Top 10 Best Breast Pumps of 2024

After maternity leave is over, it doesn’t mean your baby won’t be able to enjoy mother’s milk. For mothers who are busy and can’t be able to carry infants to the pace of work, the best the best thing to do is get breast pumps. These devices are created with high expertise hence ensuring mothers have easy time getting milk from their breasts and storing thus providing kid with milk when the mother is not around.

Well, these pumps are available in either manual or electric powered. These electrically powered breast pumps are designed to use batteries while also there are other are plug power. However, there are also manually operated pumps that help women comfort when operating. However, automatically operated pumps are ideal for mothers will have to remove milk regularly. Furthermore, they have double action, meaning you can do both breasts at the same time. Basically, whether manual or automatic, a pump should offer maximum nipples comfort.

Apart from keeping working mother kid enjoying natural mom’s milk, these machines are dedicated for use for by mothers who are not able to breastfeed. Well, a great pump should offer ease of use. This means that ideal pump should enable pump to deliver smooth operation. Furthermore, cleaning should be smooth to clean thus maintaining hygiene. Now, for many moms, buying a breast pump can be hectic. But, to ensure your kids enjoy natural milk, here are the best top 10 best breast pumps in 2021 reviews.

List of Best Breast Pumps

10. Medela Harmony Breast Pump, Manual

Medela Harmony Breast Pump, Manual

Medela breast pump is one of the widely recognized due to its top-rated performance. It is made of food grade materials and won’t change the taste and the nutrients in the milk. It is one of the best to use for the occasional time when you are away from the baby. It is lightweight to make it portable and discreet. Thanks to the two-phase expression technology, it offers exceptional service and easy to use as compared to others in the competition.

9. Simple Wishes Free Pumping Bra, Patented, Signature Hands, Soft Pink

Simple Wishes Free Pumping Bra, Patented, Signature Hands, Soft Pink

As the name implies, there are those simple wishes that every mother has but find it quite impractical. However, this is a hand free breast pump allows the mother to perform other tasks while the milk is being emptied. Now, features a bustier style that has a zip in the center panel that enhances proper side to side movement for correct positioning of the pump flanges.

It has a 10 inches adjustable Velcro back panel to allow your body functions normally as one undergoes nursing. Apart from correct and adjustable fitting, it is made of toxic free materials and works with all other brands.

8. Philips Avent Comfort Breast Pump, Manual Operation

Philips Avent Comfort Breast Pump, Manual Operation

Are you a mother looking for a more comfortable pumping of breast milk? Now, look no further because this breast pump has everything you want. It features a unique design that allows fast and comfortable pumping. The design features a textured massage cushion that enhances stimulation of smooth milk.

Reminiscent of the of top-rated breastfeeding pumps, this one features lightweight and compact design, it is incredibly easy to hold it and position it on the breasts. Besides, it is compatible with other Philips Avent feeding predicts such as classic and natural storage containers.

7. MADENAL Double-Electric Breast Pump Travel Set, Ice Pack

MADENAL Double-Electric Breast Pump Travel Set, Ice Pack

Your baby needs to enjoy the milk the just like he does when doing the natural breastfeeding. That’s why Madenal breast pump is made of food grade materials to ensure that the taste isn’t altered. Also, it features a hygienic closed system that doesn’t allow the milk to come into contact with the tubing. The double electric mechanism offers the convenience of quick pumping. The equipment also outshines others due to fast installation and cleanup.

6. Gland Double or Single Electric Breast Pump with LCD Screen

Gland Double or Single Electric Breast Pump with LCD Screen

Gland Double electric breast pump offers fast pumping mechanism and is lightweight for comfortable handling. It boasts simple charging and can be charged using a power bank. It weighs just 2.2 pounds and is compact for the mother to have an easy time. It has a clear LCD that shows you the amount and the rate. Featuring a memory function, you can keep a track the breastfeeding records for the best breast expression for your future. Also, it has 36 suction levels which mimic the baby’s natural feeding.

5. Elfinbaby Breast Feeding Pump

Elfinbaby Breast Feeding Pump

Elfinbaby breastfeeding pump brings a simple solution to your baby’s feeding problems. Besides, it is user-friendly, and the mother won’t have any discomfort using it. It features massage express and phases that mimic the natural mother’s breastfeeding. It delivers a natural sucking process that is nearly similar to the baby’s sucking.

It has nine levels of adjustments to ensure flawless sucking process that won’t pain your breasts. It boasts anti-backflow system and offers quiet performance that won’t disturb your baby or other family members. The large LCD features backlight which is ideal for night use. It has multiple ways of charging to keep the device operational all the time.

4. Philips Avent Double- Electric SCF334/22 Breast Pump

Philips Avent Double- Electric SCF334/22 Breast Pump

Philips Avent breasts pump to feature a simple design which offers an excellent sucking performance. Featuring a no-lean forward design, it is very comfortable to the mother. It offers three expression levels to choose to enhance maximum sucking comfort. The soft and warm cushion enhances warm and soft texture aimed at enhancing smooth milk flow. The device is BPA free and hence doesn’t pose any heat danger.

3. Raicy Electric Breast Pumping Milk, Comfort Breastfeeding

Raicy Electric Breast Pumping Milk, Comfort Breastfeeding

It has become a norm to have the mother’s milk pumped for health and nutrition reasons. Your baby may be a victim of poor sucking disorders, and that could potentially make your breast feel uncomfortable and make you sick in long-term. Raicy electric breast pump brings a wholesome solution to allow your baby to grow well and your body stays safe from breast disorders.

It delivers prolactin mode which enhances better lactation. The suction mode is exactly like the baby’s feeding process. Also, the unidirectional flow counters backflow hence prevents the contamination of milk.

2. Momcozy Automatic Electric Breast Pump

Momcozy Automatic Electric Breast Pump

As the product title suggests, this breast pump is engineered to offer cozy feeling as the milk gets out of the mother’s milk. It features 16 levels and memory function to allow precise adjustment of the pump level. And with the memory function, the device can remember the pumping patterns to allow correct nourishment of the baby.

The smart touch screen is comfortable to use and allows correct use of the device. Also, it operates super quietly since the motors noise level is controlled to be below 50 decibels. The anti-backflow design reduces the chances of milk contamination.

1. Megna Double Electric Dual Digital Breast Feeding Pump

Megna Double Electric Dual Digital Breast Feeding Pump

Applying the latest technology in breast pumping, Megna dual digital allows precise and comfortable milk pumping. Featuring 9 levels of frequency and strength, this device is set to fit every mother need .it is easily adjustable and incredibly portable to make breast pumping a breeze. It is made of durable materials which are BPA free and food grade. The breathtaking anti-backflow design plus two-phase expression enhance flawless pumping action and leave the milk in its original form without contamination or alteration.


Every baby is unique, and feeding isn’t the same. Some babies are faced with breastfeeding problems, and as a mother, you have to go an extra mile to ensure that the baby gets milk. Having a breast pump will ensure that your baby gets the milk fresh and at the right time. The devices reviewed above are the best breastfeeding pumps.