Top 10 Best Cat Litter Mats in 2023 Reviews

Cats are lovable creatures, and most homes have them. Being a recognized pet, you need to keep it decently. If left unchecked, cats can themselves be a source of some serious diseases. Its fur breaks occasionally, and that is normal for any haired creature. But, this fur can sum up to become something that is a hazard to fresh air.

Besides, most homes use litter boxes to house these little pets. So, a cat can cause havoc when it dirties the floor with litter as it comes out of the boxes. Now, a cat litter mat becomes a must-have if you want to live with your cat harmoniously. This makes the baseline of our review article as we try to present the best selection of cat litter mats. Basically, this mat traps litter that would cover your floor and makes it an eyesore.

Now, just like when selecting the other types of mats, a number of factors come to play. To cite a few, you need to consider the ease of vacuuming. Also, you need to find the material. How durable is the material and how comfortable does the cat feel. Moreover, the material needs to be invincible to cat crows. You’ll find that most cat litter mats are made of durable and robust PVC material. Also, the rug needs to have anti-odor properties. Just like other animals, cats can produce certain odors, and they could accumulate in a litter mat. So, with those and many other factors, the following are the top 10 best cat litter mats.

List of Best Cat Litter Mats

10. Pet Magasin Cat Litter Mat

Pet Magasin Cat Litter Mat

Are you looking for a cat litter mat that will keep your house neat and clean? The Pet Magasin cat litter mat will work best for you. This cat litter matter prevents the litter from being scattered all over your floor. It is innovatively designed to effectively hold all the litter on the feet of the mat thereby making the cleanup easy for you.
Also, the beige color of the cat litter mat is a perfect match for all the floor decorations. The cute paw print design of the cat litter mat gives a good look at your house. This cat litter mat is easy to clean up since all the accumulated litter can easily be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. Liquid spills can be removed using a spray cleaner and cold water. The Pet Magasin Cat Litter Mat can also be put under the bowl of your cat to catch the excess spills and thereby helping your floor to remain undamaged.

9. Smiling Paws Pets Cat Litter Mat

Smiling Paws Pets Cat Litter Mat

This is a high-quality catcher that last all the lifetime of your cat. It is heavy-duty and weighs 3.6 LBS. The heaviness of this cat litter mat means it is more resistant to tear and also has a deepened design that catches the litter well. It is very easy to clean up the cat litter mat. You can choose between shaking it, vacuum cleaning, scrubbing it and all the choice is yours.
With the Smiling paws cat litter mat, you do not worry about damaging it while cleaning it since it is hard and heavy-duty. The laminated bottom of this cat litter mat helps keep your floor clean by preventing the urine from penetrating your floor while making it staple on the floor. The material of this cat litter mat is also environmental friendly.

8. PetFusion Cat Litter Mat

PetFusion Cat Litter Mat

This cat litter mat is waterproof. It produces little to no odor, non-toxic and also very microbial. This cat litter mat ensures that your cat feels very comfortable when walking on it while ensuring that the mat is durable for a very long time. Your cat will not jump over the mat any more when the PetFushion cat litter mat is available in your house.
Now, the design is very innovative in that it has inner ridges and an outer lip that effectively holds the litter from your cat. Moreover, the litter does not get trapped from the view or the reach of the cleaner. This makes it super easy to clean. You also can use a broom, a vacuum cleaner or a sponge to clean it. The decision is yours.

7. Fresh Kitty Cat Litter Mat

Fresh Kitty Cat Litter Mat

The Fresh Kitty cat litter mat is perfect for your house. This cat litter mat is decorative while catching the loose litter from the feet of your cat thereby preventing the litter from spreading all over your house. The ribbed foam used to make this cat litter mat while greatly help to prevent your house from any damage. The mat is easy to use and to clean thereby making it very easy to handle the messy kittens in the house.
Additionally, the Fresh Kitty cat litter mat can have an added advantage of serving the birds at your house. Birds that are messy such as guinea pigs can use the cat litter mat and the mat will greatly help to catch the litter and keep your house very tidy. This is the perfect gift for any owner of the cats and also the birds in the house.

6. CleanHouse Cat Litter Mat

CleanHouse Cat Litter Mat

Are you looking for the best cat litter mat suitable for your cat? The CleanHouse cat litter mat has a special mesh design that effectively catches all the loose litter both from the paw and the box. This greatly helps to keep your house clean and tidy all the time. The cat litter mat remains intact in its position unlike most of the rag that is used in many homes.
Also, it is big thereby perfectly fitting any size of a cat. The cat litter mat is very clean to wash. You simply shake the dirt into the box and you will be done with the cleaning. With the CleanHouse cat litter mat, accidental dirt is no problem to it. The litter mat is extra durable and is tested to be free from BPA and Phthalate. This mat is perfect for your pet.

5. Pieviev Cat Litter Mat

Pieviev Cat Litter Mat

The Pieviev cat litter mat is made in a double layer honeycomb design. This helps you to be able to collect the litter simply. You only remove the top layer and dirt remain and then you put the dirt in the litter box an all will be done. The large holes on the mat are big enough to trap any litter from your pet. The bottom layer is waterproof making it easy to control the urine from getting into the floor.
Additionally, the bottom layer also is slip-resistant making the litter mat to remain intact all the time. This also helps to prevent from the urine of the cat on getting on your hardwood carpet and floor. As well, it is made out of soft and durable EVA foam that is very washable also. The dirt can be removed very easily and there is no need for sweeping or vacuum cleaning.

4. MIGHTY MONKEY Cat Litter Mat


The MIGHTY MONKEY cat litter mat helps to control the mess by your cat. It has deep grooves and superior litter catching mesh that helps to keep your floor clean and keeping your cat’s paws clean to prevent any mess. The large and generous size helps to prevent the mess even around the litter box. The cat litter mat is durable tough and is made of premium quality.
Further, the water-resistant bottom ensures that the dirt does not remain on the floor of your house but rather on the mat thereby helping keep your house neat. The mat is soft on sensitive paws and is free from phthalate. With this cat litter mat, cleaning is just as simple as never before. You only need either to shake the dirt off, vacuum clean it or rinsing down and you will be done.

3. WetPet Cat Litter Mat

WetPet Cat Litter Mat

The WetPet cat litter mat has deep grooves and a superior mesh design that is incorporated with carpet fiber technology that helps keep your floor clean by cleaning the dirt that may be stuck in the furry paws of your cat. The open web is responsible for removing and hiding dirt that would otherwise be scattered by the cat. The flexible brush is great for brushing kitty’s paws. The effectiveness of the mat is long-lasting.

Also, the mat’s design prevents urine from getting into the floor of the house since it is water-resistant. The mat is also very soft on sensitive paws. With the mat, cleaning is very simple and easy. The slip-resistant feature of this litter mat helps it remain in its position. Besides, it is made of the premium vinyl material that is non-toxic and also very easy to clean.

2. Lesotc Cat Litter Mat

Lesotc Cat Litter Mat

This cat litter mat is made of a double layer and the top layer is many of design that resembles the honeycomb. This effectively helps to trap any litter of any size and the bottom prevents the litter from getting into the floor. The cat litter is large enough for any cat and can be placed in any location inside the house. It is big enough to be used with two litter boxes.
Furthermore, the waterproof EVA keeps the urine away from getting into the floor of your house. The bottom will not move when the cat steps on it since it is anti-slip. It has several open ways that make it easy to pour out the litter from the inside of the mat into the litter box. The cat litter mat is also very easy to clean using a vacuum cleaner or with water and soap.

1. UPSKY Cat Litter Mat

UPSKY Cat Litter Mat

It has a double layer design with the bottom that can trap the litter while the top has a honeycomb design that effectively removes the litter from the paws of your cat. This cat litter mat can capture different types of litter effectively. Now, the bottom is essential in keeping your floor clean since it is waterproof and urine proof. It also works well to ensure that the mat does not slip away when your cat steps on it since the design is anti-slip design.
Well, this cat litter mat has an envelope open edge that makes it possible to be clean under the showerhead or under the sink head. To clean the mat, you simply spread the edge and you can recycle unused garbage into the litter box. It is made out of premium and durable EVA which is also non-toxic and eco-friendly.