Top 10 Best BMX Bikes of 2024

You like jumping or stunting? Don’t do it with a regular bike because it can easily get damaged. Especially, if you use cruiser and other bikes not meant for these function. The perfect bike to use when it comes to heavy duty and demanding activities like stunting and other tricks are BMX bikes. They are heavy-duty bicycles designed to deliver agility and high performance. Due to this, their construction is heavy duty to enable robust handling.

With sturdy frames, large wheel and wide tires, these bikes enable proper terrain handling without breaking or subjecting rider to excessive impact. Compared to other forms of bikes, stunting bikes are designed with a compact design that increases the maneuverability. This means, although the bike is available in single speed, it gives the user easy time. Therefore, if you like performing variety of cycling tricks, MBX bicycles will let you do it with confidence.

Well, the construction of BMX bikes can be achieved from use of Chromoly; this is a light but durable steel. Also, aluminum is commonly used for racing BMX bicycles. Generally, the bikes provide easy time even when experiencing technical riding. Buying these bikes will depend on whether you want to perform freestyle or street biking. To get a good choice, you need to check the following top 10 best BMX bikes in 2021 and make a sound selection.

List of Best BMX Bikes

10. X-Games FS20 Freestyle Bicycle

X-Games FS20 Freestyle Bicycle

X games free style bike features a sturdy design with awesome features perfectly adapted for smooth riding. Thanks to the strong and welded frame, fork and excellent grip tires. You can ride through the roughest terrain without any hassle. Besides, the strong alloy wheels are incredibly strong and support significant weight. It features a BMX handlebar, saddle, and other important parts., The welded cross brace and ergonomic front and rear brakes enhance safe riding. It is a BMX bike that allows you to ride stylishly with the highest level of safety.

9. Razor Agitator Freestyle/BMX Bike, 20-Inch

Razor Agitator Freestyle/BMX Bike, 20-Inch

Freestyle riding is amazing if only done with an exceptionally built bike such as this one by the name Razor Agitator. It measures 20incjes and features 4 axles that allow easy trick type riding. With 360 degrees rotor, you can effortlessly and enjoyably perform pro-style handlebar spinning. It is sturdily built with alloy frame and looks aesthetic due to the brushed finish. The front alloy caliper brakes are very efficient even when you have achieved some dangerous speeds. Moreover the saddle is generously padded to allow comfortable riding.

8. Razor 62042 High Roller BMX Bike

Razor 62042 High Roller BMX Bike

Freestyle riding takes a new route with Razor 62042 high roller BMX bike. This freestyle bike features a robust all steel frame and fork to enhance high performance in all terrains and add durability. Also, it rolls on radial laced front wheel and cross spiked rear wheel and also boasts beefy long treaded tires. It uses alloy levers for front and rear brake to enhance efficient braking system. With a set of axle pegs and quick release seat post to allow easy adjustments, this BMX bike isn’t a gambit, but a surety.

7. BCA Phase 1 Boy’s BMX, 20-Inch

BCA Phase 1 Boy's BMX, 20-Inch

Are you looking for the best bike to perform tricked out riding and show professional action? Well, BCA freestyle bike is made with all the necessary features you may be looking for. It is great for professional riders who want to upscale their styles and stunts. Equally, it is lightweight and simple to use making it great for new riders. The frame is made of reinforced tensile steel frame with 20 inches tries to allow incredible freestyle riding. It is simple to use and anyone can effortlessly perform handlebar rotations. Dual caliper brakes and a clear PVC cover are additional features that will make you overwhelmed.

6. Hoffman Cirrus Boys Freestyle BMX Bike

Hoffman Cirrus Boys Freestyle BMX Bike

If you want to see the real value of your investment and take your freestyle riding to a new level, Hoffman Cirrus BMX bike is the real option to take. It combines premium quality materials of construction with a state of the art design to give you the best. In essence, the bike is made with supportive features to allow you perform all the riding style and tricks available. The frame is high tensile steel frame and the drive assembly is three pieces chromyl 175mm crank. For ultimate comfort, the seat features embroidery Kevlar top.

5. Redline Romp BMX Bicycle

Redline Romp BMX Bicycle

Welcome to the world of freestyle riding and learn new tricks with Redline BMX bike. This bike combines all the best sporty features with a state of the art design to give you the best riding experience. It is one of the top rated and best-rated kid’s freestyle bikes. However, it is specially engineered for use by kids at the ages of 5 to 9 years. The pro max long reach dual braking system enhances instant and safe braking and will never put your kid’s safety in compromise.

4. Mongoose Legion L80 Wheel Freestyle Bike

Mongoose Legion L80 Wheel Freestyle Bike

Kids will likely fall in love with mongoose Legion freestyle bike due to the friendly and easy to use features it possesses. It features a durable frame that features semi-integrated headset that allows smooth riding and durable service. It is incredibly lightweight and has impressive aerodynamics that allows it to withstand tough landings and resists huge air impacts. Dual braking system and easy to reach handlebars allow intensive riding without any challenges, and the chances of accidental falls are greatly minimized.

3. Mongoose Legion Freestyle Bike, L20 20-Inch Wheel

Mongoose Legion Freestyle Bike, L20 20-Inch Wheel

Mongoose freestyle bikes rule the world of bikes and every model never lacks an improvement. For this particular model from mongoose, it features Hi-Ten BMX steel frame and fork which is perfect for new riders. It is incredibly lightweight and features unique aerodynamics to give easiest time to the newbies. The Microdrive 25x9T BMX gearing is incredibly strong and achieves safe speeds and supports simple handlebar 360 degrees spinning. The wheels features alloy rims and an oversized axle.

2. Mongoose Legion L60 20-Inch Wheel Freestyle Bike

Mongoose Legion L60 20-Inch Wheel Freestyle Bike

This mongoose freestyle bike models features an agile design that indicates its potential to counter any impact. All the parts are strong and made from invincible materials to allow extreme riding. However, the frame is lightweight but incredibly strong. It is one of the best gifs to give to your boys and girls as they train spinning tricks and tricky riding on rough terrains. The tires are incredibly large with wide treads to enhance unmatched stability while riding on unfriendly surfaces. The three pieces tubular chrome cranks enhance smooth riding with flawless pedaling and assure fewer riders maintenance.

1. Mongoose Legion Freestyle Bike, L40 20-Inch Wheel

Mongoose Legion Freestyle Bike, L40 20-Inch Wheel

At such a friendly price, there is no reason for your kids to stay unsatisfied. Let them be the talk of the town by nurturing them to be the future riding champions, by simply purchasing this mongoose freestyle Legion bike. It features a high tensile steel frame. Hence, it is incredibly strong to handle all the impacts. It super lightweight though, to allow easy maneuvering and improve aerodynamics. It boasts 360 degrees brake detangler to allow unlimited trick potential. This bike provides the necessary mechanism for your kid to elevate his or her freestyle riding. It is a top-rated BMX bike with a rich history and unlimited performance.


We have showcased the best BMX or freestyles bikes in the today’s market. As you have seen, they are all from renowned brands which are known to use durable and high-performance materials. Let your kids know that freestyle riding is simple and let them deduce new tricks because the bikes allow so. These BMX bike brands such as mongooses, Razor, Hoffman, X Games are top rated and are a worthy exchange for your money. After all, your kids healthy growing and happiness should be your priority in life.