Top 10 Best Dog Stairs of 2024

Giving your pet an easy time while getting into the house or vehicle is a good initiative. It is stressful and can dull your mood to keep lifting your dog every time getting into an elevated place. To solve all the mysteries, it is advisable to add dog stairs in your home. They are portable and soft to offers great feeling to your dogs. Unlike ramps, stairs are designed like real house stairs to ensure the dog gets a boost when ascending.

Unlike the real ones that are immovable, these for dogs are mobile which allows easy change of position. On the other hand, they are available in various sizes which ensure you can have the right stairs for every breed. With different stairs made of various materials, their durability differs. Above all, the aesthetically having the right color, style, and finish improves your experience with these reviewed top 10 best dog stairs, no more pet suffering.

List of Best Dog Stairs

10. Solvit PupSTEP and Pet Stairs

Solvit PupSTEP and Pet Stairs

The Solvit plus pet stairs is a great way to give your pet easy climbing. Whether it’s for use in a bedroom or other raised places, the staircase offers great assistance to pets when accessing raised platforms. Unlike the bulky staircases, this one is extra lightweight. Thereby, one can easily carry it to different places when traveling.

Despite the lightweight nature, this pupstep is capable of supporting up to 120 pounds. With no skid steps, every pet can easily use it without risk of sliding. For storage, this set of stairs is easy and offers a folding structure. Amazingly, it is ideal for use in different places.

9. Pet Gear Easy Step II Pet Stairs 2 Step up to 150 Pounds

Pet Gear Easy Step II Pet Stairs 2 Step up to 150 Pounds

When you have small breed pets, getting them on the chairs or bed can be hectic. Instead of lifting pets every time it’s easy to use dog stairs. This Pet gear stairs is a good option for large and small breeds. With sturdy construction, it can hold up to 150 pounds. Also, it measures 22’’ x 16’’ x 16’’ thus compact to save space.

Unlike some of the stairs, this has removable carpet treads. This enables users to enjoy easy cleaning. With tool-free assembling, it means putting this stair set up is effortless. The bottom part has rubber feet that ensure there is no skidding when the pets are climbing.

8. Pet Studio Pine Dog RampSteps

Pet Studio Pine Dog RampSteps

Giving your pets easy climbing to bed is possible when using a good ramp. This convertible dog step is a classic pick for all dog owners. It is made of sturdy pine frame hence strong than plastic ones. Boasting mahogany finish, it’s excellent furniture to complement your house appearance.

Compared to other stairs, this has a sturdy structure. It can support up to 130 pounds. Additionally, the convertible nature allows the users to change it to ramp for arthritic dogs. The top surface is lined with soft and non-slip carpet and is simple to clean. It comes fully assembles; thus there is no assembling needed.

7. Petsfit Wooden Cats and dogs for Elderly Short Legs Long Body Pets

Petsfit Wooden Cats and dogs for Elderly Short Legs Long Body Pets

People with elderly or short legged pets need to offer them a relief when climbing. This Petsfit wooden stair set is reliable equipment for all pets. Designed by professionals, it has great feet grip, as well a high comfort to pet feet. Lined with a soft cover, there is no struggling to pets with weak or sick feet due to hard surfaces.

For the safety of your pets, this dog stair is sturdily built. Also, the bottom part is enhanced with rubber grippers to prevent any slipping as pets climb up and down the bed. To move this pet staircase, it has round holes on the sides that act as a handle. This stair has a weight capacity of 100 pounds.

6. Good Life 4 Steps Carpeted Ladder Ramp Cats Scratching and Tree

Good Life 4 Steps Carpeted Ladder Ramp Cats Scratching and Tree

Good life 4 steps pets stair is one of the exciting options available. It is a multipurpose stir case ideal for cats. Lined with carpet, it offers a soft surface that renders ides for scratching and climbing. This means it eliminates the need for pet owners to buy climbing and scratching trees for their pets.

Apart from being multipurpose, the staircase is long to enable pets to climb on higher surfaces. In fact, measuring 25 inches, it is ideal for most beds and seats. Beneath the soft faux fleece is a wooden frame that proves to be strong. Therefore, it can be used to support pets weighing 70 pounds.

5. Petmaker High-Density Foam Pet Steps with Machine Washable Micro-Fiber

Petmaker High-Density Foam Pet Steps with Machine Washable Micro-Fiber

Forget the heavy wooden stairs for pets. This high-density foam steps for dogs is a classic choice to keep your pet climbing with ease. Due to the high-quality foam, the stairs set is durable and offers high safety. This is due to the soft carpet that keeps footing secure without slipping.

The fantastic feature with this staircase is it comes with a removable cover. With zipper closure, it ensures you have easy cleaning to keep it free from dust and pet hairs. Due to the compact and lightweight nature, it is suited for traveling. However, the stair is only limited to pets below 25 pounds.

4. Best Pet Supplies 3-Step Foldable Foam Pet Stairs

Best Pet Supplies 3-Step Foldable Foam Pet Stairs

Keep your pets enjoying great convenience when getting to bed without any struggle. It only needs you to invest in the best dog stairs for bed. This foldable foam stairs case is a good one for small dogs. Despite its compact looking nature, the staircase is suited for use in most bed and couches. With top lined with soft carpet, it gives pets smooth movement without claws getting stuck.

Apart from the comfortable top, the foam is safe, and CertiPUR certified. This means it has no toxic particles that can affect the health of your pet. The cover is zipper enhanced and simple to clean which mean it’s simple to keep it free from dust and other dirt. With easy conversion to ramp, its ideal even for small pets.

3. Zinus Cozy Pet Stairs/ Ramp/ Ladder

Zinus Cozy Pet Stairs/ Ramp/ Ladder

Zinus is known for premium foam products. Apart from human products, here is a versatile ramp designed for pets. Unlike the heavy wood and metal stairs, this one boasts heavy-duty foam. Therefore, it’s light and soft which ensure your go can climb without any hard spots.

Amazingly, this staircase is dedicated to short lagged and small dogs. They can climb with ease without risking to fall. Moreover, the cover is sleek due to the decoration. Being removable, it becomes simple to keep it clean from odors and hairs. Assembling is quick without any struggle.

2. Zinus 2 Step Easy Pet Stairs/ Ramp/ Ladder

Zinus 2 Step Easy Pet Stairs/ Ramp/ Ladder

This is another dog stairs case from Zinus made of heavy-duty foam. With its premium features, it offers excellent performance and reliability than most of the available dog stairs. It has a sleek cover with soft feeling and high grip. Unlike the other versions, this is for large breeds.

To ensure there is ease of climbing without jumping, the ladder is 22 inches high. Also, the 7 inches steps are great to ensure pet moves smoothly. For the cover, it is beautiful to complement your room as well as removable for sleek cleaning. Above all, assembling this product  is a piece of cake.

1. SUKI&SAMI Metal Frame Lightweight Folding Dog Ramp for Car

SUKI&SAMI Metal Frame Lightweight Folding Dog Ramp for Car

When on the move, don’t let your dog struggle when getting into the vehicle. All you need to have is this lightweight and portable ramp. It’s one of the best dog stairs for small dogs as well as large breeds. The metal structure is great and light which ensures you can move it with ease. Additionally, it has a collapsible frame that increases portability.

Besides the frame, the stairs are fitted with strong fabric materials that enable smooth pet walking. Unlike other materials, keeping this clean is simple by just of a wiping cloth. For improved safety, the frame is easy to attach to the tailgate thus wobble free dog climbing.


Well, you need to put all the considerations above in mind when you are out there searching for the best dog stairs. Since you love your pet, getting the best for it will be inevitable. However, as seen in the reviews above, you need to consider price, intended use, stability, pet size and the overall size of the equipment. You have a total of 10 choices to choose from. You only need to select the one that best matches your search. Just like other dog products, the safety of your furry friend needs to be prioritized. Amazingly, most of the stairs above feature certified quality and are built from toxic materials. In fact, the safety of your dog is directly related to the equipment you buy for them.