Top 10 Best Cat Training Books of 2024

Training your pet is a vital thing for efficient communication. However, since not everyone is a professional trainer, you need to have a proper guide. Especially for cat lovers, there are books entirely dedicated to ensuring you teach your cats to behave well. Although people think training pets can be an easy job, books are vital in improving your pet communication. Unlike using trial and error, books help in making proper schedules hence easy to follow a training program.

Choosing the best cat training books depends on your needs. Usually, you can train any cat provided proper mechanisms are in place. Also, following a defined and consistent program ensures there is efficient cat training. Amazingly, current books are designed to ensure friendly and fun ways to train your pet. With tricks and techniques coming up every day, there is a chance to give your pet ideal training. This list will provide you with the top-ranked cat training books for everyone.

List of Best Cat Training Books

10. Pam Jonson-Bennette: Think Like a Cat

Pam Jonson-Bennette: Think Like a Cat

Training a cat is easier than you have ever imagined. The simplest way to know how to train a cat is by thinking like a cat. After doing this, you will be amazed that it is very easy to train a cat. Whether you are a veteran lover or a brand new owner of kitten owner, Pam Jonson-Bennette helps you understand why your cat scratches and purrs. The topics are available in the book range from where to get a cat, where to get the vet, basic health care to treating more serious problems and avoiding litterbox problems. This is a comprehensive guide to cat training and care. The author helps you understand the instincts that guide feline behavior. She shares methods that will help you and your cat develop a great relationship.

9. CatWise: America’s Favorite Cat Expert Answers Your Cat Behavior Questions

CatWise: America's Favorite Cat Expert Answers Your Cat Behavior Questions

By: Pam Jonson-Bennette
Even those who have lived and have loved cats for very long periods of time are constantly asking a great question about the behavior of the cat and why they do and where they do it. Those elusive miseries are covered and solve in this complete guide. Why the cat lick the hair? Why does it only want attention when you are on the phone and how you can introduce a new dog to your cat and many other questions? Pam Jonson has a thirty-year pioneering career at cats. This has improved the love of cats on Pam Johnson. His consultancy has changed the perspective of cat owners and experts alike. Her fans and owners still flood her website despite the fact that her books are called bibles. Catwise combines the commonly asked questions and come up with an answer that will solve the cat’s behavioral problems.

8. Cat Daddy: What the World’s Most Incorrigible Cat Taught Me

Cat Daddy: What the World's Most Incorrigible Cat Taught Me

By: Jackson Galaxy
Galaxy’s ability to connect with the most troubled felines is inspiring in an awesome manner. Galaxy gives a story of how he lived for thirteen years in a relationship with petite gray and white short-haired cat by the name Benny. He gives advice for caring for, loving and loving feline at home. At first, Galaxy was down and out a rock musician with little animal shelter and drug problems. The owner of the cat had brought the cat in cardboard and handed over to Galaxy. Cat daddy is filled throughout with the Galaxy’s amazing cat mojo advice on what the cats need from us in order to live a happier and healthier life.

7. The Trainable Cat: A Practical Guide to Making Life Happier for You and Your Cat

The Trainable Cat: A Practical Guide to Making Life Happier for You and Your Cat

By: John Bradshaw
It is a common assumption for all of us that cats cannot be trained and does not need to be trained. In the book, the “Trainable cat”, the author who is anthrozoologist John Bradshaw together with Sarah Ellis demonstrates that there is a great need for cats to be trained in order to enhance the relationship between the cat and the owner. The books are full of training and exercise. This ranges from helping them know how to visit the vet. The trainable cat is an essential book for both the cat owners and the cat. According to Time UK, it is their doubt if you will ever find any other book that is more well informed or a scientific book that shows you how feline thinking works. You should have this book for you to live well with your cat.

6. How to Toilet Train Your Cat: 21 Days to a Litter-Free Home

How to Toilet Train Your Cat: 21 Days to a Litter-Free Home

By: Paul Kunkel
With this 21 day program, you will be fully equipped how to train a litter to use a toilet instead of a box. With this book, you can discover how many new ways. Now cat owners can enjoy a good and fresh smelling home. They will not have to ferry sacks of litter. What you would require are magazines, masking tape, a plastic wrap, a supply of litter and a cat between the age of 6 months and ten years. 21 days after this, your cat will be civilized like any other in the family by using the toilet too. A toilet-trained cat is a happier and healthier cat not just for itself but for the whole members of the family.

5. Superstar Cats: 25 Easy Tricks to Make Your Cat Shine in the Spotlight

Superstar Cats: 25 Easy Tricks to Make Your Cat Shine in the Spotlight

By: Jullie Tottman
The guide is for the kids. The guide helps the kids teach the cats fun tricks. This guide caters to both the shapes, sizes, and personalities. The author of the guide Jullie Tottman is an animal trainer. He is greatly involved in the Hollywood blockbusters. To make learning easy, each trick that is supposed to be taught to the cat is broken down into easy step by step instructions with helpful tricks trips that come with fun black and white illustrations. For the progress of your cat, there is a space to record. Jullie even shares some of her memories along the way especially the Hollywood memories to help you also understand how to train your dog. This guide is the perfect gift for any lover of cats who would like to train his/her cat to another level.

4. Kitten Training for Kids

Kitten Training for Kids

By: Sarah Whitehead
Naturally, kids love kittens. The kittens also love kids if good care of them is taken. The book was mainly for kids who have recently received a kitten at home or who are planning to have a kitten soon at their home. The author Sarah Whitehead gives an explanation of how a kitten’s natural instincts come to the fore in a display of playfulness. The text and photos show that kids and kitten can successfully play together. Suggestions about toys are also available and also cautions on playing rough games with the kitten. There are also instructions on the correct handling of the kitten, proper feeding and also the general care of the kitten. Dogs are easier to train unlike kittens but kids will always find a way to motivate the kitten to learn. Photos are virtually in all the pages. Suitable for kids of age between 9-12 or 4-8 with close supervision of the parent.

3. Teach Your Cat Tricks Book and Toy Kit

Teach Your Cat Tricks Book and Toy Kit

By: Public international limited
The kit contains 64 pages book and a do it yourself cat training toy. The suggestions on this book contain how to create a house for your cat, how to play with your cat and how to train your cat. Some of the tricks available include shaking hands, switching the lights off, sitting down and many other tricks available. The book contains instructions on how to construct the feathered toy that will help during playing or training the cat to run over obstacles. The books also teach you how to make other toys at home that will help to train the cat at home. The funny positions of the cats in the pictures inside the book make the book a perfect gift for your kids or any cat lover at home.

2. Clicker Training for Cats (Karen Pryor Clicker Books)

Clicker Training for Cats (Karen Pryor Clicker Books)

By: Karen Pryor
Is it easy to train a cat? Yes, it is very easy to train the cat at home. Clicker training is quick and easy training for you to communicate with your cat at home. This all is fun for your cat. The training can improve the health of the cat, activity, and attitude towards life. This will make your pet happier and affectionate. The author of this guide who is the world’s leading clicker timer expert explains to you how to train your cat at home. It teaches your cat how to like dogs, come when called, stay away from the table, to walk outside on a leash, how to do tricks and games, and to play without biting or even scratching. All this is available with a click and a treat.

1. Clicker Training for Clever Cats: Learning Can Be Fun!

Clicker Training for Clever Cats: Learning Can Be Fun!

By: Martina Braun
There is a method of learning where all the mammals can learn including the cats themselves. This form of learning is called classical conditioning. It is used in a very specific way just like the clicker trainer. Every click brings positive things for the cat. This ranges from a game, a cuddle and a treat. Because they are naturally intelligent, the cat will try out something to try to find out something that will work out for them. In this way, they will get to learn. This guide gives hoe the classical condition works and what the classical conditional involves. It also teaches how to avoid mistakes, how to use rewards properly. The guide will also teach you to develop chains and sequential behavior, as well as small tricks for your cats. This is the perfect gift for you and your pet, the cat.