Top 10 Best Conference Phones of 2024

Communication is vital for any organization. However, sometimes it can be costly to organize traditional meetings. With the latest technology, it is now simple to conduct meetings from a distance using conference phones. They are handy devices which ensure every organization achieves seamless communication without extra cost. Although they may seem complicated, these devices are essential and most of the time easy to use. The critical thing is to ensure that you get the right device.

Basically, for newbies, selecting the best phone for conferencing is vital. Some of the qualities that need to be considered include reverberation, bandwidth, interaction, and noise. Although these devices come in a range of prices and performance, your selected device should allow you to achieve your purpose. Also, the type of connectivity is vital nowadays. Some phones used VoIP while others are analog. In overall, the phone needs to have better performance, high sound quality, and automation features. To give your business a boost, these top 10 best conference phones in 2021 are the perfect pick.

List of Best Conference Phones

10. Polycom Sound Station 2-Non Expandable Analog Conference Phone

Polycom Sound Station 2-Non Expandable Analog Conference Phone

There is no gamble when it comes to voice clarity when choosing the best conference phones. One of the conference phones with amazing sound clarity is Polycom sound station. Thanks to the ten feet 360 degrees microphone pickup range which ensures the best communication for medium and small-sized meeting rooms. Besides, it uses an outstanding technology that resists interference from mobile phones. Also, it features application pots for connecting mobile phones without an analog phone line.

  • Large LCD
  • Supports internet calling
  • Multi-direction microphone range
  • Soft dial buttons
  • Not very durable

9. Polycom Voicestation 300

Polycom Voicestation 300

are you searching through various resources trying to know about the best conference phones. The Voicestation is awesomely designed conference phones that are worth every penny. It features a patented acoustic technology that delivers superb sound quality. This machine supports natural, simultaneous and free-flowing technology. It uses a digitally tuned speaker and super sensitive microphone which ensures 360-degree coverage. Besides, it offers the reliability of hands-free calling in offices, business, and other public communication. The microphone captures sound from 7 feet distance ensuring an easy communication.

  • Easy to install
  • Elegant design
  • Durable speakers
  • Beautiful exterior
  • Bulky cord and plug

8. Avaya B189 Station IP HD Conference Phone

Avaya B189 Station IP HD Conference Phone

This is a perfect choice for those looking for the best ip conference phone. The B189 IP Conference Phone features a sleek design making it an elegant addition to any executive boardroom. It is also great for large conference rooms and also auditoriums. It features special sound filtration devices which ensure sound is HD quality. With five-inch color display, it is pretty easy to navigate. Also, it has built time-saving features. Thus, this is a prestigious and highly functional conference phone.

  • Works great in small and large rooms
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Sturdy body
  • High-end engineering
  • A bit pricey

7. Polycom Sound Station 2 EX with 2 Mics Included

Polycom Sound Station 2 EX with 2 Mics Included

Are you looking for the best conference phone? This is it. Polycom sound station features a dynamic noise reduction technology that eliminates background noise emanating from projectors, ventilation devices among other sources. With this phone, you’ll forget the annoying ambient noises. Thanks to the 360 degrees microphone coverage which has built-in intelligent mixing highlights.

  • High-quality external microphones
  • Intelligent mixing highlights
  • Sleek and compact
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Pricey

6. AT&T SB3014 DECT-6.0 Conference Phone – Four Wireless Mics

AT&T SB3014 DECT-6.0 Conference Phone - Four Wireless Mics

Looking for the best rated wireless conference phone. AT&T SB3014 conference phone takes your imaginations to your best. It features 6.0 DECT technologies which allow you to place the microphone anywhere in the conference room. Apart from unlimited range, this phone features premium sound quality. Thanks to the awesome mix of features such as duplex technology, equalization, digital mixing, and others. It comes with six microphones for maximum room coverage. Besides, some of the microphones are wireless giving more convenient o enjoying incredible communication.

  • Supports magnetic charging
  • Compact
  • Elegant and sleek
  • Built-in sound purification features
  • Poor compatibility with the phone system

5. VTech VCS702 Eris-Station DECT 6.0 Conference Phone

VTech VCS702 Eris-Station DECT 6.0 Conference Phone

One of the most outstandingly designed conference phone is VTech VCS702 Eris-Station .This phone features two Dect 6.0 wireless microphones and one fixed microphone. There is no doubt why this phone appears in the list of the best conference phones. It uses a special ambient noise elimination technology. Also, it features two-line backlit display and displays date and time. It can save up to 50 CID and 50 phonebook entries. Featuring central full duplex speakerphone at the base, the callers can use the speaker and be heard simultaneously. The battery is super strong and can power the phone for 70 hours before recharging.

  • Allows magnetic charging
  • 2-line backlit display
  • Large memory
  • Central full duplex feature
  • Not great for too large rooms

4. Grandstream Networks Enterprise Conference Phone Android

Grandstream Networks Enterprise Conference Phone Android

When searching for the best conference phone, you will land on this one which operates on android OS. The Grandstream networks enterprise brings their innovative technology to another new level. It features sophisticated capabilities but very functional. It features an attractive user interface that is ideal for all people. This is a POE conference phone which doesn’t come with power adapter. However, it features 6lines 6 sip accounts and 7-way voice conferencing. It runs on Android 4.4and offers full access to Google play store and all other android apps. Besides, it is Bluetooth enabled to allow convenient syncing of mobile devices and headphones.

  • Easy to install
  • Elegant design
  • Full access to Android apps
  • Large LCD
  • Pricier than other close models

3. VTech Communications VCS752 ErisStation Conference Phone -with Two Wireless Mics

VTech Communications VCS752 ErisStation Conference Phone -with Two Wireless Mics

The Vtech VCS752 is one of the best wireless conference phones. The design is great both in the visible part and the built-in operating system. This is a full duplex conference phone with state of the art speakers and microphones. The speaker feature voice eliminating technology and the microphones range is great too. It also supports Duct 6.0 wireless speaker expansion. So, it is great when you want to have multi-directional communication. Besides, it supports Bluetooth connectivity to enable mobile pairing and headset connectivity.

  • Amazing sound clarity
  • Soft dial buttons
  • Sturdy
  • Easy connection
  • Poor portability

2. Meeteasy MVOICE 8000-B Speakerphone for conferencing, with Bluetooth

Meeteasy MVOICE 8000-B Speakerphone for conferencing, with Bluetooth

Meeteasy MVOICE conference phone combines a number of aspects of the top rated wireless conference phones to give the best user experience. It features an outstanding technology that enables the addition of microphones. Hence, it is perfect in covering small to large conference rooms. Moreover, it has Bluetooth functionality so that everyone can turn a mobile phone into a conference phone. It supports USB connection so that you can use laptops and computers for web conferencing. Featuring echo cancellation, you will never get distracted from ambient noises. Besides, it is compact and lightweight to enhance excellent portability. It is compatible most of the modern office equipment

  • Easy to set up
  • Durable battery
  • Great room coverage
  • Echo eliminating technology
  • Pricey

1. EMeet Wireless Conference Phone

EMeet Wireless Conference Phone

The search for the best wireless conference phone should be terminated by Emeet Wireless conference phone. It is among the top rated wireless conference phones you can get today. This speakerphone is designed for small and medium rooms which hold up to five people. With a total of 7 microphones which support Omni-directional audio pick up. Besides, it guarantees crystal clear voice experience for every person in the room. Apart from great audio for conference calls, it is also streaming of multimedia. Besides, it can connect with most of the web apps such as Skype, Avaya, Cisco, face time, Microsoft Lync among other useful applications. Featuring Bluetooth connectivity, it is pretty easy to transform your mobile decide into a speakerphone. Moreover, you can use additional apps to get maximum satisfaction from the conference.

  • Easy setup
  • Great for multimedia streaming
  • Portable and compact design
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Multi devices connectivity
  • Pricey