Top 10 Best Bike Racks for Car of 2024

When going outdoors, you need to carry recreational equipment that will make your adventure unforgettable. In many times, people like taking with them bicycles to enjoy exploring the area smoothly. Now, carrying a bike need you to have a solid rack. Amazingly, these days we have a variety of frames designed accommodate from one up to 5 bikes.

Depending on your purpose, car racks are available in roof, trunk, hatch or spare tires style. The way these racks are available in different styles, it’s the same way they have different versatility and also loads capacity. Going by the car rack mounting style, hitch racks are great options since they have excellent weight capacity, meaning they can accommodate more bikes. Others like trunk racks are great when you want a versatile rack that can be used for other purposes.

Well, with different bike racks, they can fit in different vehicles. The reason behind this is that different brands and type of vehicle have various configurations. As a result, with correct rack, it is possible to carry the maximum number of bikes. Moreover, when deciding to buy a stand for mounting your bicycles, it’s prudent to check quality and the ease of installation. Some of the bike mounting racks are specific to vehicles. Thus, before buying, it is ideal to check the compatibility and ease of installation. If you love carrying bicycles when going outdoors, here are the top 10 best bike racks for cars in 2021 reviews.

List of Best Bike Racks for Car

10. Allen Sports Deluxe Three-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

Allen Sports Deluxe Three-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

Going for a vacation far away from home doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy riding your bike. It is pretty easy to carry it in your vehicle and take it with you wherever place you want to go. With Allen sports three bike rack, you can carry three bikes at the back of your vehicle and travel safely to your destination without any hassles. It features a single configuration design which eliminates the hassles during set up. The patented tie-down secure system bikes and at the same time protects the bikes from mechanical damage.

9. Allen Sports 1-Bike Ultra Compact Folding Trunk Mount Rack

Allen Sports 1-Bike Ultra Compact Folding Trunk Mount Rack

Another model from Allen sports company. This bike rack is built to support one bike at the back of your car so that you can take to your destination and enjoy riding exercise normally. It is ultra-compact and is built using steel material to offer maximum strength. Besides, it has three padded legs which don’t harm your vehicles finish. The tie downs and padding keeps bike safe, secure and some inches away from the vehicle. It is constructed to fit most sedans, SUVs, and minivans.

8. Allen Sports Premier Hitch Mounted Two-Bike Carrier

Allen Sports Premier Hitch Mounted Two-Bike Carrier

This is another model from alien sports. It is a premier hitch that supports two bikes. It features hitch inserts that fit 1 1/4″ or 2″ receiver hitches making it fit most vehicle models. The set features quick carry arms that allow easy snap right out of the box. Apart from easy installation, it boasts dual compound plus quick straps that allow maximum protection and secure fit of the bikes. The internal tilt release allows effortless lift gate access. Besides, there are no wobbly bolts hence eliminate unnecessary movement of the rack.

7. Allen Sports Premier Two-Bike Trunk Rack

Allen Sports Premier Two-Bike Trunk Rack

Featuring 12 inches long carry arms, this bike rack comfortable supports two bikes while securing them excellently. It also features a patented snap set up design that allows quick bike installation that takes a couple of seconds. Also, the individual dual compound tie-down cradles and secures your bikes effectively, to allow effortless driving even on rough roads. Also, the incredibly large car pads allow the load to distribute well and minimize the chances of the cars finish getting damaged.

6. Allen Sports Premier Four Bike Trunk Rack

Allen Sports Premier Four Bike Trunk Rack

Still, from the same renowned company, Allen sports, this bike rack is ergonomically designed to allow excellent protection when the bile is onboard. It features excellent padding and great allowance from the vehicle to protect the vehicle from damage. Also, the patented design includes dual compound tie down and easy snap on straps for secure fit on the vehicle. With two patented sure straps at the bottom, it keeps the bottom hooks in the right place when in use. With clear arch top and large bottom feet, this rack allows maximum clearance for the rack. The patented design is for sedans, minivans, and SUVs.

5. Allen Sports 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack, 2-Bike

Allen Sports 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack, 2-Bike

This trunk mount rack features ergonomic and creative engineering to handle two bikes securely. With individual ties downs, this bike racks secure and protect your bike even if you drive roughly. Whether the roads are bumpy or rocky, this rack secures your bike without having a lot of engineering. Thanks to the padded lower frame, that provides enough clearance keeping the bike away from home. The arms measure 12 inches long; which covers the entire length of your bike for maximum protection. The side straps are strategically placed to allow lateral stability especially when you’re driving on roads full of potholes.

4. Allen Sports Rack with 1.25/2-Inch Receiver, 3-Bike Hitch Mount

Allen Sports Rack with 1.25/2-Inch Receiver, 3-Bike Hitch Mount

Having the best bike rack gives you the confidence you need to relocate with your bike to any destination, especially during camping or training site. Of course, it would be ridiculous to ride 10o miles whereas you can get comfortable carry the bike on your vehicle, and use the bike once you’ve reached the destination. It fits any vehicle provided it has a 1.25 or 2 inches hitch. It has folding arms and the rack sets in less than five minutes. It supports three bikes effortlessly, thanks to the steel metal construction with a powdered finish for durability.

3. Allen Sports Spare Tire Mounted Rack 2-Bike

Allen Sports Spare Tire Mounted Rack 2-Bike

This bike rack features an astounding design which gives you an easy time to travel by your bike. The ergonomic engineering is designed to mount on the spare tire and can accommodate two bikes comfortably. It boasts incredibly longer arms measuring 15 inches. The design fits all most every externally mounted spare tire, including those having the tire third brake lights. Also, the extra wide bottom foot is designed to support weight on the rear tire and not the rim. Thus, it protects the bike at the same time keeping the vehicle in a clean and original design.

2. Tyger Auto TG-RK1B204B Deluxe Trunk Mount Bicycle Carrier Rack, Black 1-Bike

Tyger Auto TG-RK1B204B Deluxe Trunk Mount Bicycle Carrier Rack, Black 1-Bike

Closely competitive to the Alien sports bike racks, this Tyger Auto trunk bike rack also features an interesting design that secures your bike at the back of your vehicle. It is designed to support 1 bike and comes fully assembled, ready for use on hatchbacks, sedans, minivans, and SUVs. Also, it features individual soft cradles that protect the bike frame at the same time supporting the surface of the car. It is foldable and features E coating to enhance rust resistance.

1. Tyger Auto 4-Bike Carrier TG-RK4B102B Deluxe Bike Rack

Tyger Auto 4-Bike Carrier TG-RK4B102B Deluxe Bike Rack

This bike rack is designed to effortlessly support four bikes without putting them on a risk of damage. Thanks to the ergonomic design that features dual arms and is compatible with any vehicle as long as they have 2 or 1.25 inches hitch receiver. For maximum protection, it features a cable lock and hitch pin lock plus safety straps. With a tilt-down feature, it offers convenient vehicle access. Foldable arms also allow convenient access of your vehicle when not in use. Featuring soft cradles and a bar cushion, it secures the bikes individually and offer maximum frame protection.


It is easier than you thought going out for a vacation yet you don’t want to leave your bikes behind. Thanks to the reinvention of the bike storage racks. As long as you buy a bike rack that is compatible with your vehicle types, nothing can hinder you from having fun with your bike. These bike racks feature innovative and creative engineering to help you anchor your bike comfortable at the back of your vehicle. There exist only a few trusted brands or models of bike racks. And we’ve demonstrated the best selection for you to make the right purchase decision.