Top 10 Best Bike Chain Pliers of 2024

When there is a section of your bike chain requiring repair, a pair of pliers is essential in such situations. Instead of changing the whole chain, it is possible to change the damaged section. In fact, a chain pliers is one of the vital tools that every biker should not lack. They are created to ensure there are no difficulties when handling your job. Unlike the regular pliers, these are designed specifically for keeping your chain in the right condition.

Well, with these tools linking chain is simple and stress-free. Thereby, they are common with mechanics. To ensure you do repairs in your garage, having these pliers is highly advisable. They usually have multiple works hence keeping your bike chain in perfect conditions always.  Choosing the right quality pair of pliers to ensure efficiency. Therefore, the comfortable grip and premium construction metal provide high reliability. To do repairs without extra cost, you need to consider these to 10 best bike chain pliers in 2021.

List of Best Bike Chain Pliers

10. Pit Posse PP3227 Universal Master Link Chain O-Ring Motorcycle ATV Bicycle Plier

Pit Posse PP3227 Universal Master Link Chain O-Ring Motorcycle ATV Bicycle Plier

One of the hardest parts of bikes maintenance is chain repair. Removing and installing the chain links by hand is quite hard. But, the work is pretty simple when you have the best chai plier. The Pit Posse PP3227 chain plier is one of the best tools you can add to your garage tools.

It’s made of hardened steel to ensure robustness and durability. It makes the work easier since it is like adding a third hand. Featuring thick rubber grips, your hand won’t suffer from pinching and stresses involved in chain repair. It boasts an extremely versatile design. Well, it is compatible with all types of chains including the 11-speed derailleur chains which use master links.



Forget the hassles you had with long nose pliers. The KMC chain plier is designed to work efficiently when removing and installing the chain link. It is a tool uniquely designed to enable you to remove the link without a hassle. The same tool is designed to close the link perfectly. The pivoting part features a spring system which is easy to open and close.

Therefore, you don’t need to use a lot of force when handling the chain. Also, the grips feature soft material which reduces friction when you exert a force on the lever. Thus, you can enjoy the chain repair job more than you did while using the normal plier. Besides, it is easy to use. You only need to use the hands to open the tool then, stick it in the sots and compress it to release the missing link. To remove the tool, you pry the lever apart.

8. Park Tool MLP- 1.2 Chain Pliers

Park Tool MLP- 1.2 Chain Pliers

When you have a new bike, you might think that installing the chain is easy. Well, it looks at first since you can install the chain link by hand. However, over time dirt and rust can make it extremely difficult. This is the time when you will learn the importance of bike chain pliers. Since not all of these pliers work effectively, knowing the best can save your investment.

In the midst of top rated bike chain pliers, the Park tool MLP has proved its prowess. It boasts a state of the art a design which makes removal and installation of missing link a piece of cake. With its specially sized jaws and padded grips, it makes the job effortless. It is best for derailleur chains but also works magic for other types of chains.

7. Super B Chain Master Link Pliers

Super B Chain Master Link Pliers

Are you having problems when installing a bike chain? This comes as no surprise especially if you are delving with derailleur chains. Removing the master link by hand is quite daunting. When you have the best bike chain pliers at your disposal, you will never experience the problem anymore. The unique design features grooved rubber grips.

This unique design is to enhance perfect leverage while pinching the chain links. If you’re seriously looking for the best chain pliers, this one proves to be a perfect option. It boasts a two in one design meaning that it is incredibly versatile. Thanks to the 3-pronged system which makes it easy to open and close the missing link. With durable metal construction, this is truly a breakthrough innovation in the cycling sector.

6. Park Tool Cassette Pliers

Park Tool Cassette Pliers

Are you a cycling enthusiast looking for the best bike chain plier? The Park Tool Cassette Pliers could be what you have been missing. It features forged steel construction for strength and durability; it is innovatively designed to hold cogs of 9 to 24 teeth. This designed is purposed to enable you to remove the lock ring without any inconvenience.

Further, it’s compatible with 5 to 1-speed cassettes. With the spring-loaded mechanism, the tool offers perfect return and control. Thus, your hands won’t feel fatigued due to the exercise. Also, thanks to the du density grips which make the tool enjoyable to use.

5. Venzo Bike Chain Missing Link Open and Close Remover Connector Pliers

Venzo Bike Chain Missing Link Open and Close Remover Connector Pliers

Are you still searching for the best missing link plier? You may consider the Venzo bike chain pliers over others for several reasons. It features an advanced design with ergonomic handles. The material used is non-slip and provide perfect grip with more resistance. The tool is designed to replace all speed chains, missing link and connecter.

Forged with steel, the tips are exceptionally strong to make the repair work easy and safe. The plier is also very durable since the material is corrosion-resistant. If you’re looking for the best quality, this is a superb option. With a soft return spring mechanism, anyone can use this tool since it makes the repair work simple and effortless. Price wise, very few brands can match up.

4. Bikehand Chain Plier Missing Link Open and Close Remover Connector Tool

Bikehand Chain Plier Missing Link Open and Close Remover Connector Tool

If you are looking for a bike chain plier that works like a third hand, this is the ultimate tool for you. It boasts hardened steel alloy material. The anti-slip material covers on the handle provide excellent grips. As well, the unique design ensures that the radian of the plier and that of the chain match to ensure an effortless operation.

Besides, it features ultra mini and lightweight design to allow convenient tool storage for long distance riders. Well, the bottom of the hands features holes and clasp to allow tight closure for storage. It is quite compact, and this could affect leverage. However, the thickly padded grip compensates for that since you can exert more force easily. Additionally, it is reasonably priced, and the quality of construction ascertains it.

3. Wolf Tooth Components Pack Pliers – Master Link Combo Pliers

Wolf Tooth Components Pack Pliers - Master Link Combo Pliers

There is no doubt that broken chains on rough rides are inevitable. But, you won’t worry if you have the best chain pliers. The Wolf Tooth Pack Pliers will eliminate the issue within seconds if you bring t along. It is a handy set plier which fits two master links for easy fixing. The magnetized bodywork keeps the components safely together.

Amazingly, the pliers double as a tire lever, valve core remover, and a lock nut wrench. So, it combines everything you need for a smooth transition from your old chin to a new one or fixing a broken link. Besides, you don’t have to worry about its compatibility with master links. It boats ergonomic engineering which is compatible with SRAM, KMC, Shimano, and others.

2. Oumers Bike Link Plier

Oumers Bike Link Plier

Are you looking for the best and most versatile bike chain pliers that will last the test of time? The Oumers bike chin plier is not only designed to e durable but to be versatile on different kinds of tasks. It features two in one design which allows comfortable use. Its ergonomic constructions make it easy to remove joining link and opening and closing of the master link.

Moreover, it is compatible with all missing links and speed chains. Combining non-slip handle, and spring-loaded design, it saves your effort and time. The design also features a safety lock to ensure your hand’s safety. The lock functions by preventing the tool from over opening. At the end of the handle, there is a clasp which enables you to close the tool for safe and compact storage.

1. Clever Standard Bicycle Chain Pliers and Tire Levers

Clever Standard Bicycle Chain Pliers and Tire Levers

At number one of this review, the Clever Standard Bike Chain Plier proves that high quality can be affordable. It is one of the bet chain pliers that are built to last for ages. Forged with alloyed steel, it is extremely durable and strong. The handles feature ergonomic shape re long to provide perfect leverage and control of the device.

However, it is lightweight to allow comfortable handling without stressing your hands. Handling for both right-handed and left-handed people is easy. No matter the type of the speed chain or missing link, this tool opens and reconnects them correctly. The grips have unique padding which is not very thick but provides easy handling of the device.


It’s now clear that one of the most critical bike repair tools is a chain plier. As you have seen, it is quite a simple tool and finding the best shouldn’t be that hard. With the best of these devices, driving new chain link or removing a faulty one should be very easy. All the ten chain breakers reviewed above meet the performance expectations. But, their features possess some disparities. Well, you need to choose one that matches your expectations. Additionally, the budget may also dictate your choice. However, our criteria were mainly influenced by perceived value for money, ease of use, comfort, and durability. Thereby, you can choose one from our list above and enjoy cycling more and more.