control the slice thickness depending on how you want it. The unit has three easy to clean 7.5-inch blades – round, wave, and serrated blades. Safety features of the model include an end piece holder, a safety switch, finger protector and a knife guard. It further has non-slip feet, cast aluminum body, and a 150W motor.

5. Waring Pro FS155FR Food Slicer

Waring Pro FS155FR Food Slicer

Nothing beats this professional-quality food slicer designed for home use. It is very affordable and has unique features that make it stand out as the best food slicer on the market today. You will love the premium coated steel and die-cast aluminum housing and the stainless steel carriage surface. This material makes the unit very durable and easy to wash and maintain. The food slicer features a removable 7.5-inch stainless steel cutting blade that ensures excellent performance. The slice control knob can easily adjust to slice bread, vegetables, hard cheese and other foods depending on the thickness you want.

4. Nesco Food Slicer

Nesco Food Slicer

Unlike other slicers, Nesco’s unit comes with a hefty detachable 8.7-inch serrated blade that can handle food of different sizes and shapes. It has a sliding food carriage made of stainless steel and operates on a 180-watt motor. The unit also has a control knob that can adjust to slice any food depending on the thickness you want. The dual safety feature and durable die-cast aluminum design makes this model the best home food slicer you’ll find on the market today.

3. F2C Electric Food Slicer

F2C Electric Food Slicer

If you want the best home electric food slicer, then you might want to consider buying this unit by F2C. It is CE approved, highly efficient and effortless to clean and maintain. The model is made of a highly-durable material that guarantees long-term use without breaking down. It has low noise level and also features skid-proof rubber feet for countertop use.

It is a professional slicer for boneless meat, but it can also be used to slice cheese. It also has advanced and unique features like the sharpening control buttons and heat output holes that ensure excellent performance of the food slicer. The electric food slicer will not affect your budget because it has a very reasonable price tag. You will want to try out this model that beat the competition.

2. Cuisinart FS-75 Food Slicer

Cuisinart FS-75 Food Slicer

Cuisinart is a brand you can’t overlook when it comes to buying kitchen appliances. This food slicer equally makes the name stand out from the competition because of its excellent features and reasonable price tag. Many people consider the FS-75 model as the best home food slicer, and this is no surprise. The model is designed with a removable 7.5-inch undulated blade made of stainless steel for superior performance.

It also has premium coated steel and die-cast aluminum housing for durability and long-term use. The material also makes this model easy to maintain. You will love the slice control knob because it easily adjusts to give you the flexibility to have perfectly sliced foods depending on the thickness you prefer. The stainless steel carriage, the blade and the food guide are all removable making it easy to clean this unit. The FS-75 Kitchen Pro model by Cuisinart has a modern design and is pretty simple to operate. This model is truly a great addition to your kitchen and an excellent assistant to any home chef.

1. MLITER Electric Food Slicer

MLITER Electric Food Slicer

Whether you want thick bread or thin meats, Mliter’s model will make all this seem possible and effortless. You can adjust the thickness of the control knob however you want. It has a removable serrated blade and food pusher perfect for precision slicing of bread, meat, and vegetables among other foods. The unit operates on a powerful 150-watt motor that allows you to slice through hard meat and thick bread easily.

The anti-slip rubber feet ensure steady positioning when using the slicer on your countertop. Another great thing about this unit is that it has removable parts that make it easy to clean. Features like the on and off switch, the smooth gears also increase the performance of this model; no wonder many people still consider it as the best home electric food slicer.