Top 10 Best Bluetooth Bike Speakers in 2023 Reviews

Cycling offers an excellent feeling whether for training or leisure. Unlike a few years back when you were required to either to use headphones, nowadays it’s possible to enjoy high-quality sound when riding. All you need is to equip your bicycle with Bluetooth speakers.

Getting ideal Bluetooth speaker for bikes always improves your riding experience. Well, when shopping for a bike speaker, it’s always ideal to remember that outdoor conditions are unpredictable. Therefore, getting a reliable and highly engineered device will ensure you enjoy music without interruptions. Other features to include compactness, rechargeability among others. The following top 10 best bluetooth speakers are worthwhile to features in our reviews to make buying a breeze.

List of Best Bluetooth Bike Speakers

10. SCOSCHE BMBTCAN Boombars Bluetooth Bike Speaker

SCOSCHE BMBTCAN Boombars Bluetooth Bike Speaker

When riding a bicycle, it’s important to fit it with entertainment enhancements. The SCOSCHE BMBTCAN Bluetooth bicycle speaker is an ideal accessory to fit your bike to make it more entertaining. Unlike old days, this speaker connects through Bluetooth meaning no wires are needed hence perfect to use with your Bluetooth enabled phone. Further, the device is rechargeable eliminating the need to replace battery regularly. Its battery delivers 5 hours of continuous music playback hence ideal even for professional cyclists. Mounting is quick and easy as no tools are needed to mount on handlebars or stroller.

9. Jarv X97 Rugged Bluetooth Portable Speakers, Dustproof, Water Resistance

Jarv X97 Rugged Bluetooth Portable Speakers, Dustproof, Water Resistance

Jarv X97 is a heavy duty indoor and outdoor speaker which is dedicated to providing high-quality sound. With 6W sound output capacity, the speaker delivers exceptional audio to keep you inspired when riding. Unlike other substandard speakers available, this one features a rugged design, which allows it to withstand outdoor conditions. It is water resistant, dustproof, and shockproof. Playing music through Jarv X97 is simple due to easy to operate control buttons as well as call functionalities. The battery is rechargeable and lasts for 10 hours, meaning full-time entertainment when cycling. With a built-in microphone, it ensures hands-free calls for convenience and rider’s safety.

8. iKross Bike Mount Bluetooth Speaker, Shockproof

iKross Bike Mount Bluetooth Speaker, Shockproof

If you are looking for a powerful and fast connecting bike speaker, iKross bike mount speaker is an excellent pick. It’s a superior-quality device created to make your entertainment classic whenever cycling outdoors. Designed with multi-play function, it means you can connect it to multiple devices through its Bluetooth V3.0. Apart from Bluetooth connectivity, the speaker can support to 3.5mm AUX jack and micro SD cards. This means you have a variety of ways to enjoy music. Installed with a Li-ion battery, it can power the device for 7 hours of music playback and has 360 hours music playback time. The speaker has the ability to connect with all Bluetooth enabled smartphones.

7. Celtic Blu Bluetooth Speaker System, Inbuilt Power Bank

Celtic Blu Bluetooth Speaker System, Inbuilt Power Bank

With as powerful speaker, it allows you to experience outstanding music when cycling. If you are looking for such device, you can now have a peace of mind since here is a perfect speaker for you. The Celtic Blu speaker system is a heavy duty 16 Watts device which delivers optimal sound quality. Enhanced with BAS technology, it generates enough sound to fill your room not forgetting 360 degrees surround sound. On the other hand, this speaker boasts a strong Bluetooth with a connectivity range of 100 feet and long lasting rechargeable battery which lasts for 30 hours. Additionally, the inbuilt power bank enables you to charge your smartphone further rendering this speaker a device to own. Apart from music playing function, it is can also be used as a radio due to FM and internal antenna.

6. Foneso F041 Bluetooth Outdoors Speaker for Bicycles

Foneso F041 Bluetooth Outdoors Speaker for Bicycles

Installing a speaker in your bicycle requires one which is sturdy due to the extreme outdoor conditions. Due to these circumstances, Foneso has created a Bluetooth speaker for bikes which is ideal for mounting in bicycles. The Foneso F041 is an outstanding speaker which is water resistant and shock proof to prevent getting damaged even under rough terrains. Construction design is sleek and compact to fit on your bike without causing space nightmare. On the other hand, the speaker features Bluetooth version 4.0 meaning connectivity is ultra-fast. Moreover, it enjoys 4 working modes, Bluetooth, FM, tf card and aux to offer a range of music playback option. Mounting is toolless and takes a few seconds to install.

5. Jarv Bluetooth Bike Speaker, Waterproof, FM Radio

Jarv Bluetooth Bike Speaker, Waterproof, FM Radio

Are you tired of replacing your bike speakers due to water damage? Relax, here is an excellent waterproof Bluetooth bike speaker with a rating of IPX5 to ensures you enjoy music even when the weather isn’t permitting. It’s also shock resistant due to hard shell hence allowing it to last for a longer period. The 2×3 watts stereo speakers are ideal for delivering premium sound to keep you engaged through the cycling session. With a single charge, the battery is capable of providing 12 hours of music playback and is enhanced with a remote control to enjoy music when you need it.

4. ZEALOT Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Bicycle Speaker

ZEALOT Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Bicycle Speaker

Listen to music and receive calls without touching your smartphone as you comfortably ride a bicycle. The Zealot Bluetooth bike speaker is an ideal which is great for every cyclist. It’s a highly versatile speaker which can perform as an FM radio and has integrated flashlight. The stunning 40-mm driver Neodymium stereo amplifier delivers a breathtaking sound. Additionally, latest Bluetooth technology is ideal for giving this speaker a passive subwoofer performance. On the other hand, the device comes enjoying high-performance 4000mAh rechargeable battery with the ability to deliver 24 hours of continuous music playback. It is also usable as a power bank for your smartphone.

3. BEASON Portable Bluetooth Speaker, IPX4 Waterproof Rating

BEASON Portable Bluetooth Speaker, IPX4 Waterproof Rating

Make your bike a home of entertainment and keep your cycling fabulous. It is not difficult; you only need to get this Beason Portable and waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Designed featuring high-definition and stereo speakers, it ensures you get a Hi-Fi sound deliver complemented by BAS technology. Additionally, no worry about damage by weather elements as it is rated IPX4 in terms of waterproofing ability. As a result, the speaker is ideal when cycling, bathroom among other places. On the other hand, Beason Bluetooth speaker is multifunctional with 4 modes; Bluetooth, FM, TF Card and AUX to ensure unlimited ways of playing music. No more disconnections as it has powerful Bluetooth version 4.0 not forgetting 2500aAh battery with ability to last for 15 hours.

2. Avantree 10W Water-resistant Bluetooth Bike Speaker

Avantree 10W Water-resistant Bluetooth Bike Speaker

Get high-quality with this 10 watts water resistant speaker from Avantree and brighten your cycling experience. it provides a rich bass which is clearly audible even when the backgrounds is nosy due to dual 5 watt speakers. Unlike the older versions, this device connects via Bluetooth hence suitable for sports enthusiasts. On the other hand, using this speaker outdoors is safe since its waterproof hence resistant to getting damaged. The near field communication ensures that listening to music is quick with just tap of a button. Mounting is easy and smooth due to belt and snap hook design.

1. TRAKK ACTIV Bluetooth Bike Speaker

TRAKK ACTIV Bluetooth Bike Speaker

If you love outdoor activities like cycling, fishing boat riding among others, here is a perfect solution for you. The Trakk Active bike speaker enjoys 16 watt speakers with bass enhancement to deliver Hi-Fi sound. Also, it’s possible to carry this speaker whenever you are going since it is compact, waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. Therefore, it’s possible to have music even when it’s raining or on the poolside. The connectivity of this speaker is exemplary due to its ability to connect with devices within a range of 100 feet. Apart from music playback, it has FM capability to enable listening to your favorite radio station. Above all is a powerful battery with capacity to deliver 30 hours of continuous music playback.


For sports enthusiasts, having complementing entertainment is inspiring. With a reliable Bluetooth speaker, it enables one to get rid of inconveniencing wires while adding usability of the device. Further, due to the nature of outdoor conditions, these devices are constructed to be waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. With any of above-reviewed speakers, it’s possible to achieve breathtaking cycling.