Top 5 Best Coin Sorter Machines in 2018 Reviews

Owning a small or large business requires one to have reliable money counting and sorting machine. Coin sorter is one of the essential machines which any trader must have to improve on efficiency and accuracy. Because numerous manufacturers produce coins sorter, there is a great chance falling a victim of counterfeits or poor quality machine. Besides being ideal for business owners, coin sorting machines are great to have your home. Instead of incurring coin counting fee, you can pre-sort and count your money before going to a bank.

Now, just like other machines, it’s ideal to check some considerations when buying a coin sorting machine.

Type of coin sorter: When it comes to sorting machine, you can choose between electric or battery powered device. For battery powered, they are smaller in size thus portable and ideal for people with small amount of coins to sort. Electronic coin sorters tend to be bigger thus ideal for large sums of coins.

Capacity: Depending on where you want to use a coin sorter, capacity of coins it can handle is an ideal consideration. For busy enterprises, having sorter machine with large capacity ensure added efficiency.

Speed: Sorting speed is another factor to figure out when shopping a coin sorter. Of course, no one wants a machine which takes hours to sort a few coins. Thereby, having a sorter with high-speed counting ability ensures a peace of mind. Other features to check includes, durability, error detection and connectivity.

Before purchasing a count sorter, looking for a reliable seller is highly recommended. No one needs who want to get a machine which will break down after a fest tasks or present erroneous performance. That is why on Amazon, you get quality and reliable machine to boost your business efficiency. To enable confidence when buying, we present a list of top 5 best coin sorter machines in 2018 reviews.

1. Cassida C200 Coin Sorter, Roller and, Counter

Cassida C200 Coin Sorter, Roller and, Counter
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Are you in search of a complete solution to counting? Well, you don’t have to worry a lot because Cassida C200 Coin Counter offers a reliable solution for all your money handling needs. This device can count, batch and even wrap automatically. It is quite easy to use because it recognizes denominations and sorts them into large bins automatically. All you got to do is load the hopper, then press the start button and walk away as you await accurate results. What you get is a detailed result of each denomination in a matter of time. The batch mode can count up to 500 coins. The easy to read LED display presents both coin and dollar amount and the total.

2. Royal Sovereign Manual Hand Crank, 1 Row Coin Sorter

Royal Sovereign Manual Hand Crank, 1 Row Coin Sorter
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Regardless of your business and the amount of cash you are receiving, Royal Sovereign one Row Coin Sorter offers an easy way of having an accurate and detailed report of your coins and dollars. Without the use of batteries or electricity, this manual hand crank money counter makes the whole process easy and fun. It does so by sorting dimes, quarters, nickel and pennies. This feature allows it to have impressive versatility than other models in the market. The larger coin hopper has the capability of holding a total of 200 coins at the same time. The working speed of this device is 156 coins in a minute.

3. Royal Sovereign QS-1AC one Row Coin Sorter

Royal Sovereign QS-1AC one Row Coin Sorter
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Are you finding an accurate way of sorting denomination and counting them? Royal Sovereign QS-1AC one Row Coin Sorter offers and easy and precise way of doing that without facing any hassle. This machine quickly sorts nickels, pennies, dimes and quarters into wrappers. Besides that, it features a patented internal anti-jam which rotates to free the jammed coins for smooth counting. With a great hopper, this machine counts up to 200 coins inserted at the collection terminal at the same time. The removable lid enhances easy retrieval of currencies.

4. Royal Sovereign FS-44P 4 – Row Coin Sorter

Royal Sovereign FS-44P 4 - Row Coin Sorter
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By combining 4 row and anti-jam technology, Royal Sovereign FS-44P coin sorter delivers exemplary service. The 4-row auto advance feature allows a hands-free operation. Unmatched performance of this device allows a total of 312 coins per minute. It has an incredibly large hopper that holds a total of 800 coins at the same, so you don’t have to keep adding. Furthermore, it displays the progress of the counting. To ensure that there are no obstructions, this machine automatically detects jammed coins and adjusts the motor accordingly for a flawless counting. The LED display shows the coin number in respect to their denominations including the total sum.

5. Pyle Automatic Coin Counter & Sorter Machine

Pyle Automatic Coin Counter & Sorter Machine
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If you are looking the perfect way to improve efficiency in your business, get Pyle automatic coin sorter/counter. This machine premiumly designed featuring lightweight and durable ABS plastic. Featuring universal compatibility, it can be used to count all US coins without requiring settings. Additionally, this Machine is ideal for large amounts of coins as it boasts two modes; batch and free count modes. Upon sorting and counting, the machine put coins in the trays for easier retrieval. The LCD screen reads out the number of coins counted hence easy to calculate total amount.


Sorting coins is tiresome and challenging task than sorting bills. That is why having a reliable sorter will significantly improve your efficiency and accuracy. With a variety of these machines, manual and electric it is possible to use them at any place thus bring convenient at your fingertips every time. So, don’t allow coin sorting slow down your work, a sorter will be a great companion.