Top 20 Best Cycling Helmets of 2024

Whenever riding a helmet is important to keep your head safe. Even for experienced riders, it’s a necessity as crashing is unpredictable. On the other hand, even when riding at low speed you can also suffer from serious injuries if you happen to crash. Cycle helmets are constructed featuring a hard plastic shell and foam cushion in order to absorb energy when there is an impact. Although we have different types of bicycle helmets, the primary role is that they should be able to be reliable. Since your brain is delicate, it needs a lot of protection; therefore don’t risk again riding without. These are the top 20 best cycling helmets in 2021 reviews to enable you to have a smooth ride.

List of Best Cycling Helmets

20. CCTRO Adult Cycling Bike Helmet, Mountain Bicycle Road Bike Helmet

CCTRO Adult Cycling Bike Helmet, Mountain Bicycle Road Bike Helmet

When you are riding a bike whether for recreational, mountain biking or cycling, you need a reliable helmet like this one from CCTRO. It’s a heavy duty helmet designed to offer maximum protection and durability. Designed for both men and women, there is no reason to ride without a helmet. To provide a proper fitting, the helmet is constructed with adjustable strap. On the other hand, the hard shell made of sturdy plastic and EPS foam allows you to be secure from impacts. Further, the 18 vents allow your head to get free air flow which prevents excessive sweating. Above all is lightweight and detachable visor gives it a lightweight.

19. Gonex Adult Road Mountain Helmet

Gonex Adult Road Mountain Helmet

Gonex adult mountain helmet is a premium product which delivers superior head protection against any impact. Incorporating high density 0.8 mm polycarbonate and thick foam padding it ensures you head is fully secured. Additionally, the shell is attractive due to its bright colors which maximize visibility when you are on the road. The internal lining is easily washable and is enhanced with insect net. To keep your head cool and dry the shell boasts 23 wind tunnels for ample ventilation. It’s available in 56-62cm and comes with a rotary internal regulator which is adjustable.

18. Snail&Hawk Unisex Moon Adjustable In-Mold Cycling Bike Helmet

Snail&Hawk Unisex Moon Adjustable In-Mold Cycling Bike Helmet

As you look for an ideal helmet for cycling, your head circumference is a determining factor. With this helmet from Snail&Hawk, you can enjoy your perfect size due to availability in different size from 58-61-cm. This allows you to wear your ideal size and also it comes equipped with adjustable straps for a perfect fitting. Additionally, this helmet is great as it guarantees a cooling effect due to 27 integrated ventilations which facilitate adequate air circulation. The in-mold tech is ideal for ensuring that helmet is ideal for all types of cycling. The outer shell is hard made crafted from a polycarbonate encasing impact absorbing EPS foam. The detachable visor allows you to ride in sunny weathers.

17. Bern Unlimited Brentwood Summer Helmet, Flip Visor

Bern Unlimited Brentwood Summer Helmet, Flip Visor

Apart from protection, the helmet design is also a factor to consider ensuring you look fashionable and modern. Bern unlimited summer helmet is the way when you need a unique shaped and high performance helmet. Unlike others on the market, this utilizes zip mold liquid technology in offering protection rather than EPS foam thereby giving it a low profile. As a result, this helmet appears smaller than others hence more lightweight. In addition, it is also fitted with a flipping visor to shield your eyes from intense sun hence clear view. For easy fitting, this helmet has a crank dial at the back which makes fastening and loosening easy even when you are riding.

16. Leadtry HM-1 Ultralight Integrally Molded EPS Bike Helmet, Antibacterial Pads

Leadtry HM-1 Ultralight Integrally Molded EPS Bike Helmet, Antibacterial Pads

Experience an outstanding cycling without worrying about your head safety with Leadtry HM-1 Ultra-light Integrally bike helmet. You can bet your security on it since it has a hard shell made from a combination of PVC and polycarbonate which makes sure it doesn’t break even with multiple crashes. For the comfort and further protection, internal padding features EPS foam which entirely covers your head absorbing shock and impacts. On the other hand, Leadtry helmet boasts an aerodynamic design which reduces air resistance allowing a smooth riding. Complementing the design are 27 air vents which ensures your head doesn’t sweat excessively. The pad is easy to clean and has antibacterial features to prevent bad odors development.

15. Nutcase Metroride Bike Helmet

Nutcase Metroride Bike Helmet

Achieving your cycling dream is now possible while maintaining your safety. With Nutcase metroride helmet for bikes is all you need to keep you safe. It’s a highly engineered helmet which gives it unmatchable performance. In order to achieve perfect fitting, this helmet boasts removable and adjustable spin dial strap for making a fine adjustment. Moreover, putting it is easy with only one hand required since the buckle is magnet-enhanced to ensure easy closure. Once riding your bike you are highly visible as Nutcase metroride is enhanced with 360 degrees reflective ability. Modern design coupled with high breathability not forgetting ample padding makes ultimate helmet to have.

14. Kuyou Adult Cycling Bike Helmet for Men Women Youth

Kuyou Adult Cycling Bike Helmet for Men Women Youth

Whether you love on-road or off-road biking you have one perfect helmet which will allow you accomplish your mission without even a crash scar in the head. The Kuyou cycling helmet is a superior products designed for use by men and women as well as youths. Forget about those helmets which come without visors thereby affecting your visual strength on intense sun or rain. Kuyou cycling helmet has an inbuilt visor to deliver smooth viewing. On the other hand, there is the outer shell well ventilated which allows it to provides a cool air hence a comfortable feeling besides extra cushioning by a thick foam.

13. Critical Cycles Classic Multi-Sport CM-1 Helmet

Critical Cycles Classic Multi-Sport CM-1 Helmet

Riding a bike without a helmet can cripple rest of your life. It’s now possible to look modern when wearing Critical cycles multi-sports helmet whenever you are cycling. It’s a reliable products designed from heavy-duty materials to make sure you are always safe while significantly reducing weight. It has an ABS plastic shell which encases EPS foam to deliver ample protection when you are in action. Also, the adjustable strap allows a fitting fastening to make sure it doesn’t come off when cycling. Moreover, the helmet meets US CPSC safety standard and has 11 vents to keep your head cool.

12. GoMax Aero Adult Safety Cycling Helmet, Ultralight Inner Padding

GoMax Aero Adult Safety Cycling Helmet, Ultralight Inner Padding

Enjoy modern and innovative design which keeps you looking fashionable. The GoMax aero cycling helmet is a superior product which never disappoints. Constructed with fashion in mind, it has an aero design which is features 22 air vents which eliminate air resistance. Also, the in-mold design perfectly fits in your head while providing a comfortable feel due to thick padding. Additionally, as you wear, the inner lining is highly absorbing to keep your head dry and away from excessive sweating. Outer shell is hard and reliable since it is made from high-density polycarbonate while adjusting strap ensures you get perfect fitting. In addition the rear adjusting dial is reflective to keep you visible on the road.

11. Gonex Wind Cross Adult Bike Helmet

Gonex Wind Cross Adult Bike Helmet

Gonex is ensuring your head is entirely safe when you are performing any form of cycling. With this helmet, no need to expose your head to uncertainties. It boasts a heavy-duty polycarbonate with 8mm thickness meaning it is hard to break. The shell also has matt printing while inner protective pad includes thick foam which is integrally molded. On the other hand, the inner lining is washable to keep it clean always clean. The nylon straps are ideal to keep helmet intact on the head while insect net keeps off small flying insects from getting trapped on the helmet. It has 28 wind tunnels and streamlined design for a smooth riding minus air resistance.

10. Bell Thalia Bike Helmet for Women

Bell Thalia Bike Helmet for Women

If you have a head circumference of between 54 and 58 cm, here is an ideal helmet designed for you. The Bell Thalia women cycling helmet is a perfect for any lady wishing to join cycling. This stylish helmet is premiumly constructed making it durable and highly protective. For a comfortable fit, it is designed with a true fit meaning it perfectly sit on your head without wobbling. Besides, protection, it has 12 vents for efficient cooling as well as reducing wind blocking as you ride. In addition to enhancing a smooth ride, it has a tapeless shape.

9. Bern Unlimited Watts Summer Helmet

Bern Unlimited Watts Summer Helmet

Have you been experiencing uncomfortable cycling especially during summers? Bern unlimited summer helmet is here to offer solace. It has thin EPS foam and hard ABS shell which gives it a low profile which ensures there is no heat built up. To supplement this, the helmet has ample vents which bring in cold air to eliminate heat and excessive sweating. Unlike other helmets, this has an integrated visor which keeps you seeing correctly even when there is the strong sun. To fit it in your head, the crank fit dial allows for easy securing or loosening.

8. Nutcase Little Nutty Street Cycling Helmet

Nutcase Little Nutty Street Cycling Helmet

Nutcase is yet presenting another helmet which ideal for anyone who is a cycling enthusiast. It offers a multiple options which ensure that you get the perfect fit. The helmet is available in 2 set of pads, 3mm and 6mm which works perfectly in collaboration with spin dial. No more struggling when you are wearing this helmet as it has a one hand operation due to the magnetic buckle which facilities easy closure. The shell is enhanced with 11s vents to facilitates enough air circulation and also has beautiful graphics to keep it looking awesome.

7. Fox Racing Head Transition Hardshell Helmet

Fox Racing Head Transition Hardshell Helmet

No more bicycle racing when wearing substandard helmets which can cause you to suffer from crashes. The Fox Racing hard-shell helmet is the answer to all head protection needs for your head. It’s a sleek helmet which provides a fashionable design besides protection. The outer shell is of superb quality enabling it to protect your head in case of a crash or impact. This is further supplemented by the inner suede and microfiber lining which are comfortable and easy to wash. Above all, the 11 air tunnels are enough to give your head excellent treat of a cooling effect as well as breathability.

6. Giro Sutton Cycling Helmet

Giro Sutton Cycling Helmet

For bikers, there is a reason to smile since you will never go out again without a helmet. Giro Sutton is a heavy duty helmet which can survive the worst scenario without compromising your safety. Unlike the regular helmets, this features a unique attractive design which is appealing and matching to everyone. In terms of strength, it has a hard in-mold polycarbonate which is strong enough to resist damage. For cooling, the shell is enhanced with 8 vents to allow air circulation efficiently. Above all is a cord loc system for a perfect fit and has soft visor.

5. Triple Eight Certified Cycling Helmet

Triple Eight Certified Cycling Helmet

Your love for biking, roll skating or skateboarding is boosted by Triple Eight cycling helmet. The product is not a joke and offers you exceptional security to your head regardless of the situation. To ensure this, it is certified to comply with U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for bicycles helmets as well as ASTM F-1492-08 Safety Standards and CE EN 1078. The ABS plastic outer shell combined with EPS liner delivers a comfortable fitting and protection against crashes and shocks. It comes with 2 sets of pads for quick customization.

4. Louis Garneau HG Majestic Cycling Helmet

Louis Garneau HG Majestic Cycling Helmet

Meet the real cycling helmet from Louis Garneau HG to take your cycling to the next level. The manufacturer has ensured that this helmet has perfection in terms of design, performance and durability. This is; its shell is hard and sturdy to ensure it can withstand any crash. On the comfort, you can bet the best feeling when wearing it since it has large air vents which allow moistures evacuation as well as air flow and inner lining has a wicking capability. Stabilizing this helmet you only need one hand thus when need be, you can adjust it even when you are riding. Without forgetting, it also comes with a large fitting visor.

3. Bell Adrenaline Bicycle Helmet

Bell Adrenaline Bicycle Helmet

This product from Bell is a highly engineered helmet, which boasts premium features to keeps users safe and looking stunning. To start with is a sleek hard shell enhanced with vent to keep user feeling comfortable, secures and free from excessive sweating. The comfort is further reinforced by fabric lining on the padding material which delivers a soft feeling. Further, the pad attaches to the shell via Velcro straps; thereby, making it easy to detach and hence allowing smooth washing.

2. Schwinn Super Light Integrally Bicycle Helmet

Schwinn Super Light Integrally Bicycle Helmet

Schwinn is a known company for production of high-quality products. this helmet for cycling from the company is designed to bring fun in your cycling career. Whether you are a professional cyclist or for recreational purposes, it will accomplish its mission with perfection. Boasting a dynamic design, it has 10 vents which reduce wind resistance while on the other hand promoting breathability. Adjustability is through the dial-fit retention system while the installed Snap-on visor offers protection from weather elements. The side adjusters make sure that you achieve proper fitting.

1. Giro Savant Road Bicycle Helmet

Giro Savant Road Bicycle Helmet

With Giro helmets, there is no single day you will go astray. They manufacture their products in order to give their customers maximum satisfaction. Now, this Giro Savant helmet for bikes is a brightly colored and features an authentic style which offers uniqueness when you are wearing it. Featuring roc loc 5 fit systems; there are no chance of the helmet coming out. Unlike any other helmet available on the market, this has 25 air vents which are ideal in facilitating smooth ride and breathability thus ensuring a cooling effect to the rider. Additionally, the polycarbonate shell is in-mold and padded with EPS foam.


Cycling helmets are indeed essential accessories which are needed by everyone when riding a bicycle. As we have seen, it’s evident each company tries as much as possible to delivers highly protective, comfortable and lightweight helmet. Well, we have provided a list of the top performing ones; it’s your turn now to select your preferred one.