Top 10 Best Benchtop Drill Press of 2024

There are some of the tools that should not lack in your workshop. Bench drill press is one of these tools. This machine is hand and ensures you achieve easy drilling with high accuracy. Although they are handy tools, they need a lot of attention to get a premium one. A high-quality machine always guarantees durability and performance. However, with a knock-off, it comprises performance and also can endanger your safety. Amazingly, bench drills are faster and offer comfort when drilling than other means. Also, they have high drill bits versatility meaning you can drill different hole sizes.

The market isn’t easy to navigate when in need of any workshop tool. The same case applies to benchtop drill. You need to be extra vigilant to quality and performance, to get the best deal. There are many factors that you need to check to get a good machine. Well, these tools come in different sizes and power rating. This raises performance difference hence great analysis is vital. To start with, you need to examine the motor power. The strong the motor the faster and efficient is the drill.

Apart from the power, don’t forget about the safety. Every tool in a workshop can be catastrophic when an accident occurs. But, there are general safety rules than any machine must fulfill. For benchtop drill, safety accessories like a clamp, speed control, and overcharge protection ensure extended lifespan and user safety. The intensity of work also matters when buying a drill. For heavy duty utilization, powerful and larger drill is essential. Space also will determine type and size of your drill to allow smooth and comfortable working. Looking for accuracy and efficiency in your workshop? Don’t hesitate to read our full reviews of top 10 best benchtop drills in 2021.

List of Best Benchtop Drill Press

10. Delta 20-621 Drill Press Vise

Delta 20-621 Drill Press Vise

The Delta Drill Press Vise deserves a spot on this list. Based on its low price, we’d recommend it to those on a tight budget. The cast-iron construction makes it durable and sturdy enough to stand frequent use. This drill press has large capacity jaws that hold workpieces up to 4 inches wide. You can use it with wood or metal.

9. Shop Fox W1668 Benchtop Drill Press

Shop Fox W1668 Benchtop Drill Press

This model is a 12-speed bench drill press and an oscillating sander that can be used for contour sanding. Being a powerful machine with more speeds and capacity, the Shop Fox Drill Press is perfect for heavier use. There is a clearance hole for use while sanding and a dust collection port for mess-free sanding. This bench drill has a 3/4-inch drilling capacity in steel. You can tilt the table 90 degrees to both sides and adjust the height depending on the task at hand. Its compact nature makes it great for bench top use. It’s easy to set up this drill press. It is heavy but it is very accurate. Its versatile nature makes it the best benchtop drill press to buy this year.

8. Irwin Tools Drill Press Vise

Irwin Tools Drill Press Vise

The Irwin hand drill press is made of forged iron making it highly durable so expect some good years with this model. The vise has a slotted base that makes installation and position easy. This unit is lightweight and portable. It has a 4.5-inch jaw capacity and 1000 pounds clamping pressure which makes it the best drill press for light duty tasks. The 4-inch vise provides stability and pressure for all drilling applications.

7. Dremel 220-01 Workstation Drill Press

Dremel 220-01 Workstation Drill Press

This workstation is a 3-in-1 unit that allows multiple uses. Aside from being a drill press, it is also a rotary tool holder and a flex-shaft tool stand. This unit drills angled and perpendicular holes up to 90 degrees horizontal. It can hold tools at 90 degrees horizontal for different tasks like sanding. The flex-shaft tool adjusts from 16 inches to 29 inches. The Crow’s nest allows onboard storage for accessories and the cord management clips allow safe storage of the power cords. This workstation has inch/metric markings on the base for accurate drilling and depth markings for consistent depth. The sturdy metal base securely holds the workstation in place.

6. TruePower Mini Drill Press

TruePower Mini Drill Press

Ranking as the best drill press within this price range is TruePower’s mini model. The drill press comes with a permanent magnet motor with variable speed control. It can accommodate drills from 0.79 to 6mm diameter. The variable speed knob lets you turn it to any different speed setting depending on the task at hand. The machine operates quietly and comes with a smooth and flat base for stability. Even at first glance, you’ll notice the build quality of this unit; it looks well built and made of high-quality materials. While there may be units selling on the higher end, this drill press at its affordable price still delivers the best performance.

5. Wilton 11694 Cross Slide Drill Press Vise

Wilton 11694 Cross Slide Drill Press Vise

Wilton Drill Press is a durable vice with fine grain cast iron. For the price, this unit truly stands the test of time. It is well built and outperforms other models no wonder it ranks as the best drill press within this price range. Coming from a brand that makes the best vises, this unit is sure to supersede your expectations. It is easy to set up and can accommodate any task thrown its way. The vise moves any workpiece accurately horizontally and longitudinally. Its jaws can hold round shaped objects and the cast side knobs dial in .1mm increments.

4. WEN 4214 Drill Press

WEN 4214 Drill Press

The WEN model is a powerful unit with 12 variable speeds. This tabletop drill press powers through plastic, metal, wood and other different materials. You can drill a 5/8-inch hole through heavy cast iron thanks to the solid build of this unit. With a variable speed, this unit lets you target the exact RPM for the project at hand. The powerful 5-amp motor features ball bearings that should assure you longevity while delivering balanced performance. This unit features a digital LED readout and has onboard work light that illuminates the workpiece for the best performance. The worktable bevels 45 degrees so you can get the right angles for tricky operations. Other features of this unit include a table roller extension that extends to 17 inches and a depth adjustment gauge.

3. Jet Jdp-15B Bench Drill Press

Jet Jdp-15B Bench Drill Press

The Jet jpd-15B ranks as the best benchtop drill press within this price range. The machine is large and powerful which are some of the reasons why many people love this bench drill. The laser pointer and LED light are great additions to this unit. The jpd-15B boasts a large table that makes clamping super easy. it features twin t-slot grooves and four table slots that can accommodate any project you have. The spindle travels 3-1/8” with a single revolution while the one-handled belt tensioning allows fast speed changes. The machine, while being powerful, operates quietly.

2. Lukcase Table Top Drill Press

Lukcase Table Top Drill Press

This all in one drill stand can be used for different applications like sanding, drilling, and buffing. It is a drill press, flex shaft holder, and a tool holder. The unit drills accurate perpendicular and angled holes. It boasts a sturdy metal base with 4 clamping points to hold the workstation securely during use. It might be great for lighter tasks and might not outrank other expensive models when it comes to performance. However, if you are looking for a more affordable drill press, this is a unit you want to check out. The drill stand with 90-degree rotation can be adjusted from 38 mm to 43 mm by 3 adapter sleeves.

1. WEN 413CV Benchtop Drill Press

WEN 413CV Benchtop Drill Press

The WEN bench drill is a great model for incremental drilling. The unit is made of heavy duty cast iron and is stable enough to provide over 1900 pounds of clamping force. The jaws open up to 3.25 inches wide. This machine features onboard hand wheels that allow you to make adjustments along the x and y-axis. It moves 5.8 inches and 6 inches along the x and y-axis. This benchtop drill press is the best companion for metalworkers and woodworkers. It’s easy to install it in tight spaces because the handles are removable. This cross vise is compatible with most drill press tables because it has 5 1/2-inch mounting brackets.