Top 10 Best Dog Nail Clippers in 2018 Reviews

Trimming your dog nails is a part of essential grooming practices. Just like humans, when clipping your pet dog its necessary to take care not to crack or cause discomfort when trimming. Now, to achieve efficient trimming, there are various types of clipping devices like nail gliders and nail clipper for dog. Although all are meant to enhance smooth and safe clipping, mechanism of work differs.
The following listing contains our top 10 best dog nail clippers in 2018 reviews.

1. Petter Dog Nail Clippers, Non-Slip Grip

Petter Dog Nail Clippers, Non-Slip Grip
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To keep your 4 legged friend well groomed, you need a reliable nails clippers for dogs. The Petter dog nail clippers are a perfect tool to give your dog or cat a perfect trimming. Designed featuring stainless steel, the clippers can’t get compromised quality wise. This ensures that it doesn’t break easily while delivering sharp edges for a perfect cutting. On the other hand, when handling the clipper, no hand straining since it has a rubberized handle for a perfect and firm grip. It is friendly for use in pets of all ages, whether kittens, puppies, or adult cats and dogs.

2. Gonicc Professional Pet Nail Clipper, Hardened Stainless Steel

Gonicc Professional Pet Nail Clipper, Hardened Stainless Steel
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Grooming your pets is a major step in maintaining general cleanliness. Now, finding a sharp and strong clipper is the first step in ensuring that your pet nails are well trimmed, safe and healthy. The blade is of high-quality featuring stainless steel which is non-rusting thus preventing infections. With the kind of blades, the tool ensures that cutting nails is smooth regardless the age of the pet. Handles are ergonomic constructed ensuring that you have a comfortable grip. On the other hand, to ensure maximum safety for kids, it has a locking mechanism. The hidden file allows you to polish nails after cutting.

3. Green Street Pet Basics Stainless Steel Dog Nail Clippers & Trimmers

Green Street Pet Basics Stainless Steel Dog Nail Clippers & Trimmers
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Overgrown nails in dogs and cats can cause difficulties when walking. Now you can trim them efficiently with Green Street Pet Basics stainless steel nail clippers. They are premium clippers which are meant for use when cutting nails in small and big cats and dogs without inflicting pain to your pet. Further, the blades are specially crafted to ensure that you clearly see pet nails before trimming. Unlike other trimming tools, this has a sleek scissor-like design with rubber coating to deliver maximum comfort. They are professional nail clippers which are ideal for all pet nail clipping needs.

4. Hmcity Dog Nail Clippers & Trimmer

Hmcity Dog Nail Clippers & Trimmer
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Once you decide to give your dog or cat an excellent grooming, all you need is this nail clipper and trimmer from Hmcity. The clipper is made from highest quality materials to deliver superior performance while minimizing discomforts associated with nails clipping. It has stainless steel blades meaning excellent sharpness and durability. Once you have this tool, no need to worry since it has a safety guard which prevents overcutting which can cause bleeding. The handles are rubberized to give your hand a comfortable feeling without slipping. Once you get the trimmer, it comes backed by a file to polish pet nail after trimming.

5. Hertzko Professional Pet Nail Clipper and Trimmer, Free File

Hertzko Professional Pet Nail Clipper and Trimmer, Free File
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Cutting your pet nails with substandard tools is now over. This professional nails clipper from Hertzko brings stylish and comfortable clipping in your home. it’s a reliable trimmer constructed from stainless steel which ensures that no rust and exceptional sharp blades. Moreover, the blades allow you to have a smooth cutting free from uneven. On the other hand, as you trim, the clipper has a safety guard to prevent overcutting and bleeding. The tool is easy to store due to fitted lock while handles are insulated with a soft rubber for a comfortable grip. A Hertzko nail file backs this trimmer for a smooth finishing by filing.

6. Pet Republique Professional Dog Nail Clippers

Pet Republique Professional Dog Nail Clippers
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Trim your pet paw nails with ease and comfort when you get this clipper by Pet Republique. It’s a tool which is designed to give your small pets a safe and efficient nail clipping while eliminating discomforts. The trimmer is made from thick steel blades, making it strong and sharp which lasts for years. When blade is sharp, you are guaranteed that the clipper won’t crack your pet nails or cause scratching edges. Now, to the user, no straining when clipping as it the handle is ergonomically designed with rubber insulation. For the safety when under storage, the clipper has blades lock.

7. Wagglies Professional Dog Nail Clippers, Angled Head, Quick Sensor Guard

Wagglies Professional Dog Nail Clippers, Angled Head, Quick Sensor Guard
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Wagglies professional dog nail clipper is all you need in your home to keep your pets neat. Constructed for use by professionals, it makes sure your work is easier and safe. Combining veterinary quality materials and unmatchable clipping ability, it delivers comfort and ease of trimming. The head is angled to eliminate cutting stress, while sensor guard allows you to achieve precise cutting. This is unlike cheap clippers which can result to overcutting and bleeding. Accompanying this trimmer is a finishing file and a grooming E-book to keep your pet always charming.

8. Thunderpaws Professional-Grade Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmers

Thunderpaws Professional-Grade Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmers
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It’s time to give your dog ultimate nail trimming without inflicting pain or discomforts. It’s a premium tool which allows you to trim and clip dog nails comfortably. The blades are strong and sharp due to the steel construction. Due to this, the trimmer delivers smooth cutting free from cracking or chipping. On the other hand, the combination of sturdy blades and ergonomic design ensures that, the tool is perfect for the large dogs. Further, rubberized handles are ideal when you are holding the clipper as it doesn’t slip. Once you have Thunderpowers dog nails clipper, no more vet bills since it allows you to groom your pets safely and efficiently.

9. OmegaPet Dog Nail Clippers, Large Breed Toenail Clipper

OmegaPet Dog Nail Clippers, Large Breed Toenail Clipper
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When your pet is having large nails, it can damage various home items which are fabric made. Now, it’s important to keep them trimmed even to avoid the pet from causing injuries. Here is a perfect nail clipper from Omegapet which is an ideal for performing pedicures for your pets. The clipper is easy to use taking into account that it has a rubber handles which enhances a firm grip and soft feeling. On the other hand, there are no worries when it comes to trimming due to the precision cutting facilitated by nail safety guard. Above all, the featured design is ideal for people with small or large hands.

10. GoPets Dogs & Cats Nail Clippers, Nail File

GoPets Dogs & Cats Nail Clippers, Nail File
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GeoPet nails clippers for dog and cats is a heavy duty tool which leaves your pet nails neat and smooth. As soon you notice their nails need trimming or to be clipped, this clipper enables you to do it with perfection. After you cut the nails, no need to worry about scratchy nails or rough surfaces since the clippers comes with a file. In addition, the 3 mm thick steel blade leaves even hard nails well-trimmed without causing cracking. The blades last for years without need to sharpen thus ready for trimming each time you need them. To ease the cutting efforts, the handles are a bit longer, and enhanced with non-slipping handles.