Top 15 Best Currency Counting Machines of 2024

Manual currency counting can be tiresome, and also prone to errors. A little automation is, therefore, necessary by installing currency counting machine. These devices come in a broad range depending on your preferred size. Some are handheld while others are designed to handle a significant amount of money like in banks.

Money counting machines have as broad applications due to their accuracy when counting bills. Besides counting, these gadgets are designed to identify counterfeit notes. While many of the cash counting machines are designed for counting currency, others are advanced and can add and evaluate the value of the notes. If you are planning to start a business or already running one, let’s guide you on the top 15 best currency counting machines in 2021 reviews. They will assist you in increasing your efficiency as well money counting accuracy.

List of Best Currency Counting Machines

15. Cassida 6600 UV Currency Counter – Business Grade

Cassida 6600 UV Currency Counter - Business Grade

Now you can count bills without trials and errors by using this Cassida 6600 money counter. Packed with high-tech features, the machine is fast, reliable and heavy-duty constructed. With a capacity to count 1400 bills per minute with high accuracy the device is perfect to install in every kind of business premise. Additionally, no need to sort your notes as the machine will count, batch the notes and give results in total value counts. The ultra violet (600) and magnetic (600) authentication technology allows machine to detect fake money.

14. .Cassida 5520 UV/MG Money Counter, Counterfeit Money Detection

.Cassida 5520 UV/MG Money Counter, Counterfeit Money Detection

Are you planning to upgrade your business bills counting mechanisms? Don’t long further, Cassida 5520 UV/MG Money Counter is all you require. The machine is technologically advanced with up to date features to make counting a breeze. Designed to count your money professionally, it has the capacity of 1300 bills per minute. The UV/MG 5520 sensors detect fake currencies thus you can be sure even when you are fully engaged. Also, infrared sensor helps to identify half, double and chain notes. To maintain its high-performance, it comes with a self-diagnostic system and lubricating bearings. Cassida 5520 is 100 new dollar bill compliant.

13. Semacon S-1025 Mini Money Counter, UV/MG Sensor

Semacon S-1025 Mini Money Counter, UV/MG Sensor

Getting a simple to use money counting machine is a priority to every business. On the other hand, it should be compact and affordable. There is no more hassle with Semacon S-1025 Mini Money Counter. It is an easy to use counter with intuitive control panel featuring commonly used buttons. Exhibiting a fast counting speed (900 notes per minute) it ensures you count your money in the least time. Besides efficiency, this counter is accurate due to integrated advanced screening technology. Therefore, no risk of half notes, double notes or chain notes thus guaranteeing you a peace of mind. It is compact to save on space hence ideal for small sized businesses.

12. GSI Electronic Money/Cash Bill Counter, LED Screen Display

GSI Electronic Money/Cash Bill Counter, LED Screen Display

GSI Electronic Money/Cash Bill Counter is a safe and easy to use machine to get for your business. It features great technology and engineering to ensure that it can be customized for use with all major currencies. As it counts, it automatically detects the authenticity of money through UV, MG1, and MG2sensors. Additionally, as you place money on the tray, the machine has an automatic starting, stopping as well as batching. With ability to self-examination, the device is ideal as you can know when it has a problem. It can count 1000 notes per minute.

11. Ribao BC-1200 Bill Currency Counter, Roller Friction System

Ribao BC-1200 Bill Currency Counter, Roller Friction System

Ensures you have efficient bills counting in your office or business getting Ribao BC-1200 Bill Currency Counter. No more errors or a lengthy counting as it possesses the ability to count 1000 bills per minutes. It has a hopper with capacity to hold 100 bills and 200 bills, stacker. The roller friction system ensures it accurately picks a single note while intelligent system prevents double and half notes while detecting notes of different sizes. Equipped with a rotating LCD (270 degrees) it enables easy reading of results without turning the machine. You can connect it to a thermal printer to get a hard copy.

10. G-Star Technology Currency Counter, UV/MG/IR Sensor

G-Star Technology Currency Counter, UV/MG/IR Sensor

Counting money is one of the most sensitive activities. It requires a lot of concentration and accuracy which are accompanied by tiredness. But with a good counting machine like G-Star Technology Currency Counter you can now enjoy your counting. It is a heavy-duty machine with a capability to work for 2 hours continuously while delivering 1000 bills per minutes without compromising its efficiency. Moreover, the device is economical as it has a power rating of 90W while operating and 3W in idling mode. Its operation is quite (less than 60 dB) and has a counterfeit detection precision of 1/100000. The LED is user-friendly and is easy to read even under dark conditions.

9. Super Buy Money Counter Machine

Super Buy Money Counter Machine

Counting your money is now easy, faster and error free with this currency counters from Super Buy. It is designed for use in small offices and businesses due to its small size. Also, with extra fast counting speed of 900 notes/bills per minute, it is possible to achieve bulk counting within a few minutes. Further, the machine is suitable for use with many currencies across the world. It comes with easy to operate panel, adding capability, batching and can perform self-examination. No more tricks with counterfeit money as it can auto-detect when counting.

8. BlueDot Trading Currency Bill Counting Machine

BlueDot Trading Currency Bill Counting Machine

Accuracy is the key when you are dealing with money. Therefore, a lot of care is needed to make sure you don’t encounter even a slight error as it can compromise the whole process. Now, don’t risk counting your money manually, get BlueDot Trading money counter and transform your business or organization. It doesn’t matter the type of currency you are counting as it is compatible with majority of currencies. Moreover, to suit your need, the machine is programmable in batching mode or full time running. You can trust its operation as it has fake money scanning technology.

7. Flexzion Cash Counting Bank Machine, Portable

Flexzion Cash Counting Bank Machine, Portable

Count your bills with just pressing a button. It’s not a miracle, get Flexzion Cash Counting Machine and make counting a minute work. Enhanced with high accuracy and speed the device is capable of delivering an excellent speed of1000 pieces per minute. Additionally, you can count any currency falling between100-180mm length and 50-90mm width hence, it’s a versatile machine. The roller feeding mechanism is ideal to facilitate accuracy while UV and MG sensors detect fake money. Also available is programmable addition capability as well as auto start, stop and clearing mode. While working with it, you will enjoy quiet working conditions (less than 60DB) and economical power consumption (<70W).

6. Kolibri Cash Counter, UV Detection

Kolibri Cash Counter, UV Detection

Kolibri Cash Counter is your all-time money counting handy machine. It is crafted to ensure you are accurate and safe from crooks. Unlike the cumbersome manual counting which can consume all your time, this one you need only one minute to count 1000 bills. Additionally, there is no half, chain or double notes counting, due to its superior scanning capability. Also, the batching mode allows you to batch your notes into units. Upon the purchase its packing is easy to open and free from strong odor. The machine comes backed by 1-year labor and parts warranty.

5. ARKSEN Dual LCD Display Bill Counter, CE Approved

ARKSEN Dual LCD Display Bill Counter, CE Approved

Are you still clinching to your old money counting machine? It’s time to switch to a more efficient and advanced one. Enhanced to improve accuracy, this machine comes fitted with dual displays plus and external one to ease results access. Operating it, on the other hand, is easy through the integrated touchpad. The machine is always reliable as it is enhanced with self-diagnostic system which warns in case of malfunctioning. It also guarantees speed with its over 1050 bills counting rate per minute; while UV and MG protection warns upon detection of fake note. Portability is easy though the fitted retracting handles and is compatible with new US bill.

4. Pyle Digital, Automatic Banknote Counting Machine<

Pyle Digital, Automatic Banknote Counting Machine<

Are you looking for bill counter with capability to count both new and old notes without compromising its accuracy and efficacy? Here is the perfect machine for you; Pyle Digital automatic money counter. Every operation is automated on this machine; you just need to load your hopper and counting is on with just pressing a button. In case it encounters unfit notes, it has a beeping alarm which promptly notifies you. It can work with any note whether old, fatigued, or wrinkled, unlike other existing machines. The machine is incredibly fast with a counting rate of 1100 bills per minutes and large inbuilt and portable LCD displays.

3. .Pyle Automatic Bill Counter Machine

.Pyle Automatic Bill Counter Machine

No more hassle as you count money, the Pyle Automatic Bill Counter has reduced time and labor taken whens counting bills. By just feeding bills on the hopper and pressing a button, you will have your total in minute’s time. It has automatic and manual counting modes depending on which you prefer. Additionally, it is compatible with major international currencies hence allowing a broad usage. During counting, the machine has an efficient scanning mechanism which detects messy notes and automatically stops counting while ringing an alarm. It can count 1100 notes per minute.

2. Pyle Banknote Bill Counter Machine, Automatic

Pyle Banknote Bill Counter Machine, Automatic

Pyle machines are engineered with high sensitivity and accuracy to build trust with their users. This banknotes counter is among the best rated due to its precision and high-speed counting. It comes with many appealing features which make it applicable in many places including banks, business and other areas dealing with cash. With counting rate of 1500 notes per minute and excellent scanning ability, its performance is unmatchable. The display is simple to read and is accompanied by easy to operate control panel. It is possible to set yours desired mode, whether continuous counting or batching thus enhancing accuracy and efficiency.

1. OriGlam® YBC-V30 Portable Currency Counting Machine

OriGlam® YBC-V30 Portable Currency Counting Machine

It’s now easy to do your business everywhere without risking losing money due to manual counting. This portable machine is here for your assistance to keep your working error free while boosting your money handling. Whether you are indoors or outdoors the devices is useful as it is AC/DC operated; it can use 4AAA batteries or connect it to power through an adapter. The counter features lightweight construction with a unique shape and leather finish. It can be used to count different currencies and comes with 1-year warranty.


Money counting machines are essential tools that every business should have especially those dealing with liquid cash. The fact that they come in different sizes and capacity, it makes then affordable and easy to select the perfect one for your organization. Don’t let bills counting be a challenge get one of the reviewed counters and be a step ahead.