Top 10 Best Blood Glucose Monitors in 2023 Reviews

Monitoring the level of blood sugar is essential especially for people with diabetes. Besides being necessary for diabetic people, the monitors are great for the body sugar monitoring and management. With a variety of aspects affecting your blood sugar level, it becomes crucial to have an accurate glucose level. This will prevent complicated effects associated with high sugar levels. Unlike old days, currently, we have improved monitors.

Keeping an accurate idea about blood sugar level’s is an important part of any successful diabetes management program. Blood glucose monitors will allow you to achieve this without any hassle. Blood glucose monitors are nowadays smaller, faster and they come with more performance features than ever before. They are also more accurate as compared to the blood glucose monitors of the past years.

Purchasing  reliable and ideal monitor can be a tough hassle. It all needs you to put some efforts. Thereby, you need to check in some aspects like cost, ease of use, maintenance, information retrieval, and other essential features. Amazingly, these days some of the gadgets are connected to Smartphones, which helps in easy display and storage of your sugar level history. To get accurate results, these top 10 best glucose monitors reviewed in 2021 are a superb pick.

List of Best 5 Blood Glucose Monitors

5. AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System Kit

AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System Kit

There’s no list of the top 10 best glucose monitors that can be complete without this second edition of AlphaTRAK line of blood sugar level monitors. This is an advanced monitor with a very easy-to-use 2-button design as well as a durable plastic body that comes with a striking pink theme which most buyers love. The lancing device with it is easy to use and simple at the same time. The test strips and lancets are affordable and readily available in the stores. In addition, the carrying case that it usually comes with also eases organization, transportation and storage. If you have a pet suffering from diabetes mellitus, then this is the best blood glucose monitor for you.

4. Contour Next Diabetes Testing Kit

Contour Next Diabetes Testing Kit

The Contour Next Diabetes Testing Kit is a blood glucose monitor that’s easy to set up and start using it. Known for its ease of use and simplicity, this is a good choice for any person who is new to normal blood sugar testing or those who do not require several extra features.

Offering the blood test quality that most individuals appreciate the brand for, this glucose monitor is well-designed and it delivers reliable and accurate results in just 5 seconds. It’s made of plastic, lacks the non-coding technology which eliminates the manual setup-up option and uses small amounts of blood (0.6ml) which lowers irritation. The black case that it comes with is also convenient. The test trips are cost effective whereas the lancing device offered with it eases phlebotomy. With every original kit that you buy, you will get 100 lancets, 100 alcohol preps and 100 Bayer Contour’s test strips.

3. iHealth Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitor

iHealth Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitor

This is a portable Bluetooth-enabled blood glucometer that allows people to take the readings and have the blood glucose level results sync automatically to their Android or iOS device. This lightweight, portable blood glucose monitor works together with the iGluco app on the iOS device so as to measure and save the readings on their secure iHealth Cloud. After this, you can track the measurements and share results with health care providers.

The set-up normally comes with a total of 50 test strips and through the application (for iPhone, iPod touch, Android and iPad devices) users will be able to track trends and also set up reminders so as to take medications and the track test strip expiry dates without any coding involved.

2. Active1st TrueMetrix Glucose Monitoring Kit

Active1st TrueMetrix Glucose Monitoring Kit

By ordering the Active1st TrueMetrix blood glucose monitor from reputable pharmacies or even an online store, you will get a complete diabetes mellitus testing kit with a very durable TrueResult glucometer, lancing device, 100 test strips and lancets, and the manual logbook to monitor the progress. The meter offered is accurate and super-fast. All consumables are fairly affordable and available in the stores. The monitor’s consistency has made it to become a sought-after device by professionals and individuals alike. Active1st TrueTest blood glucose monitor is decently priced, easy to use and it comes coded and ready to use at the same time.

1. Precision Xtra Ketone Test Strips

Precision Xtra Ketone Test Strips

The Precision Xtra Ketone system offers an intuitive setup and simple icon-driven menus that usually help to simplify the process blood glucose monitoring. The system tests both blood ketone and blood glucose level all with the same monitor using the Precision’s Xtra blood glucose test strips and the Precision’s Xtra blood ketone test strip.

When monitoring normal sugar level, precision is a very important attribute that most people sacrifice. Rather than making a similar mistake by buying poorly built glucose monitors that are common in stores, you should consider purchasing the Precision Xtra Blood glucose monitor instead. The medical-grade plastic that’s used in its manufacture is durable. In addition, the lancing device that it normally comes with eases phlebotomy, while the meter’s ability to test ketones and provide accurate and fast results has already won the hearts of health professionals as well as diabetics.

For beginners, the Precision Xtra Blood glucose monitor is easy to use. The navigation process is also simple. Its 450-test memory records both date and time stamps for easy monitoring, while the convenient battery powered design has a very fast 5-seconds test system that needs as little as 0.6ml of blood.


Experts say that simpler is always better not just for the elderly and kids but also for anyone with diabetes who is using a glucometer. Few steps mean few mistakes, so the best glucose monitors are those that make usually the basic process of blood testing to be as foolproof as possible. All these blood glucose monitors are guaranteed to offer you with the best experience as you check your blood glucose levels.