Top 10 Best Beach Blankets in 2023 Reviews

Life at the beach especially in summer is thrilling and fulfilling. They are excellent choice when it comes to picnic. With different designs and sizes, it is possible to get a right blanket for your family. Moreover, it is also possible to have right size when you are relaxing alone. Unlike other sheets, these for beaches are lightweight and perfect instead of lying on the bare sand. With hot sand especially due to hot sun, choosing best blanket brings exceptional comfort and relaxation.

Well, these garments come in different materials. Thus, it can be tricky to get ideal one that will offer your skin great feel without discomfort. There are various materials available when buying these blankets. Some of the available materials include microfiber, parachute nylon, and polypropylene. Each of the material has pros and cons depending on how you plan to utilize it. Microfiber is soft and soothes your skin. In most cases, the come blended with other materials to extended durability and strength.

On the other hand, parachute nylon is perfect in water repelling hence great durability. With the ability to withstand beach sand stripping, they are great and needs less maintenance. Closely related are polypropylene blankets. They are thin and fast drying. Also, they are mildew resistant hence doesn’t get awful smell even when stores in a bag wet. The ideal way to ensures your beach blanket is perfect is enough size to fit the whole family. To helps you achieve great relaxation, find top 10 best beach blanket below.

List of Best Beach Blankets

10. Omnife Premium Pocket Beach Blanket

Omnife Premium Pocket Beach Blanket

While giving you enough space for two to relax on the beach, the Omnife is very portable and lightweight. The beach blanket folds down to 6.2 inches by 4 inches. It weighs only 6.8oz. This outdoor blanket is made of premium quality polyester material. This blanket is water repellent and puncture resistant. This is the best beach blanket to bring along for any outdoor activity like camping. If you’re tired of traveling with heavy beach towels that are not easy to clean, then this beach blanket is your best companion; it is easy to clean and saves you a lot of space in your bag during travel. There are two different colors to choose from; blue and orange.

9. Generic Beach Blanket

Generic Beach Blanket

This is a large beach blanket measures 9’ by 10’ and can hold up to 7 adults. It is large enough to give you and your loved ones plenty of room to enjoy the outdoors. There are 5 sand pockets, 4 aluminum stakes, and 4 corner loops. All these ensure your blanket stays securely in place on the ground. It folds down easily making it quite portable. You can put it in a 5” by 9” sack for easy storage and transportation. The nylon large beach blanket is sand proof. It is also resistant to tear and puncture. You can use the storage sack to keep your cell phone and other small items that you need within reach. If you are shopping for the best sand proof beach blanket for your next camping trip or picnic, this is a product you can check out. it is also great for sporting events and barbecues.

8. InnoCreek Beach Blanket

InnoCreek Beach Blanket

The InnoCreek Outdoor Blanket is spacious enough to fit a family of 6. It measures 9’x7’ which is larger than other beach blankets on the market. The best part is that this large beach blanket also works great as an outdoor mat for concerts, sports, festivals, camping, and picnics. It is made from 100 percent parachute nylon material. The material is strong and durable. It is also breathable, soft and dries fast. This beach towel blanket is not waterproof but it is sand resistant. The 4 multipurpose pockets can either be used to store small items or to weigh down the blanket in windy weather. There are also 6 strong stakes that you can use to anchor down the blanket. The blanket packs into a small portable 4” x 7” sack for easy storage and transportation.

7. RipCords Large Beach Blanket

RipCords Large Beach Blanket

RipCords product ranks as the best beach blanket within this price range. It is large but folds down to a small size for easy storage and transportation. This beach blanket measures 9’ x 7’ which gives you enough room for several friends or family. The RipCords beach towel blanket is water resistant and sand proof. We find this to be the best beach blanket for almost all outdoor activities. You can use it when camping, for picnics, soccer matches or cookouts.

6. Raajsee Beach Towel Blanket

Raajsee Beach Towel Blanket

This is a round beach tapestry hippie beach towel blanket. It truly looks stylish; you’ll definitely stand out from a crowd. Raajsee’s product is a multipurpose beach towel blanket that works great as a yoga mat and a tablecloth. You can also use it as a picnic rug. The quality material, bright colors, and beautiful décor truly make it stand out from other products. The fabric may not be as thick as other beach blankets but it still serves well.

5. Evergreen Outdoor Blanket

Evergreen Outdoor Blanket

The forest green outdoor blanket is designed for many activities including camping adventures and picnics. It is a great blanket for relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors. The blanket has nylon backing that is waterproof. It also has a polyester fleece that is soft and light to provide maximum comfort throughout. This blanket is easy to pack because it folds to a small size. It is also easy to carry because it comes with a storage sack with an adjustable shoulder strap for maximum comfort.

4. Rong Outdoor Blanket

Rong Outdoor Blanket

Rong outdoor blanket is large and spacious enough to accommodate at least 3 adults. There is ample space to let you and your loved ones relax or play. It is lightweight and folds to a small size so you can carry it around comfortably. The camping blanket equally does not take too much space in your bags when traveling. It is designed with an oxford bottom that protects you from water and damp. The material makes it both water repellent and sand proof.

3. Wild in Bloom Picnic Blanket

Wild in Bloom Picnic Blanket

We’ve included this picnic blanket on our list because of its multipurpose nature. It serves well as a blanket for different outdoor activities including camping, sports events, and the beach. Because of its gorgeous design, this blanket can also be a great gift to your loved one on any special occasion. There is also an attractive white gift box with a satin bow that you can use to surprise your loved one. It is not only durable but it is also super comfortable. While being large, it is super light and easy to store. Wild in Bloom picnic blanket is made of soft layers and polyester lining. The material is waterproof making it great for the beach. There are leather straps and handle for easy and comfortable carry.

2. REDCAMP Outdoor Beach Blanket

REDCAMP Outdoor Beach Blanket

This is an extra large outdoor beach blanket measuring 79” x 75”. It is very spacious and can comfortably accommodate four adults with enough room to spare. The bottom of this beach blanket is made of waterproof PVC material. The blanket is thick, soft and super comfortable. It folds up to a small size making it easy to fit in a compact 13.7” x 8.6” bag. While being waterproof and sand proof, you can always clean it using a damp cloth or wash it by hand.

1. BOBIBI Beach Towel Blanket

BOBIBI Beach Towel Blanket

This round beach blanket is 100 percent microfiber. It weighs only 1.25 lbs and is thick enough to keep you comfortable in the great outdoors. The microfiber towel truly looks beautiful and stylish. Unlike cotton-made beach blankets, this microfiber towel is thicker and can absorb more water. It has a diameter of about 59” and can comfortably seat 2 adults. Aside from being a beach towel blanket, you can also use it as a yoga mat, a picnic blanket or a wrap skirt.