Top 5 Best Diabetic Blood Test Strips of 2024

What is diabetes and what causes it? This question becomes a bit a tricky question to answer even for professional health practitioners. The main reason is that diabetes is not a standalone disease but rather a condition caused by something else. To get a better understanding of the condition, you need first to understand what goes on in your body and stomach to be specific when you swallow food. In a nutshell, the food is converted into sugars known as glucose and absorbed into the blood stream by the help of a hormone called insulin.

Glucose provides the cells with energy. Surprisingly, if the level of glucose (sugars) is very high, you acquire diabetes. This arises if the insulin production is low or the insulin aren’t working as they are supposed to. Unfortunately, the condition affects people in all walks of life but luckily for you, with proper monitoring, you can avoid it. Below are some of the best glucose test strips of 2021.

List of Best Diabetic Blood Test Strips

4. Contour-Next Bayer Blood Glucose Test Strips

Contour-Next Bayer Blood Glucose Test Strips

Contour-Next has always been on the forefront in producing the best diabetes test strips. The Bayer blood glucose comes with two bottles each containing fifty strips making a total of a hundred. The expiration date is about a year and thus promises a longer period of use. The amazing thing about this particular test strip is that it uses a very little blood sample. Unlike other strips, Bayer is recessed at the top and thus allows air to escape thus when you place a drop of the blood sample it flows in smoothly with ease. The Bayer Contour next are compatible with the Bayer Next EZ Glucose monitoring system. The product is made of a good quality and the price just amazing.

3. Abbott AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Glucose

Abbott AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Glucose

Taking care of your pet is of utmost importance. Pets make us happy and thus it is in order we keep them happy. Ensuring they are always healthy and free of illness should be top of the list. That’s the reason Abbott designed the AlphaTRAK Blood Glucose strip for testing the glucose levels of your dog or cat. The AlphaTRAK uses very little blood sample, just a drop and if you get it right, the meters beeps immediately. The meter is just amazing and easy to use and read especially if you have a USB cable one specifically designed to work with Abbott AlphaTRAK 2. Most people feel the product is way too overpriced. However, I think with the great functionality it’s worth it.

2. Bayer Contour Blood Glucose

Bayer Contour Blood Glucose

Bayer Contour glucose strips are an excellent product available at about half the price of most of its competitors yet delivering same and some extent better results than the competitors. The strips come in a pack of 100 strips. The beauty about this strips is that there is no coding required whatsoever. All you need to do is place a drop of blood, 0.6 should be enough, and the strips works the magic and gives the results in about 5 seconds. The strips are white allowing easy visual verification. The only slight issue with the Bayer Glucose strips is the expiration date. It a bit short, six months, but not a major concern.

1. Bayer Contour Next Test Strip 300 Strips

Bayer Contour Next Test Strip 300 Strips

If you are looking for fast results, then the Bayer Contour Next strips are the way to go. The strips come in six boxes each with fifty making a total of 300 strips. These Bayer Next strips are designed to work with Contour Next Meter for the best results. The strips are extremely easy to use as there is no coding required thus nullifying any chance of inaccurate readings. The blood sample is quick sipped in ensuring it is not compromised to give a false reading. The Contour Next meters are exclusive and exceed all requirements of International Organization for Standardization. These strips produce accurate and fast results. The price is pocket-friendly and beats most of its competitors.


Healthy living should be an individual responsibility that starts with you. The diabetes epidemic can be controlled if we all combined our efforts and assumed responsibility where needs be. It is important to monitor your blood glucose levels, whether you are diabetic or not, for a better living. The number of deaths resulting from diabetes can be reduced drastically. I hope this article will help to improve your health by using the products described above.